Dec 7, 2010

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Review: Day of the Dragon by Rebecca York

Paranormal Romance
December 7 2010
Mass Market Paperback
352 pages
Berkley Publishing

Received from Publisher

Yummy Man – Ramsay Gallagher
Kick Ass Chick – Dr. Madison Dartmoor

From Goodreads
“The search for clues to an ancient civilization sends Ramsey to an archaeology conference in Las Vegas where he meets Dr. Madison Dartmoor. Her current dig in Italy has put her in mortal danger, and when Ramsey saves her from thugs bent on stealing a copy of a startling artifact, the two of them team up to unearth the secrets of an ancient civilization. As their relationship heats up, Ramsey guards his own secrets that may tear him and Madison apart or save their lives.”

Ramsay Gallagher is a dragon shape shifter.  At least he was able to change until recently when he was in a life or death battle with his nemesis.  He’s never known anything about his ancestry.  He didn’t even know he was a shifter until he hit puberty.  Ramsay would do anything to find out more about where he came from.  He is made aware of an archaeological dig occurring in the part of Italy where he was found as a wee.  When he finds out that Dr. Dartmoor, who is heading up the dig, will be presenting some preliminary findings at a conference in Las Vegas, well let’s just say he is so there.  Little does he know that this Dr. Dartmoor is Ms. Madison Dartmoor…and that she is drop dead gorgeous!  High jinx ensue along with travel through the States, Italy and Peru mixed in with adventure.  All of this gives this story the makings fast paced and interesting story.  It’s a shame that I just didn’t connect with it.

Even though Ramsay was introduced in Rebecca’s Moon series, this is supposed to be a standalone book.  But I did feel as though I was missing some critical information about Ramsay now and again.  We do find out what his deal is (and by that I mean most of his story) but we only learn that at the very end of the book.  And by then, it was just too late for me.  Ramsay just didn’t show enough warmth or personality for me to be able to connect with him.  Part of that is due to his dialogue – or lack thereof.  I LOVE reading the dialogue in a book.  The banter between characters, the reactions to what is said or seen, the way things are said…and not said.  It trills me.  I look forward to that inevitable part of a romance book where the hero and heroine will just talk for a while.  Get to know each other’s back story.  Each other’s quirks and habits.  Each other’s hopes and desires.  Each other’s passions.  I found in this book that the dialogue was very short and almost choppy.  I was not able to get any feel for the characters from their dialogue.  Madison certainly didn’t get much out of what Ramsay had to say.  Actually, I’m kind of surprised Madison connected with him at all with all his secrecy and strange behavior.  And even when she does find out the truth about him, she practically just shrugs and goes on with her day.

Madison is a character with a lot of potential.  Orphaned when quite young, she was guided by a man who would later become her mentor.  And she is a star in her field.  But since her parent’s death, she is too easily swayed by strong and opinionated men.  Her mentor is the one who convinced her that archaeology is the perfect career choice for her.  She’s not even sure what she would have ended up doing if she wasn’t persuaded to follow that direction.  Then she meets Ramsay.  Yes he saves her, but then she follows him (a complete stranger) to his house.  His argument:  I just saved you.  Why would I try to hurt you now?  Oh, okay then.  And there she is following him like a little puppy.  Okay, that is not atypical for a paranormal romance novel.  Often, the heroine starts off a little lost and a little too trusting.  And in this case, she knows she is too trusting.  She mentions that she has spent the majority of her life being led in directions that she would not have necessarily gone herself if truly given the choice.  But that’s about it.  I think she tries to take a stand a little and that Ramsay tries to let her, but it doesn’t really come across as it should.  I just wish Madison had more balls.  She is passionate and brave.  She can shoot a gun for goodness sake!  But she just didn’t come across as a strong enough heroine for my liking.

There a two villains in this book.  One we know about from the get-go and the other we suspect but don’t get the confirmation until near the end.  I didn’t even feel the final confrontations with these bad guys.  One minute they are there, the next their gone and off Ramsay and Madison go on their merry little way.  It all just left me feeling a little let down.

One aspect of this book that I found were well done were the parts where archaeology was discussed.  You can really tell that the author did her research when it came to her descriptions of archaeological stuff.  The methods used were well described and the ancient civilizations were well documented.  I really enjoyed that part of the book and felt as though I was learning something.

Although the concept was good and the basis for the story was good, I felt like all the pieces for a great story were present, I just felt like there wasn’t enough glue holding it all together.  Fans of Rebecca’s work and those who have read her previous stories will most likely enjoy this book.  Unfortunately, I felt a little lost at times and in need of more information.

2 stars

Giggle worthy quote

“’If I’m going to your house, you’d better tell me something about yourself.’
Sure.  Like maybe about the time he’d ruled a small kingdom?  Or when he’d escaped from African headhunters?  Or about the years he’s spent in a Buddhist monastery?  Instead, he said, ‘I’m a nice guy.’”

  1. Yes he saves her, but then she follows him (a complete stranger) to his house. His argument: I just saved you.

    This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Their is trust..but then their is TRUST. Don’t be stupid heroine.

    Thanks for this review! I have this in my tbr and wasn’t sure if I should give it a go….

  2. oops…”there” not “their”

    Gulps coffee…sigh

  3. Meh. I read a Rebecca York book a year or two ago and it started quite interestingly then went quickly down hill I’ve then only read bad reviews about her books so haven’t picked another one of her books up again. Shame this one wasn’t good either as the blurb seemed ok!

  4. Good informational review Julie. It’s nice to see that you can give such a good review for a book that you really didn’t enjoy. When I first read the review I thought that maybe if you read the rest of her books you would like it more since you would have all the back ground information but then I saw Ally’s comment so I will have to retract that statement.

  5. Mandi – Yeah…most of what the heroine did in this book are pet peeves of mine. :/

    Ally – I’m waiting to find someone else who has read this book to see if it was the book or the author’s voice that didn’t agree with me.

    Deanna – Thanks Deanna! And I see you have your button photo up now. Very nice!

  6. Haha, yeah that’s my temporary one until I get the full one. 😀

  7. It’s a shame the book didn’t connect with you. It seems like you really gave it a fair reading. Your review is really concise and hit on all the parts I want to know about in a book. Thanks 🙂

  8. Deanna – It’s coming…lol

    Jess – Thanks. 🙂

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