Jan 5, 2011

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Silly Stuff

Gotta love Fail Blog when you need to feel better about things. I mean, some of the things you find makes you wonder about human thought patterns…and makes you glad you would never do anything that ridiculous. I mean really…Never…

Wow.  What exactly is Barbie doing on that Island?  *wink wink, nudge nudge*  Always knew Barbie was a dirty girl.  😉

Non-Gender Children?  What the hell is that?!

Um…I think I’ll pass, thank you.

Well, good for you.  It’s always nice to have a goal.  *g*

Sounds about right…lol

Well sh*t.

Every readers dream come true.  A table filled with free $5 books.  LOLOL

Oh. My. Goodness.

No comment needed.  Really.  The package says it all.  But is it the man who needed to use this product or the woman?  Hmmm…

  1. Oh you kill me with these! 😀

  2. omgosh…that book note was HORRIBLE!! but the others are funny!! tks Julie!

  3. blodeuedd – I’m glad. 🙂

    Sharon – Wasn’t that note awful?!

  4. Maybe you touched your genitals? Maybe I did…you’ll never know. LOL

  5. Wow…these are great. I especially love that endearing greeting card. Writing something like that is a sure fire way of getting kicked in the shin.

  6. Sophia – Nasty,right?!

    Jen – Kicked in the shin? You’re too kind. lol

  7. Hilarious – that card i ssomething my parents would get me LOL

  8. LOL thanks for sharing these! it got me laughing so much =P

  9. L.M.A.O!!!!! These crack me up. Great silly stuff day. 😀

  10. shelleyrae – Oh no! Really?!

    Larissa – 🙂

    Deanna – Some of them are just unbelievable. lol

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