Dec 28, 2010

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Review: Her Kind of Hero by Kathleen Dienne

Contemporary Romantic Suspense
November 22 2010
120 pages
Carina Press

Received from NetGalley

Yummy Man – Derek Lane
Kick Ass Chick – Vanessa Bingham

From Goodreads

Kissing him is better than nothing.
Young widow Vanessa Bingham is ready to stop mourning. She misses the intimacy and tenderness of a man’s touch. It’s obvious her old friend Derek Lane wants her, so why does her first attempt at seduction cause him to flee?

Kissing her is a dream come true.
Derek has been in love with Vanessa forever. His feelings have kept him from having a serious relationship—or a casual one— with any other woman. So when she finally turns to him, he doesn’t want to settle for being friends with benefits. But Vanessa is a hard woman to resist for long…

Someone doesn’t want them kissing at all.
Just as things with Derek begin heating up, disturbing photos start to arrive at Vanessa’s door. Someone is watching her every move: someone she may know. Terrified by the stalker’s very real threats, Vanessa soon realizes that Derek may be just the hero she needs after all.”

I liked Derek.  Quite a bit.  I just thought I would throw that out there.  Now let’s get to the review.

Vanessa lost her husband two years ago and, like the blurb says, she misses the intimacy of a man’s touch.  Basically, she feels she needs to get laid.  Who better to help her get reacquainted with sex than her friend Derek.  She’s known Derek for years and since her husband’s passing, he’s been supportive and helpful.  He’s familiar, sweet and well…there.  Besides, he’s a better choice than say Anthony, the your-really-not-at-all-funny-but-you-seem-to-think-you-are guy Vanessa has known since college and who works at the grocery store and smells of fast food.  *shiver*

The book starts off with Vanessa kissing Derek.  Right off the bat, you know that Kathleen Dienne is going to give you a yummy story with Her Kind of Hero.  But even though you can tell that Derek cares for Vanessa and may have felt that way for a long time, when she comes on to him (and he’s obviously into it) he just runs off leaving Vanessa feeling confused and frustrated (in more ways than one)!  Why?  Because he’s sweet and gentle and he doesn’t want to screw up their close friendship even though he knows he’s crazy for her!  All together now… Awww!  *sigh*

But then (cue creepy music) Vanessa sees someone looking into her window and starts receiving packages and letters that would make just about anyone’s skin crawl.  This is a bad situation all around, but it does force Vanessa to really look at Derek and think about how she feels about him while he is, once again, taking care of her.

Vanessa was a good character, but it was Derek who really made this book for me.  A shy beta-hero!  How often do you see that?  He is so dependable!  He shows up at Vanessa’s house ever Saturday morning to take care of her homes ‘man work’ and once they start courting (sort of anyways), he’s so cute and romantic!  I just wanted to eat him up.  Like a cupcake.  With lots of frosting.  He is obviously capable of taking care of himself but I just felt like I wanted to take care of him.  Timid and awkward…he’s just so freakin’ adorable!  But when he starts feeling a little more comfortable…watch out ladies!  (or Vanessa at least ;))

I can’t say I was overly surprised when we find out who the stalker was, but I was still creeped out by it.  I liked the pace of the story and the overall feel.  Kathleen has the kind of voice where I felt like this story was longer than it actually was.  What I mean by that, I felt I knew the characters well and I didn’t feel like I missed out on any important details – both things that are easy to find in shorter stories.  I will definitely read this author again.  Oh, and I liked Derek.  Quite a bit.

3.5 stars

Giggle worthy quote

“But who doesn’t like thinking about a nice big penis? I was certainly thinking of one, now.”

  1. Mmmmm..Derek. I he is sexy and shy. Heart!

  2. I tend to stay away from stories with widows for some reason, but derek does sound yummy!

  3. Mandi – Heart is right!

    Colette – I know what you mean. Sometimes the widows are just too ‘oh my life is awful and I need someone to fix it’. But this one was not like that…thank goodness. 🙂

  4. This looks like a good fast read. If I’m ever looking to just get in there and read a book quickly then I’ll look for this to pick up and read.

  5. Deanna – That’s the beauty of novellas!

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