Jun 11, 2010

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News – As Lie the Dead

The second book in Kelly Meding’s Dreg City series, “As Lie the Dead”, is due out in store July 27th 2010.  After having read the Fantastic first book in the series, I am very anxious for this installment.  Kelly posted the first half of chapter one back in April, and has finally posted the rest of the chapter on her blog site!

You can check it out here.

“Three Days to Dead” (the first book in the series) is an exciting story told in a beautifully written world.  I loved Evangeline Stone as a heroine and I loved loved the concept of the story.  I thought how every chapter began by stating how much time the heroine had left was ingenious.  And I loved… oh who am I kidding…?  I loved loved loved everything about this book.  Kelly Meding definitely has a gift for writing Urban Fantasy/Paranormal stories.  Her first book, however satisfying, has only left me impatient for the next one — which I’m sure will be fantabulous!  (No pressure Kelly…lol)  Seriously though, she promises ‘wingedhawtness’ — and how can anybody go wrong with ‘wingedhawtness’?!

  1. I don’t want to read it..because I’m dying for this book and it will be torture. 🙂

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