Dec 9, 2010

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My Life’s Quirks – Sharing Birthday Memories with Friends

Birthdays.  We’ve all been through…well let’s just say we’ve been through a few.  Every year as I approach my birthday, I think about my past birthdays.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  Okay, I can’t really say I’ve had any bad ones, but I’ve had some that were more memorable than others.  Thinking back really makes me thankful for everything I had growing up.  Friends and family who loved me and more toys than I can recall!

I remember my 8th birthday.  That was the first time my parents threw me a surprise party.  I was so shocked…I cried.  I mean, I cried a lot.  Have I mentioned before how I don’t handle surprises and spontaneous events well?!

What I remember the most about my birthdays though are my cakes.  My mother is an amazing cake decorator and my cakes were always quite elaborate.  Check out this piano cake surrounded by lady cakes.

And this doll cake.

And this Annie cake.

And this Wizard of Oz cake.

And this Three Little Pigs cake.

Amazing right?!  My mom is awesome.

All of my reminiscing about birthdays got me thinking.  It got me thinking about my friends and the wonderful people I’ve met in blogland…  I wondered what their birthdays were like?  Did they have super duper days or really embarrassing days?    So I decided to ask some of my favorite bloggers and reviewers to share some of their birthday memories with me and I’m, in turn, sharing them with you.  These are great!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have:

Pamela (Spaz) – You can find her at Life as a Spaz and at Wicked ‘Lil Pixie

1984 – For my 8th Birthday I got a pair of rollerskates!!!! I remember putting them on and skating on the sidewalks around our neighborhood for hours. I swear I knew everyone’s business in our neighborhood cuz I was always skating by… Sometimes I still dream of rollerskating down that road. And because I was fearless in front of a camera, here I am posing for you with my new skates!

Jessica – You can find her at The Spinecracker

One of my favorite birthday memories was from my 5th birthday.  My parents threw a huge block party on my street, and I just remember tons of kids and music and food and cake, and it was all in celebration of ME.  {pretty sure this is where my touch of self-centeredness was born}  The biggest surprise of the day though, was when Big Bird made a cameo at my party.  I remember thinking I must really be cool to have Big Bird stop by. … little did I know it was my best friend’s mom stuffed inside this amazing costume.   I remember talking for months about the fact that Big Bird wished me happy birthday day.  I told anyone who would listen.

Sadly, I’ve searched through all of my family pictures that weren’t in the bowels of the attic and didn’t come up with one picture of me and my favorite bird, so I’ve included a picture of my favorite birthday present instead.  This is from my 4th birthday at the zoo.  I walked around with this Miss Piggy bag for nearly a year. According to my mom, I even insisted on taking it to church.

Ally – You can find her at Swept Away Again

This is my short cute moment.  I had a wonderful 21st birthday back in 2007 when I was living in York after a lovely meal with some great friends we went to a bar called Varisity while we were in Varisity taking pictures one of my friends saw Boy George!

Ok so maybe he wasn’t the real Boy George, but he was such a good look a like that we couldn’t help but try and take a sneaky picture of him. The Boy George look a like didn’t seem to mind too much, we weren’t the quietest people in the bar and he had a good laugh at us trying to take sneaky pictures. He did wave to us on his way out through. It was definitely a fun way to celebrate my 21st birthday.

Mandi – You can find her at Smexy Books

While I have wonderful, happy memories of my birthdays, for the majority they have been quiet affairs, because I really can’t remember them clearly. Or maybe alcohol has played a part in later years! Speaking of alcohol (who me?) this does lead me to one birthday memory for my husband actually. I was very studious in school. Don’t get me wrong I definitely partied and had my share of fun but I was also very serious about my studies. I was an accounting major and I took a big class load every year. I dated my husband through college and my roommate has been best friends with my husband since Kindergarten, so the three of us, and eventually my roommate’s boyfriend basically lived together our last two years of school. (And if my mom is reading, that is totally untrue *ahem*) Anyway – when my husband’s big 21st birthday came near, he started to plan for his night out. I looked at my calendar and saw I had a HUGE accounting exam the next day. So I told him, there was no way I could go out that night. But he didn’t believe me. So when that night rolled around, and he walked in and I was in sweats with a massive stress headache, he was a little shocked. Now, he had a gazillion other friends ready to go out with him, but because I was unable to go, it was the end of the world and he has refused to let me forget it ever since! I needed to pass that exam so I could become the accountant I am today. Okay, so I am a stay at home mom now..but whatever.  I prettied up my roommate and she was his date for the night and everyone was happy. I passed my test and partied like crazy the next night!

