Dec 7, 2010

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Birthday Cake Fun!

It’s my birthday week and what birthday week would be complete without birthday cakes?!  I decided to forgo the strange and ugly cakes for jaw dropping amazing cakes.  Now, I’m not too bad at decorating cakes.  I’m mostly a one trick horse.  Here are some of the cakes I’ve decorated for my kids:

But that is nothing compared to what I’ve found on Cake Wrecks.  Check these out:

This is the perfect cake for Jason.

No…this is the perfect cake for Jason.

No…THIS is the perfect cake for Jason!

For Harry Potter enthusiasts.

This one made me think of my son.  He LOVES firetrucks.  Then again, what little boy doesn’t?!

This one is just incredible.

A Steampunk themed cake!  This would be perfect for the Steampunk themed ball at AAD!

For those who love shoes.  Incredible right?

This one would be perfect for Natasha and Spaz from Wicked Lil’ Pixie and Tori from Smexy!  Oh, and me 🙂

A cupcake for Sophia over at Fiction Vixen.

And a cupcake for me!

Amazing right.  They almost look too good to eat.  Almost.  😉

  1. Oh I’ll take the steampunk cake & the MAC cake STAT!

  2. OMG the cakes you decorated are amazing. Very talented.

  3. mmm cupcakes. 🙂 Happy birthday week Julie!! Love the cakes you decorated, I just slap the frosting on. If my kids are lucking I’ll put some food coloring in it. lol

  4. wow, wow, those are too freaky and cool

  5. Pixie – Isn’t the Steampunk cake amazing?!

    Judi – Thanks! 🙂

    FV – Jason prefers the cakes that are covered in Betty Crocker icing. I think he’s nuts! lol

    blodeuedd – These cakes made my jaw hit the floor!

  6. Julie you’re cakes are pretty awesome. It’s more than most people can pull off. I love the Mario and Princess Peach cake!!

  7. These cakes are ALL awesome, but the MAC one is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

    And now I need to go eat some cake.

  8. HOLD UP…. YOU DECORATED THESE YOURSELF?????????????????????????????????

  9. Sorry – I’m an idiot – I see the ones you found and the ones you made. You have major skillz and sorry for my jackassery in your comments 😀

  10. Jen – The Mario cake made me smile.

    Pam – LMAO!!! I only wish I was that talented! The MAC cake would have taken MAJOR talent to pull off!

  11. OMG some amazing cakes… by you! 😀
    I want that Mac cakes it looks soooo amazingly good.

  12. The cakes you did for your kids, Julie, are amazing! I wish I was that talented. My greatest accomplishment with a cake would be making a layer cake…exciting huh?! LOL. 😛 I really liked the zoo cake from cake wrecks as well.

  13. Ally – *blush* Thanks! I’ll make you a MAC cake for your birthday. Only, it will look nothing like that one because I don’t know how to do that. lol

    Deanna – My mother taught me how to decorate cakes. You’ll see some of her work in my post this Thursday. 🙂

  14. That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see your Mom’s work…especially after seeing your work. I wish I could decorate a cake like that! My decorating is icing the cake and sticking some sprinkles on top!

  15. Happy Birthday honey! And your cakes look amazing!!! Those ones underneath… Yeah too gorgeous. They make me nervous just standing my one of those!!!

    Happy Birthday!

  16. Hi! My moms birthday is in 5 days and I wanted to make her something special… I really love the last cupcake with the roses on it and want to make it for her! What website did you get the picture from?

  17. Jules – I actually found that photo just by doing a Google image search for “cupcakes”. Sorry I can’t be more help. 🙁

  18. I truly appreciate this post.Much thanks again.


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