Oct 13, 2010

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Silly Stuff

When I visit Fail Blog, I find that 60% of the ‘Fails’ are dumb, and the other 40% are silly. Here are my latest favorites from the other 40%.


WTF?!  So you wanted to hit the tree branch?!

Smart Ass…

I take it that the world isn’t overly fond of the Blackberry Storm…

Of course, I too believe that anyone who plays Grand Theft Auto would appreciate Dora the Explorer.  If you really think about it, it’s a given.

Yup, that’s a glass of bacon.  Now I like bacon as much as the next guy, but this might be pushing it just a little bit…

Speaking of bacon…  This is just disgusting.  Whoever thought that would make an appetizing logo for a restaurant needs to have his head examined.

  1. Love the Dora one thought it was pretty cute and funny!

  2. hahahaha…My brother lives for the Fail Blog so he emails me the good ones. There have been times where I have LOL’d!!

  3. I loved the blackberry storm one. That was good.

  4. Ally – The Dora one is funny!

    Mandi – Jason introduced me to it. Must be a guy thing. 😉

    Lily – Some of the options when you Google things are quite funny!

  5. *giggles*
    The Dora one rocks

  6. blodeuedd – I wonder why on earth they thought they should email that customer?! lol

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