Dec 22, 2010

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Silly Stuff – Christmas Books Edition

It’s Christmas time.  So for this week’s Silly Stuff, I searched for some silly Christmas themed book covers.  Let’s see what we have here…

Okay…not really Christmas, but the word ‘Winter’ is in the title and her boobs are extra perky!

I asked hubs if this cover was a win or fail.  Guess what he said?  “It makes her a** look enormous!”

I know this one is not really giggle worthy or worthy of being on a Silly Stuff list…I just thought he was so pretty and that I might want to lick him a little…like a candy cane.  What?  I said just a little…

Okay, here is the first of the snazzy covers.  This is the generic cover for this series.  I love how he’s computer animated.  Okay, I don’t really love it.  I find it weird as sh*t.  But he’s very well um…endowed for a drawing.

Speaking of computer animated people…  This one is creepy.  There is nothing more to say about it.

But if you don’t computer animate your cover models, you get this guy.  He makes me nervous.  The look on his face doesn’t say “I’m sexy, come over here so I can make all your dreams come true”.  It says “I got really drunk while gambling on dog fights and lost a bet and here I am.”  *gulp*

Or better yet, if you don’t use computer animated models, you get this guy:

Love the frosted tips.  And the leopard print rug he’s on.  And the versatility he’s showing.  Okay no.  These are just bad.  I don’t blame the guy.  He’s just doing what he’s told to do after all.  I just think this may have been an instance where a computer animated cover would actually have been an improvement…

Happy Holidays Everyone!

  1. Where do you find this stuff? Amazing.

  2. LMAO! Yeah I would agree with all your statements above…even the candy cane one. 😛 As for the animated covers, yeah they are very creepy!

  3. I will be getting my husband a green banana hammock. 😀

  4. I some very well known authors’ names on these covers (some of my favorites, actually). It just goes to show that in the end, I’m pretty sure that authors have no say in the final cover of a book.

    Thanks for the morning laugh!

  5. The guy on those last covers totally creeps me out! He may be the least sexy male model I have ever seen. And the animated couple on the Virginia one, I will have nightmares about them. And OMG! They are ripping off “Ghost”!

  6. The snow angel one made me laugh with his well endowment. It’s kinda creapy…

  7. Linda – I find many of my silly covers at Ellora’s Cave. They have good stories, great authors, but unfortunate cover art sometimes…

    Deanna – I don’t understand the animated covers at all. Are they supposed to be sexy? lol

    Jess – Thanks for the visual. 😉

    Kristin – I think your right about the authors having final say. It would suck to be an author and really dislike you cover.

    Shannon – OMG! You’re right! It totally looks like the scene from Ghost! lol

    Colette – I wonder what he’s thinking. Is he thinking that maybe he’s looking a little creepy?! lol

  8. The lady on the first cover looks likes she’s grabbing his er, um, stuff.

    And that last dude creeps me the hell out!

    Thanks for making me laugh today Julie!

  9. Jen – Oh my…I hadn’t noticed that about the first cover… *blush*

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