Jan 6, 2011

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My Life’s Quirks – And That’s What I Did For New Year’s

I wonder if you are all ready for this.  I’ve been pondering and thinking for three whole days whether or not I should divulge this information to you all.  You see, I’m concerned for my image with you.  I know that, after 7 months of writing my blog, you all have an idea of who I am and what I like.  Well, this might just debunk your theories and paint me in a new light.

But I think you can handle this.  I think you are ready to know how wild and crazy my husband and I get once the kids are away.  I think you are ready to read about what we did on New Year’s Eve.  *deep breath* Okay…here goes.

My parents came to visit us on December 31st.  They arrived around 11am.  And after lunch, they left to go back home and they took my two kids with them.  That left me with Jason and two daycare kids.  By 4pm, the daycare kids were also gone.  That left me alone in the house with no one but Jason.  Jason.  And let me reiterate here…no kids.  We had the whole evening to ourselves to do whatever we wanted, however we saw fit.  So we looked at each other, smiled that secret, special smile we have only for each other.  Then I whispered “let’s go”.  We grabbed out coats and put on our boots and off we went to the car.  We couldn’t believe that we managed to leave the house and drive away in about one minute.  (That is usually impossible with the kids.  It usually takes at least 5 minutes…if we’re lucky and they are cooperative!)  And where did we go, grinning like two crazy kids with a secret?

We went to the grocery store!  We bought 3 bags of chips, 12 bananas, 3 bags of milk, 4 jars of apple sauce, a jar of onion dip (for Jason) and 5 bags of goldfish crackers.  Aren’t we a couple of crazy kids?!  When we finished at Métro, we decided to go out to eat.  Since it was New Year’s Eve and since it was just the two of us, we thought we should go someplace nice.  Someplace quiet.  Where did we end up?

We ended up at Subway.  Honestly, there isn’t much choice in my town and since we ended up there last year on New Year’s Eve, we thought it might be kind of nice.  Our own little tradition if you will.  I had a cold cut combo and Jason had the melt.  We both had Pepsi to drink.  I walked on the wild side and grabbed a bag of baked Lays chips to go with my sandwich.  They tasted like paper.  Next, we ended up someplace I only go to once, maybe twice  a year.

We went to the liquor store.  Jason got himself 6 cans of Smirnoff Ice and 4 bottles of Bacardi Breezer, the orange smoothie flavor.  (Yup, he drinks girlie drinks.)  I got a bottle of Baby Duck and a bottle of Spumante Bambino.  Both are cheap sparkling wines.  That’s about all I like to drink.  We stood in line next to the men in plaid coats buying their beer and the ladies who were buying their nice bottles of wine.  We didn’t care if we looked out of place – we still grinned like fools though.  Why?  Because we were buying booze!  We rarely buy booze!  We felt like we were 19 (Ontario’s drinking age) and the coolest people ever!

Then we went someplace I had not been yet.  Only Jason has ventured to this new business in my town.  We went to the dépaneur.  It’s basically a place where you can buy snacks and basics and where you can rent movies.  We went crazy in that store – we rented two movies!  Finally, with what we needed to accomplish done, we headed home.

We unpacked the groceries, put our booze in the freezer and brought our snacks and movies in the basement.  It was only 6pm when we got home.  So we opened our first bag of snacks and popped in movie number one.  The Other Guys.  It was okay.  I gave it three stars.  When I told this to Jason, he reminded me that it was a movie and not a book.  I stuck out my tongue at him.  He giggled.  I asked him ‘what the hell?’ (because he giggled and he never giggles.)  He told me it was because he was drunk off his a**.  I hadn’t even noticed he was drinking!  Turns out he had polished four whole drinks.   (Did I mention that we are cheap drunks and that what we purchased at the liquor store would most likely cause us to be drunk ‘til next Tuesday?)

Next, I opened my first bottle of wine and drank 60% of it in 10 minutes.  After feeling a bit of a buzz (and after watching some of the outtakes from the first movie), Jason and I decide to play Buzz, a quiz show game for the PS3.  Jason won round one…by a lot.  It’s embarrassing really.  I won round two…by a lot.  It’s embarrassing really.  Game three – tie breaker game.  I am leading, then Jason, then me, then Jason.  Finally, we are neck and neck and it comes down to the final question.  A tie breaker question.  And…I WIN!  Tipsy off my trunk, I still manage to win.  I rub it in Jason’s face.  He giggles.  Seriously, he has to stop drinking.

It is now 10:15pm.  I am starving.  Jason wonders what the hell and thinks my wine was laced with pot.  I say he’s weird.  He giggles.  I decide to make myself some spaghetti.  Jason thinks I’m nuts, grabs more booze and turns on his video game.  I am watching water boil and complaining about it on twitter.  When it’s ready, I bring my mixing bowl full of my meal to the basement along with half of my second bottle of wine (since I finished off the first one while kicking Jason’s ass in Buzz. Kicking his ass to the moon!  Woot!  Kiss this Jason!)

It’s 11-something pm.  Don’t really know at that point.  The clock is fuzzy.  We watch movie number two.  Vampires Suck.  I think it’s the funniest movie ever.  Jason thinks I’m funnier to watch than the movie.  Finally, we try to focus on the clock and see it’s almost midnight.  We pause the movie, turn it on the Canadian New Year’s Countdown show (which is awful).  There is 20 seconds to Happy New Year.  That’s cutting it close.  We look at the television and it’s 12.  We don’t even say anything to each other.  About 2 minutes later, and after complaining that the entertainment sucked on this particular channel and that we should have taken the time to find Dick Clark, we shrug, kiss and re-start the movie.  The movie ends around 12:20am.  I say goodnight, bring up my mostly eaten mixing bowl of spaghetti and half bottle of wine that is left and go to bed.  I bring my laptop with me where I proceed to wish people Happy New Year and announce to the tweeting world that I am drunk.  Yup, one of my finest moments indeed.  Jason plays his video game until 6am (*cough* loser *cough*).  I pass out around 1am.

So there you have it.  Proof that my husband and I are animals.  Party animals!  And you know what?…we’ll most likely do the same thing next year…because that is what we did last year too.

Bet you’re all jealous of my fantabulous evening.  😉

And that’s what I did for New Year’s.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. Hahaha – at least you had fun!

  2. That’s a similar night to Ry and I! Haha! Except Ry feel asleep at 12:20! He was watching a film and I was reading until around 1am!
    We did it in 2009 and will prob do it again at the end of this year.

  3. Patti – That is true! lol

    Ally – Woo Hoo for we party animals! lol

  4. LMAO! I don’t know if I can hang with you. You’re just too wild and crazy for me. I call your evening a win win. You had fun and you did it in the comfort of your own home. Can’t wait to see what happens next year. *shivers in boots*

  5. Ha, omg, I missed your tweeting drunk, oh that would have been a sight.

  6. OMG this is the most hilarious thing EVER. I so thought u were gonna tell us some crazy sex story. (i still remember something about Jason crawling around on the floor….LOL)

  7. Jen – Just watch out at AAD because I’m assuming there may be opportunity to witness ‘wild and crazy Julie’. lol

    blodeuedd – My tweets weren’t that crazy…at least I hope not. :/

    Sharon – Yeah…I’m not going to talk about my sex life on this blog…like, ever. And really truly, this is a crazy as I get. 🙂

  8. Haha, I am jealous of your night of drinking, watching funny movies and playing a video game show! So much better than my New Years night going to a party.

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