Nov 8, 2010

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Question – What Sexy Situations Have Left You Thinking “How Would That Work”?

Last Thursday, My Life’s Quirks spoke about certain situations that have come up while I was reading a romance novel that just made me scratch my head and think “Yeah, Right!”  After reading my post, you are now aware that I just don’t get what’s sexy about a man with calloused fingers or what’s up with three men in a relationship with one woman.

Now I’d like to know if you’ve come across scenes in a book that just didn’t make much sense to you.  What romantic scene has made you twist the book and your neck trying to visualize how it would work exactly?  Some examples may include:

Wild sex up against a tree sex. (Ouch much?)

A man filling her while tasting her sweet perfectly erect nipple. (Contorted much – especially if he’s 6’6” tall and she’s 5’4”?)

I know you’ve all read something that has made you *drool* and *sigh* and feel a bit peckish…until you started really thinking about it.  Then it just landed in ‘wtf?’ territory.  So that’s my question this week:

While reading a romance novel, what ‘sexy situation’ did you not find so sexy? Or, what sexy situation has left you thinking “how would that work”?

Sophia (also known as Fiction Vixen) did a guest post for Wicked Little Pixie a while back.  It was all about sexy situations you might read about that just don’t add up.  It is one of the funniest posts I have ever read anywhere and it brought my appreciation for this girl’s sense of humor to a whole new level.  If you haven’t read it yet, you have to check it out here.  You won’t regret it!

  1. I enjoy reading tree sex, but not with the tree, but when the hero and heroine get it on against on. Much like wall sex. 🙂

    Want to hear something very un-sexy? Just finished a book where the hero uses cooking oil on the heroine in a specific area so his finger can be nice and oiled for what he has planned.


  2. I have my doubts about the up-against-a-tree sex too, I think it would be uncomfortable, unless it was smooth. In my mind though, it’s always rough bark.

    Also read something where they used suntan lotion as a lube. I’m thinking that would burn, especially since they used it “back there”.

  3. Katie – Cooking oil? I suppose that would work…lol

    Patti – Suntan lotion?! “Back there”?! Does anything go for “back there” or something? I would agree to thinking it would burn a bit! @-@

  4. I love tree sex! LOL

    And a fav book of mine uses cooking oil..but it is a m/s…so….ok..yeah.

    I just read a book where the heroine had an orgasm, and then the hero said “I command you to come again” – so she does. Umm…yeah..I don’t buy it. (And she did a third time as well – all within about 45 seconds) This is not is stupid.

  5. ooh..that is suppose to say m/m, not m/s 🙂

  6. Mandi – “I command you”? Yeah, okay…lol I agree with you about that.

  7. Well there was this dungeon scene, he was shackled to the wall, then they had hot dungeon sex and I was all ewwwww! Rats and icky floor, gross. Not to mention he was stuck to the wall

  8. I read one where the woman was naked for some reason and she slipped on some soap bubbles and accidentally fell onto the guy’s dick. Um… really?

  9. blodeuedd – Icky is right. I can’t think of a single time when dungeon sex would be considered sexy…

    Shelley – She fell?! Are you serious?! Wow…just, um, yeah…wow.

  10. Heather C says:

    The woman is on top facing the man in the throws her head back and her hair grazes his stomach. Wow. That’s some really long hair!! Shouldn’t it graze his thighs

  11. ok this my totally #1 wtf moment. Its Passion by Lisa Valdez which was recommended on Amazon as an emotional read but its really pretty erotic.

    Anyway, the H is very large…10″ or so and he is trying to make himself “fit” in the h so he makes a “pocket” by her uterus???!!!! is this even possible??? LOL!!!

  12. Tree smex…FTW!!!!

  13. You all know by now, I have a hate with Shower Sex. Am I the only one who doesn’t want to feel the sting of soap!! STOP WITH THE SOAP!!! Water is drying enough as it is!!!

  14. Heather – You’re right! I never thought of that…her hair should not reach his stomach. It makes no sense! lol

    Sharon – A pocket by her uterus?… wtf?! lol

    FV – I’m with you on the tree sex!

    WLP – The soap, the water, the slippery surfaces…it’s just a recipe for a mess! I get you’re beef. Oh, and let’s not forget that these people must have the biggest hot water heating tanks in the world because they never run out of hot water!

  15. Great topic Julie.

    I have beef with er, double stuffing. Um, yeah, you know…one in the front another in the back. It would make me feel a tad bit claustrophobic.

  16. Not to mention it sounds slightly painful.

  17. Jen – Just a little painful I suppose. But just a little. 😉

  18. Omg, I just went back and read Fiction Vixen’s post… I seriously had to call my friends and share this! Hilarious!!!!
    I was laughing so hard!! On a more serious note, by now my husband totally thinks I am crazy!!! I just can’t help it, these posts are amazing! lol

  19. Thali – Fiction Vixen is a hoot! I love her!

  20. Why am I not surprised that Mandi would enjoy tree sex? dirty woman. 😛

    LOL on the double stuffing comment. Too true.

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