Nov 22, 2010

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Question – Who Are Your Favorite Authors to Follow on Twitter

Twitter and Authors.  They make a great combination.  On Twitter, you can message an author and get an immediate response!  Goodreads and Authors make a good match too, but you don’t get the instant gratification you get from communicating with them on Twitter.  (Although I would be lost without Goodreads).

Getting to ‘hang out’ with different authors has been one of my favorite things about being on Twitter.  Some are insightful.  Some are sweet.  Some are funny!  I get a little tingle of excitement in my stomach every time an author tweets me back.  I even blush sometimes.  They’re like rock stars these writers!

Authors are awesome!  Ever since I started reading like a fiend, I’ve known this.  And ‘meeting’ and interacting with them on Twitter brings them to a whole new level of awesome.   This leads me to my question this week:

Who are some of your favorite authors to follow on Twitter?

  1. Me!! LOL 😛

    When Nalini Singh pops up Twitter, I love to poke her about information. She’s fun, as well as Victoria Dahl, Carolyn Jewel, Monica Burns and Meljean Brook.

  2. KT – Wow…other than you 😉 I don’t follow any of the authors you mentioned. Looks like I’m missing out!

  3. Jeaniene Frost, Meljean Brook, Nalini Singh, Carolyn Jewel, Lauren Dane, Bree from Moira Rogers, Keith Melton (he makes me laugh) Alisha Rai, Shannon Stacey, Jaci Burton, Omg..I follow HUNDREDS of authors…..srsly…I love them

  4. My favorite right now is Rachel Vincent. She’s quirky and gives fun quotes from her characters. Kelley Armstrong is great because she has giveaways only available to her tweeps.

  5. Mandi – That’s two for Carolyn Jewel. Hmm…I’ll really have to check her out!

    Carmel – Those are some great suggestions. Wow…I think my ‘following’ list is going to be huge by the time the day is up! lol

  6. I’ve never heard of Carolyn Jewel, I am going to have to check her out. Authors I love to follow are:

    Gini Koch, Chloe Neill, Jill Myles, Carolyn Crane, Lori Brighton, Larissa Ione, (she was the first author I tweeted!) and J.A. Saare

  7. Oh wow…I follow so many. Gini Koch, Chloe Neill, Jill Myles, Carolyn Crane,Larissa Ione,J.A. Saare, Ilona Andrews,Nalini Singh,Cate Rowan,Moira Rogers, Keith Melton, Laura Stamps, and lots more.

  8. Ooh, great post!! My favorites are Jeaniene Frost, Rachel Vincent, Gena Showalter, Lara Adrian, just to name a few.

    😉 Kristin

  9. Colette – We follow most of the same authors. Although I’m going to have to check about Julie Kawaga! 🙂

    Tori – I love how there are so many authors on twitter. Almost everyone who is anyone is there! lol

    Kristin – I can’t believe I don’t follow Rachel Vincent! D’oh! I’ll have to rectify that asap.

  10. My top one is Shiloh Walker she always replies, even if it’s a jokey thing! KT Grant and Nalini Singh are other great one’s.
    I follow others but they don’t tweet as often or reply as swiftly. Also I don’t think some of them actually tweet I think it’s their assistants or someone sometimes for Karen Marie Moning and Sherrilyn Kenyon. Others I follow Alyssa Day, Lara Adrian, Christina Dodd.
    Great post Julie! Will be adding it to my Friday Finds at the end of the week.

  11. My favorite author to follow on Twitter are Nicole Peeler, Jaye Wells, and Zoe Archer.

  12. Ally – I agree with you and the ‘bigger’ names really being their assistant. But at least we know what they are up to. 🙂

    Ruth – I follow Zoe Archer and she is good on Twitter. 🙂

  13. I don’t have many favorite authors and of the ones that I do they don’t have twitters or they started a twitter and haven’t really used it since…but I am excited to get into more series and start getting more favorites to follow on twitter and facebook!

  14. Deanna – The more you read, the more authors you’ll love and the longer your ‘following’ list will be on Twitter. You are so right about that. 🙂

  15. My favorites who make me LOL are Carolyn Crane and J.A. Saare!!! Larissa Ione is another favorite because she is so nice to her fans and gives us love! But I also love Stacia Kane, Nicole Peeler, Jaye Wells, and Zoe Archer because they are funny too!

  16. Stacia Kane, Teresa Mederios, Jill Myles, Keith Melton, Bree from Moria Rogers, Gini Koch. Specially Gini Koch. She is awesome.

  17. Pamela – I agree with Larissa Ione. Actually, I agree with everyone you said. 🙂

    Lily – I have even more names to check out now. Thanks for your awesome list!

  18. I love when Stacia Kane drunk tweets those are hilarious! Author that I still blush when they tweet me back has to be Kat Richardson. I also love being able to talk to Carolyn Crane , JA Saare, Suzanne Mcloed.
    gotta love twitter…and Julie 😛

  19. Jessica – I’ve only come across ‘happy’ Stacia Kane once and she was quite cute. 🙂

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