Dec 1, 2010

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Guest Post – Why Urban Fantasy Leaves Me a Pile of Mush

Today I am super stoked to have Jessica from The Spinecracker book review blog.  Jess’ blog focuses mainly on Urban Fantasy titles so I thought she would be the perfect person to talk about why that genre turns her crank the way it does.

When Julie first asked me if I’d talk a little bit about why I love Urban Fantasy (UF) novels versus other genres, I thought piece of cake, no problem…then I started actually thinking and asking myself questions.  Can’t I just say, “Everything”?! No?  Oh all right.

Simply put for me, the Urban Fantasy genre stays exciting and fresh because the possibilities are endless.  You honestly have no idea what might transpire over the course of your 350 pages.  It’s especially exciting when I stumble across a new author or a brand new series. I daydream about what I might have waiting for me between the covers {no, not THOSE covers, the book covers. Although it does make those covers heat up too, but we’ll touch on that later} I remember when I came across this little book called Mind Games.  I picked it up, and thought: Ok, hot brunette on the cover wielding a knife, looking like a bad-ass…standard issue.  I picked it up expected a basic standard issue story.  Now, I’m so desperate for book 3 of the series that you’d think it held the answers to world peace inside, or maybe a cure for cancer.

Truly anything goes in UF. And you have absolutely no guarantee that plots will be resolved by the time you turn the last page.  So often you’ll be moving along through the story fine-ish and then “BAM” the shit hits the fan something serious.  Then you realize that there are maybe only 10 or 15 pages left and you start fidgeting.  Your skin prickles with sweat and you start biting your nails, and you’re not even a nail-bitter.  Then inevitably you enter all the emotional stages: Denial: “Naw, it’ll be fine. Packard will show up, he’ll make her remember”, Anger: “God-damn you JA Saare. I hate you!” *both fists clench in the air*, Bargaining: “Ok Vicki Pettersson, if you just let this end the way I want/need it to I’ll do all the promotion you want for the next book”, Depression: *wailing* “Neither Barrons or V’Lane made it.  Mac is doomed, she’ll never be right again”  and finally Acceptance: “Ok, ok it’s not TOO bad.  At least Allie is alive and at least her and Zayvion are talking…things could be worse.”  I mean honestly, what other types of books not only get away with such abuse, but thrive on it?!  😉

And let’s be honest, all that emotional rollercoaster stuff makes the steamy happy bits all the more rewarding.  Since there is no HEA guarantee, the romance can often enough sneak up on you.  And who doesn’t like to be surprised with sex love?  A wise man, a philosopher if you will, Stanley Dimitrious, once explained “The theory is simple: Women are more susceptible to themes that play on their imagination and fantasies…” And the fact that we can’t guess at what might happen next gives women an opportunity to relinquish control and expectations and just go with it.  I mean really, unexpected make-up sex on a Wednesday across the kitchen table is waaaay hotter than vanilla sex after date night.

Still not convinced?  Ok looks at these covers!  Step aside Shera, move over Wonder Woman, these are our new superheroes:

Thank you Julie for letting me ramble on about all the reasons why UF leaves me a pile of mush.

Anytime Jess!

  1. Nice post! UF has ruled my favorites in 2010. I LOVE UF. But I also love a HEA….at the end of a series. Tis why UF kills me so 😉

  2. Lovely post. I have and always be a plot girl so UF is an addiction with me. I can’t get enough. And now with steampuck eding it’s way in I get dark UF. *shiver* Romance is nice but I like people waving their swords or whatever ard. 🙂

  3. I love the ‘stages of grief’. Very cute and very true. Great post Jess! 🙂

  4. Wow Jess! Excellent post! *high five* It really can’t be said any better. There is no feeling quite like literally sitting on the edge of your seat and sweating it out while your favorite author is putting their protagonist through the proverbial ringer.

  5. Mandi: I love the HEA every once and while too.

    Tori: LOVING steampunk too! and dark fantasy is becoming a new fav. I’d love some recs from you. *on hands and knees begging*

    Julie: Thanks. I’m glad you liked it 🙂

    Jen D: So eloquently put! The edge of my seat is all worn and tattered. 😀

  6. Same here. =-) And sorry in advance for butting into the convo but, a dark fantasy series I really like is Adrian Phoenix’ The Maker’s Song series.

  7. Great post. I had to laugh out loud at the stages because I think I said the same thing for those exact books!

    My husband cuts his eyes at me when I finish a book and I am muttering because I have just been left hanging…… He doesn’t get it.

  8. Jen D: *hides* I stopped half-way through book 2 , something about the substory and me didnt get along.

    Melissa G: im glad im not alone! I threw book #4 of Vicki Pettersson’s “zodiac” books across the room when I finished and knocked something off the table in the process, and hubs comes running in then sees the book and proclaims “that’s just ridiculous”

  9. I confess I held off reading UF for a very long time because I need my HEA, darn it. Then I read KMM’s fever series and that was that.

  10. KC: Can’t wait for January, totaly have the “fever” …yes that was a very bad play on words

  11. Oh Jess…you said everything that I went through while reading the Night Huntress books! Especailly the fists thrown in the air part!!!! I actually do that while reading and I even talk to my books as if that will change anything! 🙂 I love this post and it makes me that much more excited to read more and more and more! Thanks for share your thoughts on UF. 🙂

  12. GREAT POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could gush and gush about all the UF books I love but couldn’t quite articulate WHY! You summed it up perfectly. Thank you 😀

  13. Deanna: I love that you talk to your books! LOL …i feel so at peace right now 😀

    Pam: All that frustration is really tantilizing isn’t it?! 😉

  14. I read a lot of UF this year for the first time and I love that the heroines are so kick ass! I’m looking forward to reading more in this genre in 2011!

  15. Hi Bells! 2011 has so many great releases, I can’t wait. 🙂

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