Dec 14, 2010

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Review: Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James

Contemporary Romance
October 7 2008
Mass Market Paperback
296 pages
Berkley Sensation

Yummy Man – Jason Andrews
Kick Ass Chick – Taylor Donovan

From Goodreads

“Nothing fazes Taylor Donovan not in the courtroom and not in her personal life. So when she’s assigned to coach People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” for his role in the next big legal drama, she refuses to fall for the Hollywood heartthrob’s charms. Even if he is the Jason Andrews.”

Lately, my reading list has included mostly Urban Fantasy titles and Paranormal Romance titles.  I had just finished a book that kind of bummed me out and I needed to read something that was very different than what I’d been reading.  A change in direction if you will.  So I searched my book closet and noticed my Contemporary Romance pile sitting there looking very lonely.  I looked at it and smiled.  It smiled back.  Okay, maybe not really but I’m sure if it could it would have because it has been a while since I’ve visited that pile.  Lately I’ve been looking to my Erotica pile when I needed a change, but this time I thought a nice, light and fun Contemporary was just what I needed.  I closed my eyes and took out the first book I touched.

What I pulled out was Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James.  I had heard wonderful things about this author so my expectations were quite high.  And on top of that I expect a lot from the Contemporary Romance books I read.  The story has to be light enough and fun.  It must also be sexy and smart.  I’m happy to say that not only did the story meet my grueling expectations but so did the author.  Her style was wonderful and I really liked the book’s flow, story’s sweetness and the character’s sass.

Just the Sexiest Man Alive is about Taylor Donovan, an attorney from Chicago who specializes in sexual harassment cases.  She is sent to Los Angeles by her firm to handle a big case and also to really see what she’s capable of.  She wants to become a Partner in her firm (she will be eligible for this in two years) and Taylor is anxious to prove herself.  When she is called into her superior’s office and told that she has been chosen to show an actor who will be playing a lawyer in his next movie how to act like an attorney, she says no.  After all, she’s in the middle of prepping for trial.  But really she was only given the illusion of having a choice.  Then she finds out who she is to mentor.  Jason Andrews.  The biggest most famous movie star in the whole entire world.  *gulp*

I really liked Taylor’s character.  A very smart and goal oriented woman, she’s though when she needs to be without being a b*tch.  She has her professional life planned out, but has not really put any thought into her personal life.  Then again, it comes second so why focus on it at all?  I loved her wit.  I loved how she didn’t let Jason Andrews throw her for a loop.  I loved how she was not afraid to put him in his place, even when no one else would.  And I loved the dialogue.  She never came across as flighty, even when she was put in a slightly compromising situation.  Always with it.  I really appreciated that about her and I liked Taylor from the start.

Now Jason is a different story.  I did not like him much at the beginning of the book.  But not because he was written badly.  Quite the opposite actually.  I did not like him because he was written so well!  Jason is the top of the top when it comes to Hollywood actors.  You can’t get much bigger than him.  The problem is he knows it.  He is used to everyone doing whatever he wants whenever he demands it and doesn’t think twice about anyone else.  He is a chauvinistic conceited arse.  I like that Jason is not too sure how to handle Taylor because she is not acting like everyone else does.  Lines like:  “Taylor tried not to smile.  Ahh…Hollywood.  Just when you might think all the stereotypes and clichés aren’t true, you realize, yep – they are.”  are further proof that Taylor isn’t falling for Jason’s bull and further reason for Jason to go batty.  And when he goes batty, you giggle.  But, as you can imagine, there is more to Jason Andrews than the actor who is really, really full of himself.  There are many scenes that made me shake my head, a couple that made me shake my fist, but many made me *sigh*.  He is a good guy and a fun character to read.  I liked getting to know him through this book, and seeing his façade crumble.

And just a quick note, the friends and co-workers in this story were fun.  They added to story without taking too much attention away from the main event and helped us see different sides to Jason and Taylor.

I’m pleased by how much I enjoyed Julie’s writing style.  The pace was good and you can really tell she has a legal background because the details describing anything lawyer-ish, from the court room proceeding to just the files, were really well done.  I am definitely going to read more of her stuff in the future.  In fact, I already ordered her book “Practice Makes Perfect” and I can’t wait to break it open…sooner rather than later.

Just the Sexiest Man Alive was just what I needed.  A very smart story filled with wonderfully written characters I still thought about days after finishing the book.

5 stars

Giggle worthy quotes

“’Seriously, Taylor—do you know who I am?’ he demanded.   She smiled at this. ‘You celebrities actually say that? That’s cute.’”
“’Does anyone ever say ‘no’ to you?’ she asked him resignedly.
‘No.  But if it makes you feel any better, you try a
lot harder than anyone else.’”
“’The character I’m playing in the film is this driven, workaholic lawyer who has never lost a case.  When I’m playing him . . .’ He paused, his voice softening.  Somehow they were now standing just inches apart. ‘I think of you.’  When their eyes met, Jason grinned and added, ‘With a penis.’”

  1. I really liked this book too! Julie James writes wonderful contemporaries – she’s an auto-buy for me!

  2. This is the book that made me love Julie James 🙂

  3. I haven’t read this author before, but I’m definitely in the mood for a fun read. Just downloaded the Kindle sample chapter! Thanks for sharing the review.

  4. Patti – This is one instance where I’m wondering what took me so long to try this author!

    DL – I can’t wait to read “Practice Makes Perfect”. My sources tell me it’s even better than this one!

    India – It’s just good fun!

  5. I too liked this one..wanted a little smex..but otherwise, great voice!

  6. I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 She’s an auto-buy for me. So looking forward to her 4th book!

  7. Mandi – I thought it was kinda interesting how they don’t get ‘busy’ until the very very end. It was sort of nice in a way.

    Stacy – I can see why she would be an auto-buy. 🙂

  8. *does a bit of jumping up and down*
    I really want to read Julie James book now 😀 I think I am thirsty for some contemporary romance

  9. Thanks for reviewing this book Julie. It’s been on my radar for a while now. I’ll be adding it to my wishlist. =)

  10. blodeuedd – Sometimes Contemporary Romance books are just what we need, right?! This one is wonderful!

    Jen – Woot! Let me know when you actually get around to starting it. 😉

  11. Haha, great review…loved the last quote! So many books out there to read, this is just crazy. 🙂 Have you ever heard that saying “So many books, so little time”?! That’s how I feel right now.

    Quick question…do you buy all your books in physical form or also on e-reader or both? If you buy them all physical form do you keep them with you or only keep the ones you really really like?

  12. Deanna – I still buy most of my books in print. I’m a little old school that way. 🙂 I keep the books I know I’ll re-read. So basically I keep the books I give 4 and more stars to and of course I keep my favorite series. The others are in boxes in my basement for now until I figure out what to do with them. LOL

  13. Love Julie James – she is an auto-buy author for me (like many). You won’t be disappointed by Practice Makes Perfect and then you must get Something About You. Loving your new blog look by the way – impressive!

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