Of course, my 21st birthday was a short three weeks later… you think hubs took me out? 😉

Natasha – You can find her at Wicked Lil’ Pixie

I think my best birthday memory would be my 19th, since that’s legal drinking age in Canada. I planned it for months, reserved seats for 30+ people at this restaurant right in the heart of the Club District in Toronto. The day comes, I have my older sisters (all in their 30’s & 40’s) along with my mom & all my friends. Guess what? Restaurant used my tables for someone else’s party! I was LIVID, but we waited…and waited…and waited…2 hours later I said screw it.

We ended up walking down the street to a Mexican Restaurant (ALL OF US) & they sat us right away on a heated patio. Little did I know, my oldest sister is truly evil. The whole patio, including the waiters sang Happy Birthday to me while they put a sombrero on my head. Then they made me get up & do the Mexican hat dance, thank god I was drunk by that point. Instead of having what started out as the worst birthday ever, I had a blast with my family & my friends.

So much so, for my 30th this year we did it again. All the friends & all my family but went to a roller rink & my mom boogied the night away. Even better, the restaurant that screwed my reservations got closed this year ON my birthday. MUAHAHA. How’s that for karma?

Jen – You can find her at Not Now…I’m Reading

There’s been lots of birthday memories created over the years that have a special place in my heart.  My fondest birthday memory was the day of my 7th (or maybe 8th) birthday.  My dad picked me and my sister up that morning and told us we were going to the toy store.  I’m sure people could hear squealing down the block as me and my sister raced to get to the car.  As we’re walking into the store my Dad said what every kid dreams they’ll hear from a parent while in a toy store.  He said, “Honey, get anything you want.”  Me and my sister looked at each other in disbelief and then took off like bats out of hell.  My mind was going a mile a minute but, amidst the chaos, there was a plan.  I was at the height of my She-Ra phase and I set out to find every toy that was part of She-Ra and her universe.  The planets must have been aligned because I hit one hell of a jackpot.  Everything and anything having to do with my girl She-Ra was in stock and ready to be put in our cart.  I don’t know how I didn’t go into cardiac arrest.  Dolls, sidekicks, castles and lord knows what else were flung into our cart so fast I think my Dad’s head almost combusted.  To my Dad’s credit the man didn’t even flinch.  After we were done cleaning house my Dad loaded us and all our crap back into the car and we made our way back to my Mom’s house.  My sister and I were still pretty wound up and talked the whole way back.  Here’s where the memory becomes that much more special.  Since I was so completely distracted from out shopping excursion I didn’t notice the group of people standing around in my living as I walked into our apartment.  I damn near jumped out of my skin when everyone yelled, “SURPRISE!!”  I thought it was pretty cool that my Dad and Mom put their differences aside long enough to throw me my first surprise party.  And although I loved the toys (what kid wouldn’t) and the party I really wasn’t expecting, what touched me the most was that my parents, despite being divorced, put forth one hell of a team effort to get one over on me.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Tori – You can find her at Gigi’s Consignment Closet and at Smexy Books

Being 40 I have stopped celebrating birthdays. Rather, I like to take the day to something I want to do or rather what Kidlet thinks I want to do. When Julie asked me if I wanted to post on her birthday post I was thrilled. I started thinking about birthdays when I was reminded of a story my mom STILL loves to tell.
Growing up I was a hellion. I didn’t mean to be bad but I had a lot of energy and she said I was much too smart for my own good. lol Trouble didn’t find me…I actively looked for it.

For my 4th birthday I decided that I wanted a Mrs. Beasley doll. Nothing else would do.

My birthday dawned bright and beautiful. I’m a summer baby and June in Indiana is about as good as it can get. So excited I sat down and bounced my way through breakfast. My mom said I talked a mile a minute – all about Mrs. Beasley. After committing some mild misdemeanors (apparently I decided that our goldfish Goldie and Hawn wanted to visit the ocean via the toilet, our basement stairs were perfect for box sledding, and I needed a birthday haircut) it was BIRTHDAY TIME!!!!!

So my mom dressed me in my favorite flag overalls and matching striped t shirt. Don’t judge, it was 1974. Hair was snapped into tiny stubby ponytails, and we gathered around the cake. As everyone began to sing Happy Birthday my mama says I waved my hands around and said, “No, no, no. No cake. I want Mrs. Beasley.” My mama, being the awesomelicious person she is, handed me my fondest dream come true. Mrs. Beasley. I was in HEAVEN. She was beautiful. She talked and her clothes came off. w00T!

