Jun 4, 2010

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My Life’s Quirks – A French-Canadian Milestone

I am a French Canadian.  I live in a french community.  My daughter goes to a french school.  My daycare kids are all french.  (My husband is not, but I don’t hold it against him.  lol)  Now, there is one thing you all need to know about us French-Canadian folks — we love to eat, and we love it messy.  Some of our more famous dishes include french-canadian pea soup (messy), baked beans (messier) and of course, la pièce de résistance, poutine (incredibly messy).  That is what brings me here today.

This evening, my 2 year old son ate his first poutine (pronounced ‘poo-teen’).  You may be wondering what that is — and if you are, I feel a little sad for you because it means you have never experienced the joy brought on by eating one.  It is yumminess incarnate!  It looks nasty, but the moment it hits your tongue, you wonder how you ever lived without it.  When made perfectly, it consists of medium home cut fries covered in real white cheddar cheese curds (fresh, of course) smothered in chicken or turkey gravy!  *drool* Yes, you may get slight stomach cramps after eating it, but really truly, it is worth every spasm!  My dad once asked my daughter what we all liked on our fries.  She told him:  “I like nothing, Daddy likes mayonnaise or ketchup and Mommy likes cheese.”  Damn straight!  McDonalds and other large fast food chains have tried to make and sell a poutine up here.  It does alright, but it’s just not the same as the ones you would find at the ‘casse-croûte’ (the trailer at the side of the road that has been turned into a restaurant).  They always make the best ones.  (I think it has to do with how often the oil that is used to cook the fries in is changed — and we just don’t think about things like that while we are eating…)  And you have to get it either in Québec, where the poutine was first invented in the late 1950s, or here in Ontario close to the Québec border.

If any of you are ever lucky enough to visit Canada, you have to try a poutine.  As for my son, his life is now forever changed.  He is now a true, poutine-loving, French Canadian boy!  (Oh, and in case you’re wondering, no my family does not have a french accent when we speak english…)

Poutine, just another one of my life’s quirks.  (It’s a wonder I don’t weigh more than I do…lol)

  1. What?? Don’t they have poutine outside of Canada? The rest of the world doesn’t know what they are missing do they????

  2. Kristie, no they don’t know what they are missing!…

  3. LOL…u Canadians!!! Like i already said to u, Julie…idk about this. Someone would have to make it for me!!

    fries, cheese curds & gravy….hmmmm

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