Dec 13, 2010

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Question – Flash Four Questions About Random Things

You may have noticed that at the end of every author interview I conduct, I ask some flash four questions.  Some are about writing and some about random things.  I actually ask the same flash four questions to each author.  That way, if you decide to look back, you can compare the answers and see what each author may have in common.

I thought it might be fun today to have you guys answer my flash four questions about random things.  It’ll be neat to see everyone’s answers!  Just remember, these questions are meant to have quick and simple answers.

Flash four questions about random things ~
1. Sweet or salty snacks?
2. What color is your toothbrush?
3. Your high school experience:  good or bad?
4. What do you like on your pizza?

My answers:
1.  Depends on my mood.  It’s probably a 60/40 split
2.  Turquoise and white.
3.  Good.
4.  Depends on my mood.  Either a ‘Canadian’ Pizza which has Cheese, Pepperoni, Bacon and Mushroom or I’ll go for Cheese, Tomato, Mushroom and Green Olive.  YUM!

What are your answers?

  1. Fun!

    1. Both at the same time

    2. Pink and white

    3. Good for the most part

    4. Chicken and pepperoni or sausage and jalepeno

  2. Oh fun!
    1. Definitely salty! Unless I’m watching a movie. Then I love to eat nerds 🙂
    2. Purple, green, and white. I wouldn’t remember this except I actually just bought it two days ago.
    3. Traumatic
    4. Everything veggie- except mushrooms. I can’t stand the texture.

  3. Yey fun!

    1. Sweet.

    2. Blue and White

    3. What’s high school? 11-18? In the UK you go to 3 schools! Primary from 5-10 then secondary 11-16 then sixth form or technicial college 16-18! It was good.

    4. Chicken and Sweetcorn with cheese of course!

  4. 1. Both at the same time
    2. Blue
    3. Wonderful
    4. Everything except anchovies

  5. I don’t know if my synapses are firing off fast enough this morning but, I’ll give it a shot:

    1. Both – I know that’s cheating but, I like stuff like chocolate covered pretzels
    2. Hot pink and white with blue accents
    3. Awesome
    4. Plain ol’ cheese for me

  6. 1. Both
    2. white and blue
    3. neutral
    4. Cheese, pepperoni

  7. Mandi – I so wouldn’t be able to share a pizza with you. I can’t do spicy very well. 🙂

    D.L. – My husband LOVES nerd candy!

    Ally – High School here is from 13-18ish. You guys go to three schools?! That’s how they do it in Quebec here.

  8. Linda – I’ve never tried anchovies…and I can’t say I feel I’m missing out. LOL

    Jen – For some reason, I’m not surprised your toothbrush is hot pink!

    blodeuedd – I usually look for blue and white toothbrushes, but this time I felt like shaking it up and got myself a turquoise one. Aren’t I daring?! LOL

  9. YaY!!

    1. Sweet or salty snacks? LOVE chocolate but there’s nothing like putting some m&m’s in ur popcorn!

    2. What color is your toothbrush? Blue & White

    3. Your high school experience: good or bad? great!!

    4. What do you like on your pizza? mostly pepperoni but sometimes supreme.

  10. 1. Depends on my mood as well but I like salty better than sweet most days.

    2. Aqua Blue

    3. It was ok, I’d never go back!

    4. I love cheese and pineapple…yummy! No canadian bacon, just pineapple. Oh with ranch dressing on top of course.

  11. Sharon – M&M in your popcorn! What a wonderful idea!

    Deanna – I’ve seen ranch dressing on a pizza but can’t say I’ve tried it myself. 🙂

  12. I would recommend trying it sometime if you like ranch dressing! Yummy. 🙂 I can’t wait to catch up on all of your reviews and I’m very excited to see your review on “His for the Holidays”. It looks like a good read.

  13. I feel asleep at 8 last night, so I didn’t blog visit at all last night…. I know you’ve been wondering why I haven’t this opportunity to talk about myself 😉

    Salty all the way
    Bought a new one today, it’s hot pink
    Double Cheese, well-done

    I loved reading everyone’s answers. 😀

  14. Jess – *g*

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