Jun 24, 2010

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My Life’s Quirks – Get Ready to Marvel at My Aiming Ability!

I am a girl of many talents.  One of my more hidden talents is my incredible ability to aim and miss hit any mark.  The best example of this is our Blue Recycling Boxes.  They live in the garage — a mere 4 steps from our back door.  I am always too lazy usually too busy to actually go down said 4 steps, so I use my amazing talent and throw the recycling into the boxes.  Here is a day-by-day rundown of what my garage looks like through a typical week:

Tuesday (right after I bring in the Blue Boxes from the curb)

Tuesday evening







At the end of the week, my husband picks up what my aiming ability passes by and brings it to the curb.  But that is not all!  If you aren’t already highly impressed with my aim, I tend to ‘miss’ other targets too…including my basement.

My aiming ability.  Just another one of My Life’s Quirks

  1. omg..this cracks me up. We keep our recycle bin right outside our garage door and instead of walking the ten feet to it, I throw stuff in our garage too. Of course, than it is MORE work to pick all the stuff up when it is time to take the trash out. LOL.

  2. It’s all about hand to eye coordination and some focus. I pity your great husband for having to pick after you… but then again you do have to pick up the “Pools of pants” from time to time. So I guess you’re both even.

  3. LMAO…..too funny Julie….its great that your husband has to pick up after you for a change!!

  4. Great photos Julie and great post!! You are too funny!!

  5. Great post Julie, I love the way the garage looks by Tuesday. That is too funny but so nice of Jason to pick up after you. LOL =)

  6. I’m sure I would be more careful if I were the one to pick it up…lol Usually it’s done through the week, but I asked him to leave it be last week so I can take pictures. After giving me the “are you frikin’ kidding me?!” look, he agreed. Then when it was time to pick it all up, he said it proved how much he loved me. lol Besides, I take care of Everything in the house — his job is outside the house. It’s only fair! Hee hee…

  7. Nothing says “Happy Tuesday morning” quite like shoving tuna cans between moist bunches of flyers and un-flattened cereal boxes with what must be yogurt residue from one of your “air ball” shots off of God knows what… (I’m putting my money on the actual garage door opener) I’m thinking you need a few basketball lessons from JF


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