Oct 14, 2010

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My Life’s Quirks – Five More Things People Don’t Tend to Know About Me

The first time I did Five Things People Don’t Tend to Know About Me, I spoke of things that make me somewhat intriguing.  This time around, I’m letting you in on what makes me a little strange.

1.  I worry first and think later.  My immediate reaction to almost any situation is “Ah crap.  How the hell am I going to pull this off?  I may as well just cry now.”  Whether it be Jason asking me to go on an impromptu drive to the city for supper or it be  a hydro bill that’s a little higher than it should be, I always have the same reaction.

I am a natural stesser and worrier.  And I don’t do spontaneous.  Ever.  I am the worst Sagittarius on the planet!  I do eventually get my brain on straight and think things through only to feel better and see clearly.  It usually takes about half an hour from beginning of freak out to end of freak out.

2.  I am terrified of tornadoes. Don’t know where that one comes from.  I haven’t always been like that.  It’s almost like one day I woke and I was afraid.  Tornadoes are rare in Canada – especially where I live.  It’s not like I’m in the American Midwest or anything.  But if the Weather Network warns of “favorable conditions for the production of tornadoes”, I am instantly nervous.  And if there is a heavy thunder storm that includes lots of strong winds going on outside, I’m scared.  And it’s no fun when you are around children because you can’t openly be afraid.  You have to be strong for them, especially since my daughter is nervous of thunderstorms too.

3.  Apparently, I’m afraid of mice. Last winter we had a visitor in my kitchen.  I noticed mouse droppings in a pan that I use quite frequently in the drawer under my stove.  They hadn’t been there the day before.  So I called my dad and asked what that might mean.   Did the mouse come and go (I was really hoping for that one) or is it still somewhere in the house.  Of course he said it was most likely still in the house and that it was most likely ‘they’.  Minutes later, after I hung up the phone, I saw a little guy run from under the stove to under my dishwasher – and boy did I freak.  Jason wasn’t home (he was out playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends – yes, you read that right) which means it was just me and the kids.  I sent my kids to their rooms, shut their doors and called my dad…and by now I’m really freaking out.  He told me to try to make a path that leads to my back door from the dishwasher; like a maze for the mouse.  My father asked me if I wanted him to stay on the line while I did this and I said ‘yes please’.  For the next 20 minutes, I was shaky and breathing wrong and saying ‘oh my goodness, oh my goodness’ and ‘stupid mouse, why is it in my house’ and ‘okay, okay, okay, okay, okay’.  My dad stayed with me the whole time.  He’s such a trooper.  Well, by the time I got everything set up, the mouse had hidden again.  The next day, my dad came over and he and Jason took care of everything.  And my dad was right, there were two of them.  All that taught me that I am afraid of teeny, tiny, little mice.

4.  I can’t sleep with the closet door or the dresser drawers open.  Even just a smidge. It eeks me out.  And it’s almost like I can sense if Jason comes into the room to get a shirt after I go to sleep and leaves the closet door open.  It will wake me up and I will get up to close the door.  That’s probably my strangest quirk.

5.  I don’t drink my Quik, I eat it. I have mentioned before that I don’t drink coffee in the morning, I have a glass of Nestle Quik.  Now, you might not think that that is necessarily quirky.  The strange thing is not that I drink Quik, it’s how I drink it.  I have my “Quik Glass”.  It’s the same glass I’ve been using for my chocolate milk for years.  It’s big and wide and straight (get your dirty minds out of the gutter people ;)). I scoop three medium sized spoonfuls of Quik chocolate powder (and it has to be the regular powder – no liquid and none of that low sugar crap).  Then, I fill the glass with milk.  Then, I proceed to scoop the powder through the milk and eat the moistened chocolate.  (It is now more of a paste)  When I can’t scoop any more, I swish my glass around to mix the rest then drink it like a shot.  SO GOOD!  Okay…the way you are all looking at me right now is leading me to believe that this might be my strangest quirk.  Oh well, whatever y’all!  At least I have my moment of pure bliss early in the morning.  And that’s what counts.

Five more things people don’t tend to know about me.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. Yea the Nesquick thing is really weird! Werido!
    I hate mice too! I had them in my house once and it was awful. They ate some dishcloths and a box! Rang my landlord to come sort them out! Hehehe 🙂
    Monkey won’t go to sleep either if the wardrobe is left open it annoys me because I go to bed before him! So he always wakes me up shutting the stupid thing grrrrr.

  2. I was in a tornado once..omg…scariest thing ever!!!!!!!

    That pic of that mouse looks exactly like my hamster…lol.

    I’m glad you have your pure bliss in the morning..LOL. *clings to my coffee*

  3. Ally – I miss having a landlord. Oh, the joys of owning a house. And fyi, I love how you call him Monkey! 🙂

    Mandi – OMG you were in a tornado once?! I would just…OMG!

  4. LOL Julie…love the mouse story!! and the Quik…idt ur weird ~ at all. 😉

  5. Love this post! I like knowing other people’s quirks, makes me feel like I’m not alone in mine. Mice freak me out as well, we recently had an invasion in the basement and it give me a nervous tick just thinking about it. I pause before going into the laundry room every time just waiting to hear those icky little feet scratching the floor. Blech.

  6. Sharon – I’m glad you don’t think I’m too strange… 😉

    Jenny – I know what you mean. We found a mouse in my storage room in our basement and now I’m always cautious before going in there.

  7. The phone call I got when you found the mice was amazing. I thought one of the kids had died you were beyond hysterical. Classic! LOL

  8. Stanley – Don’t make fun! You should have known that I would need your help that night and you should have stayed home instead of going to play with your little friends. I don’t know how, but you should have known. :p

  9. OH MY GOD I used to eat Nestle Quick by the spoonfuls when I was a kid!!!!! They used to have tin tops!!! I had the STRAWBERRY. Wow, you just took me back to my childhood, and now I have to go buy some immediately.

    Also, I am mortified of tornadoes. I have never seen one, and have never lived anywhere they are really prone to, but I have had nightmares of running away from them. It’s the fact that they can pop out of nowhere, just BOOM! and they’re so devastatingly destructive. Hurricanes, you have plenty of warning and can evacuate. Not with tornadoes! aaaaah!

  10. Love this feature!

    A) I’m currently battling with a mouse under the stove, so I totally feel ya
    2) On what planet does nesquick replace coffee 😉

  11. I think your quirks are cute and not the least bit weird. Thanks for sharing.

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