Oct 25, 2010

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Question – What’s the Sexiest Halloween Costume For a Man?

This is not it. 

What if, you were single and went to a fantastic Halloween party and some really yummy guys were there all dressed in different costumes.  One of them is dressed as a vampire!  Would he be the one who you were most drawn to?  Or say your husband or boyfriend comes down the stairs dressed in a costume.  He’s dressed as a doctor, scrubs and all.  Would that costume make you pant a little bit?

Whether it be a vampire, a werewolf or a demon costume, or a doctor, a jailbird or a lumberjack costume… In your opinion What’s the sexiest Halloween costume for a man?

Need inspiration?  This site has every costume you could ever imagine!
(Oh, and just a p.s. – this Wednesday’s Silly Stuff will be all about silly and non-sexy Halloween costumes!)

  1. Zorro! Dresses in black and wears a mask. *rowl*

  2. Once hubs dressed up as a french maid..that was sexy.


  3. Don’t know about sexy but Failblog has some funny costume FAILs: http://failblog.org/2010/10/25/epic-fail-photos-halloween-costume-fails/

  4. Katie – I could see the appeal of Zorro… 🙂

    Mandi – I’m glad you thought he was sexy! 😉

    Patti – Oh my! LOL

  5. Mmmm sexy pirate. I’m still not over the Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean looklook. RAWR.

  6. So true that the costume pictured is most certainly NOT sexy. Hubs is not a costume person (neither am I) so I’m not sure what I would consider sexy. Though if hubs went to the gym like a crazy person and wound up looking like Hawke on the new Psy/Changeling cover, I would find that quite enjoyable;)

  7. Nicole – Johnny Depp could wear any costume and still look yummy! 🙂

    Jenny – Then it would be Halloween in your house every day! lol

  8. I second the Johnny Depp as a pirate is hot comment!

    There’s an award waiting for you here. Congrats!

  9. I’m with katiebabs on this one. There’s something about a man in black…

  10. Carmel – Johnny Depp *drool* and thanks for the award!

    Jen – You’re right. It must the the ‘in black’ thing. Just look at a man in a tux…he could be the fugliest dude out there but in a black tux… 😉

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