Feb 21, 2011

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Question – What’s Your Bookmark?

I never really gave much thought to bookmarks.  Okay, that’s not totally true.  When I was younger, like 11 or 12, I liked pretty bookmarks with tassels on the end that sparkled.  But once I reached adulthood, I didn’t read much so I didn’t pay much attention to bookmarks.  Then I started reading and suddenly…I needed a bookmark.  And it couldn’t just be any bookmark.  It needed to be special.  Spiffy.

Back in my YA reading days, my first bookmark came from Jason.  He made it on the computer for me.

Pretty isn’t it?  I really loved it.  But then, apparently, I felt like cutting and gluing (something I actually really like doing) and I made myself this bookmark that featured my newly discovered (at the time) new favorite books.

I’m so fancy, I even had it laminated.  I used that one for quite a while…but then I misplaced it.  (Don’t worry, I have since found it)

When I sent my copy of Poison Study to Maria V. Snyder to have it signed, she included a few bookmarks with it when she sent it back.  I gave one to my daughter.  One evening, I couldn’t find my bookmark and was about to start a new book, so she offered me hers.  Then my son decided my new bookmark needed to be washed.  *sigh* My daughter assumed I would be completely devastated because she had it in her head that I needed a bookmark and now the one I was using was ruined.  So she took it upon herself to surprise me and used tape to fix it.  I don’t know how it stuck, the bookmark was so wet!  LOL  I was so touched that she took the time to do that for me.  When she presented it to me, she said that she knows reading makes me happy and that she saw how happy that bookmark made me when she offered it to me in the first place, so that’s why she fixed it.  I hugged her so hard that evening.  My daughter is the best.

So even though I have many bookmarks now, I am only using the one my daughter ‘saved’.  It is now, by far, my most special bookmark.  And all this leads me to my question this week:

What is your bookmark?

  1. Awwww that is so sweet 😀

    My bookmarks are all Lotr ones. I used them until they break, which is fast since I play with them while reading.

    I bought them when I loved the movies, trying to collect them

  2. Aw your daughter is soooo sweet! Although I see why she took pity on you! Your bookmarks collection is quite small 😀

    Ha I have tons of bookmarks but I hardly ever use them because I read so quickly. When I do put a book down to pee 😉 I just break the spine and leave it face down where I’m reading. I’m so bad!

    But I have been gifted 2 pretty metal ones with charms hanging off the ends. My guy got me some free bookmarks from where he works they’re those ones you would have got when you bought the short second life of bree tanner book. I had 10 of them but only have 4 left I loose things really easily!
    I have a bookmark that says…. bookmark in a funky font from papaerchase, a freebie bookmark from mills and boons that I got back in the day when I read actually read mills and boons books. And I bought myself a bookmark penguin calendar but I only have 6 of the 12 months left but it was from 2009!
    And my Mum sent me a paper rose bookmark that I refuse to use in case of tearing or ripping it!
    I also have little clips but they’re rubbish and don’t hold pages and leave dints on the pages when they clip.

    Quite a large collection for someone who doesn’t really use them lol! Great and interesting post Julie, will be checking back to see what other people say later!

  3. I actually use a few dif bookmarks… I use a couple bookmarks with magnets, I use the one I got made for my blog and I even use a hard plastic one with an elastic band that goes around the book and it has a pen and tags attached for note taking LOL

    Love your homemade ones! =D

  4. Awww, Julie that is just so sweet! I can see why that bookmark would be your favorite! I have two bookmarks right now that I use and they aren’t that exciting. LOL. I have one from the used book store I visited in New York with my Mom and the second is from the used book store here in town, The Dusty Bookshelf. I absolutely love TDBS and it holds a special place in my heart! I can call them and tell them an author I really want to read, they stick my name in the computer and when that author comes in I get a call and the books are set aside for me! I could spend hours in that store and enjoy every minute of it.

    I must say this post comes at a funny time, I like to doodle in class and I actually thought about coloring my own book marks with fun checkered patterns to give out in my “up-in-coming” book giveaways! But of course I’m not sure how much people would like that.

  5. A few years ago, I began making personalized bookmarks for my family and use a vampire themed one for myself. Last month, I put them up on Etsy along with coffin shaped bookmarks and they are doing well! I’ve decided there are plenty of us with that 12 year old girl still inside of us, wanting the cutest bookmark!

  6. blodeuedd – I was SUCH a lotr fan when the movies came out!

    Ally – You really do have lots of them…and you’re right. I can’t see you needing them at the rate you read. lol

    Larissa – Wow…that last bookmark should be called a ‘blogger’s bookmark! Sounds interesting. 🙂

    Deanna – The Dusty Bookshelf (love the name) sounds like a wonderful store! No wonder you go there so much.

    Melissa – Your bookmarks sound cool!

  7. I make most of my bookmarks. I love the one that I am using right now that I made for Valentine’s day…you can see it here… http://bit.ly/e0Empq

  8. I lose bookmarks like a side-show act. I can be sitting in a chair and get up to get a drink and it’s gone {true story} So, I tend to use whatever looks hardy. Movie tickets, postcards that I pick up on trips but never actually mail, a picture… you get the idea.

  9. My bookmarks get eaten by my books. I usually just use a post-it note or napkin, or an envelope or something LOL.

  10. Christi – Very nice!

    Jessica – For some reason, I am not surprised by that about you…lol

    Sophia – I’ve tried using Post-it notes, but somehow they would just fall out. *sigh*

  11. I usually use a paperclip, the large size. If I’m reading a really raunchy book, I’ll use the book cover and it has a bookmark string.

  12. You have the sweetest daughter Julie. I have a ton of bookmarks from a company called Paperchase that I pick up from Borders but, half the time I don’t know where they are so I use whatever receipt is closest. *shrugs*

  13. Sarah – I’ve been debating getting one of those covers to use while I’m at my daughter’s dance class. 🙂

    Jen – So you are a non-committal bookmark girl. That tells me a lot about you Jen. lol

  14. *looks up at the roof and whistles* I have no idea what you’re trying to insinuate dear Julie. 😉

  15. If I’m not on my Kindle…

    I have a bazillion swag bookmarks, so I usually use one of those. However, if it’s a review book from a publisher, I use that piece of paper they send with the book to remind me to send the publisher a link back to my review.

  16. LOL blodeuedd! I did the same thing…bought three sets of the LotR bookmarks (with a little mock ring attached to them. One set was for immediate use, the second set was for backup, and the third for keepsake/collectors item! ^__^

  17. I admit to a bookmark affliction or is it addiction? I have quite a few that my husband and bff have picked up for me but I also make my own. As a scrapbooker I usually make a few up at a time, the only prob with that is that everyone who visits me that reads seems to steal one or two. Guess that means they like my work 🙂

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