Now, my bestest friend in the whole wide world at that time was Jimmy Kowalski. He was 5 and my on and off boyfriend depending on what flavor of ice cream his mom had that week. Jimmy and I shared everything, so I suspect he thought Mrs. Beasley was no different. Poor Jimmy. He learned the hard way that you don’t touch my stuff.
Everyone wanted to play with Mrs. Beasley and we were all happy until mama found out I was charging all the kids a quarter to hold her for 10 minutes (which in 4 yr old time was about 2 seconds). So she sent us outside to play and give her some peace and quiet. Now this part I remember like it was yesterday. We were all playing on the swing set when Jimmy came up and rudely snatched Mrs. Beasley out of my hands. I guess he was cheesed because I wasn’t paying him any never mind. So there he was, running around me in circles, swinging Mrs. Beasley over his head calling me a doll playing poopyhead. The nerve, right? When my mama stuck her head out to see what the fuss was about she heard me say, clear as day, “Give me back Mrs. Beasley you god d*$#m son of a b&^*h.” *thud* You could have heard a pin drop. Now me, not having an ounce of self preservation, repeated word for word what I said when my mom asked me what I had just said. Then I walked over snatched my doll back and socked Jimmy in the nose.

Jimmy squealed and ran home. Of course I got in a load of trouble. My mama didn’t believe in spankings but she believed in the gospel according to Ivory. Ivory soap. To this day I cannot even smell it without my mouth watering and that nasty taste drifting across on my tongue. *shudder* After a good old fashioned mouth scrubbing and lecture, my mama frog marched me to Jimmy’s house to apologize.

Did I apologize?

Yes I did. I told him I was sorry I punched him in the nose but he was never to touch my god d*$#m doll again. After another communion with Ivory soap my mama sat me down and asked if I understood WHY I was getting a mouth full of Ivory instead of cake and going to bed early.

I replied, “Yes. Because that son of a b&^*h Jimmy wouldn’t leave my  god d*$#m doll alone.”

I don’t think it was long after that before my mom started having little wine “pick me ups” during the day.

I want to thank each and every one of my friends who took the time to rummage through their brains in search of a birthday memory that was suitable for sharing with the public.  You all helped make my birthday week extra special!  xo

Sharing birthday memories with friends.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

So, what are some of your most favorite birthday memories?

  1. Oh how fun!! Thanks for asking me to be a part 🙂 They all made me smile…LOL

  2. LOL Wonderful stories. Thanks so much for having me over Julie. 🙂

  3. Mandi – The stories were great! I’m glad you were able to take part. 🙂

    Tori – I can’t imagine having soap put in my mouth. I mean, yuk! LOL

  4. Your Mom’s cakes are amazing!! She puts a store-bought cake to shame 😛

    Happy Birthday Julie.

  5. LOL great birthday memories!! How fun!!

  6. Carolyn Crane says:

    This is so fun to read! LOL. What an awesome post, you guys! Happy Birthday, Julie!!!!!

  7. YAY!!!!! I love it Julie, you did a great job! Thanks for letting me be a part of it 🙂

  8. Loved all the awesome stories ladies!

    Thanks Julie for letting me take part in your birthday week celebration.

  9. Tori’s KILLED me! lmfao Thanks for having me Jules!

  10. Jess – Yes. Store bought cakes suck. I am now unable to enjoy them. lol

    FV – I was very impressed with what they sent me. 🙂

    Carolyn – Thanks! I’m just so excited that I got so many great gals to participate!

  11. Pam – LOVED your picture. And I’m just a little jealous that you were rollerskating in the middle of December! lol

    Jen – Thank you for serving up a great story. I found yours to be very sweet.

    Lil’ Pixie – Tori’s made me laugh until I cried. For some reason I feel you would have done the same kind of thing when you were a kid. 😉

  12. What a wonderful post Julie! I love to read other peoples birthday experiences! And you weren’t kidding about sharing some of your mothers awesome cake creations! Unbelievable…does she decorate cakes for a living?! She should! 😀

    For my birthday memory…I’d say celebrating my 22nd bday in Dublin, Ireland! It was amazing and so much fun. A group of my friends on the school trip all piled into a small pub and surrounded the bar drinking for the majority of the night. Haha, great times!

  13. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and those cakes are so cool!

    Thanks for asking my to take part it was fun and it was great to read everyone elses pieces too!

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