Oct 28, 2010

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My Life’s Quirks – Halloween Through My Ages

Since Halloween is this Sunday, I thought I would share some of my own Halloween memories for this week’s My Life’s Quirks.  I am calling it “Halloween through my ages”.  Read on and see why…

1976.  Everyone now, Aww…  That’s me at 10 months.  My mother made that Peter Pan costume.  Every leaf is cut out and sewn on and there are little bells here and there, including at the ends of my shoes.  We tried to fit my daughter into this costume for her first Halloween but she was already too big.  I was, apparently, a tiny baby.

1977.  I’m one and a half here standing proudly in my grandparents’ living room.  My mother made this costume too and the carrot.  It’s made from really fuzzy white material and the carrot is a big pillow.  It was a beautiful costume.  Mom really outdid herself here.

1978.  Let me just say that my mother is awesome!  So I don’t have to go on about how my mom made all of my costumes, let me just tell you that she made all of my costumes…this one and all of the others that follow.  I would be 2 and a half here in my clown costume.  This costume got a lot of use…as you’ll see soon enough.  🙂

1979.  I am Raggedy Ann here and I’m three and a half.  This would have been my first year of school too.  I love this picture.  It makes me look all cute and innocent.  Tee hee.  (By the way, my mother also made my wigs once I was old enough to wear them.  They are all made out of yarn.  Where did she find the time to do all of this?!)

1981.  Aha!  The bunny costume again.  I would be 5 this year and my brother Donny would be 2.  We’re wearing makeup…we’re fancy!  I love Donny’s face.  The carrot actually has a little pouch on it’s side to put the candy in.  It looks like he’s thinking “Really?!  That’s all the candy I can get?  I can only fit like what, two pieces in here?  Being two sucks!”

1982.  And the bunny costume strikes again!  And the clown costume too!  🙂  My cousin Mike is the bunny.  I love that, if you look closely enough, you can see the hands holding him up since he’s too little to stand on his own yet!  lol  Donny is the clown and I would be Smurfette.  Awesome costume!  I was 6 here.

1983.  This is the year that my father started making a stuffed man with a pumpkin head on our front porch.  I call him Halloween Guy.  I would be 7 here and I am Annie.  I was obsessed with Annie.  No, you don’t understand.  I knew the movie by heart, I had the dolls and the soundtrack.  I would sing all the time.  I even got my cousins and friends to come to my back yard and we put on an Annie play for the neighborhood!  Obsessed!!!  Donny is Superman, obviously.  And this is the year my family adopted my baby brother Bryan.  So the clown costumes could come out of storage once again!  Let’s cheer for the clown costume!  😉

1984.  Okay, I did a double take here.  Donny is Superman…again?!  Is he wearing eye shadow?!  And Bryan is a clown…again?!  (Yes, he’s in a ‘girl’ costume. Actually, when going through my old photo albums, I came across many photos of Bryan dressed in girl clothes.  Yous see, I wanted a little sister but my parents ended up adopting two boys.  So I decided that one of them would be my sister and since Bryan was smaller and easier to trick, um I mean…no I mean trick, he was the lucky one to receive all of my ‘sisterly’ attention.  But I didn’t realize he actually went out for Halloween in a ‘girl’ costume.  Poor Bryan…lol)  Bryan is 4, Donny is 5 and I’m 8 and I am a Cabbage Patch Kid.  Apparently, I thought Cabbage Patch Kids miraculously grew joints and could get down on their hands and knees…

1985.  OMG! The Halloween Guy is wearing flippers!  I don’t think I ever noticed that before!  This is a pretty costume.  I am the Snow Queen.  I’m 9 and I LOVE big princess dresses.  Donny is the Lone Ranger and Bryan is Skeletor from He-Man.  We were all big fans of He-Man and She-Ra.  ” I have the power!”

I don’t remember what year this was, but I’m guessing I’m a teenager here.  I have outgrown my mother’s costumes.  I remember seeing this mask and thinking it was fun.  So I was a ‘fun, suit wearing man’ this year for Halloween.  Yup, that was the beginning of the end for me and costumes…  Donny is a Skeleton man in a cape and Bryan is a Ghostbuster!  Love his costume!!!

2001.  Jason and I at work.  You can’t tell but I am a glam-vampire (I had fangs glued to my teeth — so cool) and he is a rave-boy.  Jason had just returned from living in the U.S. when I met him and this wasn’t a costume for him when he was there.  He was a raver boy!  I can’t believe he actually dressed like this and that other people saw him…and thought he was cool!  I looked for pictures of some of the other costumes I have worn through my adult life, but couldn’t find any.  🙁  Once, for work, I dressed as “Cosmetician Barbie”.  I wore my regular uniform but added pastel makeup and a blond wig.  I had even died my eyebrows blond and wore a ‘Barbie’ name tag!  That was fun.

Eventually, I wasn’t allowed to wear a full costume to work so I just painted graveyards or bats onto my cheeks.  And now, Halloween day I wear orange socks and an orange t-shirt that says ‘Boo’ on it.  I used to really enjoy dressing up, but really I don’t have the energy for it anymore.  But at least I get to watch my kids get into it now.  This year my daughter is going to be a unicorn for outside things and a ballerina for inside things (since the unicorn costume is really warm) and my son is going to be James the Tank Engine.  I can’t wait!

Halloween through my ages.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. Aww..you are so cute!!

    Hubs and I dress up for an adult party..it is tons of fun!

  2. You as a bunny with that big carrot is too cute!

  3. Very cute costumes – you mom has great talent!

  4. Mandi – I wonder what Jason would suggest he and I dress up as for an grown up party?

    Katie – Thanks! That costume is priceless. 🙂

    Patti – My mom is the best!

  5. Leah Rasmussen says:

    Sooooo cute- I never knew how much your daughter looks like you when you were young! Happy Halloween you cutie patooties!

  6. I’m loving the witch Julie! Your mom should be a seamstress with all those costumes.

  7. Think that bunny costume is so adorable! Like the sound of your daughters costume’s sounds cute 🙂

  8. So cute! Love seeing those costumes pop up again through the years LOL

  9. Ally – My daughter LOVES her unicorn costume. It’s pink and has wings. I think I may want one… 😉

    FV – That was my favorite part too. 🙂

  10. WOW Julie…love all the costumes!! ur mom did a great job!!

    LOL @ Halloween guy and the flippers!!

  11. That “Transformers” shirt is the shit, and I saw nothing wrong with what he is wearing. As a matter of fact I have a pic of my husband in a NEON yellow shirt and black out sunglasses with a little raver light thing. I guess that’s just us silly Americans. hehe I loved the bunny. If you saw pics of me from Halloween’s past you wouldn’t see anything, I celebrated my first Halloween in 2003 and because my husband’s nickname for me is Baby – you guessed it – he had me wearing a big bib that said “Baby’s First Halloweeen” and I was a baby. Got to love him.

  12. Sharon – The flippers are awesome!

    Lily – ‘Baby’s First Halloween’…too cute. 🙂

  13. Jane McGregor says:

    I didn’t need a costume shop when Mike was growing up. I just went to visit your Mom and came away with awesome costumes including the wigs, footware, eveything. Now I see that your place has become THE COSTUME BORROWING PLACE in the family. Kudos Julie.

  14. Thanks for the trip down Halloween lane. You and your fam are too cute for words. And I’m sending a high five your Mom’s way because she did an amazing job.

  15. Jen – I’ll pass that high five along! 🙂

  16. Thanks for the memories Julie, your mom is pretty darn amazing!!! I love the costumes and I love that you still have all the pictures. It’s just priceless and such a great keepsake.

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