Jan 17, 2011

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Question – Do You Peek Ahead?

Shadowfever is coming out tomorrow, (Yay!  Tomorrow!!!  Woooooooot!!!!!) and it has got me thinking…

I must admit that I am a peeker.  You know what I mean…I tend to read the first few pages of a book, then the last page, then continue on with the first few pages.  I peek, therefore I am a peeker.  Most of time, it helps me know whether or not I will enjoy the book.  Sometimes it works against me though.  I get confused or frustrated instead of happy.  This usually happens with UF titles, so I’ve pretty much mostly stopped peeking with UF titles.

Now back to Shadowfever.  This is a BIG book filled with BIG answers!  So, to peek or not to peek?  I am not planning on peeking.  I think that with this particular book, it would be a bad idea.  What if Mac doesn’t end up with Barrons?  I’ll just cry during the whole book!  This leads me to my questions this week:

Do you peek ahead while reading a book?  And if you are planning on reading Shadowfever, are you going to sneak a peek at how it ends?

  1. I PEEK! I will not peek at Shadowfever though.


  2. Danielle (lush26) says:

    I think it depends on the book if in a series. A single novel no. Series yes! I have to know it lts worth to continue 🙂

  3. I’m not a peeker, but, I did peek one time. I was reading New Moon and got to the part where Edward dumps Bella. I just couldn’t stand it that he wouldn’t be part of the book again, so I skipped to the end! I was so happy to see that he was! When my oldest son read the series, I watched him when he read New Moon. He did the same thing! LOL! I was so cute!

    I will not be skipping while reading Shadowfever. I want the anticipation to build throughout the book!

    Happy Shadowfever Day tomorrow to everyone! 😀

  4. I’m not a peeker, but I am a page counter. I’ll stop and check the number of the last page and calculate how many pages I have left to read. I think this might be my passive/aggressive way of peeking because – what if I see some words on the last page? O.O

  5. Yes I peek. It is like a compulsion. I swear each time I won’t do it; but I do. I don’t if I am reading on my kindle or other. I really don’t know why I do.

  6. Mandi – Not peeking for Shadowfever will probably be the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do! lol

    Danielle – I hadn’t thought about the series vs. non-series argument. Good point. 🙂

    Bells – New Moon! Perfect book to peek on. And yes, Happy Shadowfever day to you to! lol

    Patti – I do the page checking thing too. 🙂

    Eva – Those darn eReaders are making it harder to peek! I know what you mean about not really knowing the reason why you peek. lol

  7. I am not an end-of-the-book peeker. I have a strict policy on that! But, I do occasionally flip forward a bit to see if, say, a character is still around or something.

    I also will look at the page number on the last page though 🙂


  8. I’m not a peeker. I like to watch the story unfold.

  9. I don’t peek when I’m reading much as I may want to. It makes the end that much more exciting when I get there.

  10. I look at the page number, almost always, but I rarely really peek ahead. The only times I can remember doing that were in books I didn’t like for some reason. I’d flip ahead to see if the stuff that bothered me seemed like it changed or not. Helps me decide if I want to spend the time to keep reading or not.

  11. I’m not usually a single book-peeker, but I’m a spoiler ‘ho if I’ve gotten wrapped up in a series and I’m afraid there either isn’t going to be a HEA or a character I love is going to get shafted.

    I’m completely letting everyone else be my guinea pigs with the Fever series and Lover Unleashed.

  12. Jen – I glance ahead too. 🙂

    Jen D – Such willpower!

    Hannah – Yes the end would be more exciting…but I still can’t seem to stop myself! lol

    Seleste – That’s a good point. Peek ahead if there is something you don’t like! Good idea (because I needed another reason to justify my peeing habit…lol)

    Barbara – I usually don’t mind spoilers…except with the Fever series. That one I am not into knowing. Strange eh?

  13. My name is Larissa and I am a peeker!

    I will prob peek at Shadowfever… not sure yet though =/

  14. I always peek. You never know if you could get hit by a bus tomorrow. That’s my motto 😛

  15. I’m not a peeker. I think I’ve MAYBE done it 3 or 4 times in my entire life. I won’t be doing it w/ Shadowfever…

  16. Sure I do peak. I love knowing how a book will end because otherwise I’m too anxious while reading.

  17. Larissa – Welcome to the club! Coffee and cookies are on the table. 😉

    Katie – Yes, there’s a great argument. Peek so at least if you die, you’ll know how your current read ends. Great idea! 🙂

    Mollie – Such strength…

    Colette – Reformed?! You mean it can be done? 😉

    Sabrina – That is EXACTLY why I peek! I just didn’t know it until I read your comment. I am a very anxious reader and peeking makes my reading experience enjoyable! You are so smart!

  18. Cybercliper says:

    I don’t do it a lot but I do peek sometimes. I hate it when I do that but sometimes – the suspense is killing me and “I just have to know what’s going to happen!!” It seems to take away from my reading experience so I’m getting better at not doing it.

    Listening/reading about the Fae series has been killing me. I have all 4 (unread) books ready and waiting for this last on. Talk about hard – try avoiding peeking at spoilers for 4 years!

  19. No Way! No peeking. Although, I am bad about glancing down on the page I am already on. I will for sure not peek at shadowfever!

  20. absolutely NO PEEKING!! and i dont even like to read the covers/etc and definitely not the reviews until after ive read the book!!

  21. Schhhh! *hides* Ok ok, I peak..sometimes, only sometimes. Liek if I am freaked out that someone is gonna die, or when I accidentally look at the back of the book

  22. Cybercliper – You actually made it all this time without finding out about Fever?! Good for you!!!

    Shannon – Wow. No peeking ever! Just wow. 🙂

    Sharon – That is true! You won’t even read reviews if you haven’t read it. *high five*

    blodeuedd – Checking to see the ‘future availability of well liked characters’ is a great reason for peeking. 😉

  23. It depends on the book I’m reading. But I do usually peek at the last page or two.

  24. I cannot peak. No way. I have to read a book from start to finish. It would ruin the whole experience for me. Though I have counted to see how many pages I am from a character coming back into the picture. It may or may not have been a Fever book. *whistles*

    What if you skip to the end and read the ending of Shadowfever and find out something horrible, which causes you to throw the book at the wall and put a match to it? Then you won’t be able to find out how everything got to that point at the end (unless you buy another copy). Just sayin’. It could happen.

    @Katiebabs – That’s why you don’t leave your house until you’ve finished reading that most anticipated book! No buses! Unless one runs into your house, then I could see your point.

  25. elaing8 – 🙂

    Book Vixen – LOLOL

  26. I remember I peeked once a long time ago.. Ever since then I’ve been banned from the Athletic Club here in Ottawa /cry

  27. I do not peek. Never. Ever. No way. 🙂

    And Stanley Dimitrious, I just spit my water. Thank you. lol

  28. I am not a peeker. The only time I get to the point of almost peeking is when I know a really good part is coming up and then I tend to try to skip sentences to get to the part I’ve been waiting for…when this happens I take a deep breath and remind myself that even if I don’t peek ahead the part is coming up soon so then I continue reading like normal. But I don’t ever go to the end of the book and read what it holds.

  29. Stanley – *shakes head* *sigh*

    Sophia – I can’t believe you don’t peek…actually, what am I saying. I totally see how you would not be a peeker. 🙂

    Deanna – I can’t get over the strength of your will power. You non-peekers are making me feel shame…but not enough to stop. 😉

  30. Julie…i think that Stanley guy likes to keep u on ur toes…LOL!

  31. I never peek. Ever.

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