Feb 28, 2011

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Question: Where Are You When You Write?

This week’s Question is geared mostly to bloggers and writers.  I thought it would be fun to know a little more about each other and for readers to know a little more about us.

Around the time I started blogging, my parents bought me (yes Jason, I said me) what turned out to be one of the best gifts ever – my laptop computer.  (Yes again Jason, I said my)  I don’t have a desk upstairs, so I plopped myself at my dining table.  But of course I needed to put the computer away at meal times which was, thanks to my blog planner and note books and books and pens and such, a bit of a pain.  I then decided to place a TV tray by my chair for all of the extra stuff.  That way, it’s always there when I need it and I don’t have to stash it away at every meal…I just have to stash my computer, which is no real trouble.

And that is where I write my blog — in my ‘office’ on my dining table next to my TV tray.  (We have an open concept house, so I’m never hiding while I’m writing – I’m right there in the open for all to find me and bug me…but it’s all good.)

So this week my question to you is:  Where are you when you write?

  1. Well this is a fun questions Julie! 🙂 I love your set up with the TV tray so you don’t have to constantly be moving things around.

    My writing spots include both jobs, sitting on my bed at home with my pup curled up next to me or in the living room watching a movie with my parents. Yep, I write just about everywhere. The majority of my writing will be done at my dispatch job on the weekends when everything slows down and I have about 5 hours of sitting in a room with nothing else to do.

  2. I write in my kitchen. We originally put desk and computer in there so I could watch kidlet but it’s nice for me because like you-everyone can see me and have access to me. I also have laptop which travels. lol

  3. Love this glimpse into your office 😀

  4. By my desk..always, with my old buddy Mr PC

  5. Deanna – 5 hours of sitting at work…niiiice!

    Tori – It’s nice to be able to see everything while you’re writing…and not at the same time. lol

    Jess – 🙂

    blodeuedd – Mr PC. I like it! 🙂

  6. Get question! It’s fun to see where you write/blog. I write/blog on the sofa, at my tiny desk (it’s a bit bigger than your tv tray), at the dining room table, on my boyfriends computer desk and even in bed!

  7. In the same place where I read, my living room and usually with a little furry blanket on top. http://plixi.com/p/78469669

  8. My laptop is on my dining room table, I have a cute little 4 drawer storage container in the corner that holds all my ‘supplies’ and I’m good to go. Nothing fancy here. I can’t be upstairs in the office, I’m mommy. I need to be in the thick of things and I blog when a get a chance.

  9. Ally – I’ve blogged in bed when I’m not well. Can’t say it’s as comfortable as being at my table. lol

    Fit Cat – Your kitty looks comfy! 🙂

    Sophia – So you’re like me. I can’t hide. Even if I tried, they would find me. lol

  10. My laptop is set up in the living room and I write in front of the TV. I keep my notes and pens in a end table beside the couch…or on the couch itself. It works!

  11. I am too ashamed to share a photo of my workspace LOl
    I work mainly on my desktop, I have a room – that we call the computer room – but is actually the dumping ground LOL. I have a television, a massive desk which is piled high with notes and a childproof gate. I spend all day in this room pretty much during school hours.
    I use my iPod if i think of things on the go to just make a quick note but I am as likely to write reviews long hand at night while watching TV and then type and finesse them on the desktop later.
    I don’t work on my laptop in the loungeroom primarily because I have four kids with sticky fingers and I limit myself to eight hours on the computer so my kids actually get fed at some point 😀

  12. Judi – As long as it works, that’s the most important part! lol

    Shelleyrae – You write some of your reviews long hand first! Wow! I can’t imagine doing that! lol


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