Jan 14, 2011

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Interview with Zoe Archer plus Giveaway!

I am not a reader of historical novels. But I noticed the covers for this new series here and there back in September and thought the images were beautiful. Then I read a couple of blubs and reviews about the first book Warrior and decided to give it a try. And boy am I glad I did. These The Blades of the Rose books are not your typical historical book. They are more like Indiana Jones movie but in paperback. Filled with adventure and fun, I looked forward to each book. And when I finished the series, I wanted to know more about author Zoe Archer and what went into writing this engaging series. She agreed to answer my questions…and here she is!

Thank you so much Zoe for agreeing to answer my plethora of questions about your Blades of the Rose books.

For readers who have yet to pick up your spectacular series, can you talk a little bit about your The Blades of the Rose books?

Unbeknownst to most of the world, magic is real. It’s concentrated in physical objects known as Sources, and they are scattered all across the globe. There are those who know about the Sources, and want to steal and hoard them for their own selfish, power-hungry purposes. But there is a small, dedicated band of men and women who protect the Sources. They are the Blades of the Rose. Their code prohibits them from using magic that isn’t theirs by right or gift, but they do have courage, intelligence, and some very clever mechanical devices—all of which come in handy when battling for the freedom of the world.

Where did the name “The Blades of the Rose” come from?

The Blades all carry a Compass, which is one of the ways they can identify each other when out in the field. The Compass is not only a useful directional tool, it also represents their global mission. On each Compass, the cardinal directions are indicated by different swords. Thus, the compass rose symbolizes both their willingness to fight as well as their dedication to mercy and justice. And the word “blade” also means a dashing, daring person.

Each member of the Blades carries a compass. It’s their most prized possession. What made you decide that a compass would be their emblem over, let’s say, a fun pair of socks?

Hee. See the answer above. I admit a small bit of calculation on my part. When I was conceptualizing this series, I wanted to create an identifying image or logo so that a reader could immediately tell they were reading a Blades of the Rose book. The compass seemed perfect, since it leads to thoughts of travel and adventure, which is definitely what this series is about! Socks wouldn’t looks quite as cool on the spine of a book.

The Blades consists of four books. Each of these books takes place in a very different locale. ‘Warrior’ takes us to Mongolia, ‘Scoundrel’ (my personal favorite) brings us to Greece, ‘Rebel’ we’re in the great Canadian North (Woo Canada!) and ‘Stranger’ takes us to England.

The way you describe the landscapes and how you write about the local customs is incredible. While reading, I assumed that you’ve lived in these places and that’s why you knew so much about them. But you haven’t! You are just a research queen! Tell us about your research.

Never underestimate the power of a good university research library! I maintain my University of California alumna status not because I have particular fondness for my undergraduate years, but because it allows me to check books out of UC libraries. (Wow, can you imagine a dorkier reason to be an alumni?) So, I did a lot of reading. I watched films and television programs set in the locations, and listened to music. And the internet is actually a phenomenal research tool. After that, it was up to my imagination, which is fairly expansive.

The Blades of the Rose is an action adventure historical romance series with paranormal elements mixed in. (So basically name it, it has it). I have to tell you I really thought the action parts were very well written. You can really picture exactly what’s happening during those scenes in your head.

Do you have a method to writing your high adrenaline action scenes? Do you act them out with your family using foam swords and a big dog as the enemy before putting the sequences to the page?

A huge part of the credit has to go to my husband, who is also a writer (Nico Rosso, author of the sci-fi romance TAKEN TO THE LIMIT, hint). He is key in helping me plot out and choreograph the action scenes, and often draws diagrams so I know who is where and doing what. I love action sequences, but they can be confusing to read and write, plus he’s a dude with years of experience watching ‘80s and ‘90s action films. Between the two of us, I think we’ve come up with some pretty awesome action scenes.

The characters in these books are all so different yet complement each other exceptionally well. All the men are yummy and all the women are really kick ass! I love, love, love that the lead female characters are all strong women who crave a chance to be themselves and not what 1875 society thinks they should be.

Did you find a certain character easier to write than the others? Or the opposite, did you find one a little trickier to have come to life?

Writing convincing kick-ass chicks in historical settings is not easy. I didn’t want to make them anachronistic, but, fortunately, the Blades welcome difference in their ranks, and so I figured these would be women who operate outside of conventional society. London, the heroine of SCOUNDREL, was a bit of a challenge because, although she has an unusual interest in linguistics and language, she comes from a very traditional, and very oppressive, background. So she doesn’t start out as a kick-ass chick, but grows into one. That was challenging, but fun. I kind of love how much of a badass Astrid (the heroine of REBEL) is. She does not mess around.

Any word if there is going to be any more Blades books? If so, are we going to see some of the characters we’ve come to know in future books?

Thus far, there are no plans for future Blades books, but I surely hope so! Depends on how well the series sells. (Imagine me now staring meaningfully at readers.) If I do get the go-ahead to write them, I will have them set 20 years later, in 1895, so we may see a few characters we’ve already met, but we’re on to a new generation. I do plan on having a book for Aurelia Graves, the inventor Catullus Graves’s niece, as well as another book for Charles Reed, the son of Sam and Cassandra Reed (the couple from the Blades prequel “The Undying Heart” in HALF PAST DEAD). For Charles, let’s just say that if your father is dead and then brought back to life, and then gets your mother pregnant with you, there’s bound to be repercussions.

*Julie now stares meaningfully at readers*

You have a new series, The Hellraisers, in the works and book one, ‘Devil’s Kiss’, is expected in stores in December of this year. Can you tell us a little about your new project?

Ooh, the Hellraisers! I love these guys. Eighteenth century bad boys, on a grand scale. The Hellraisers are a group of rakes who inadvertently free the Devil from his prison. Each Hellraiser receives a magical gift from the Devil which allows them their hearts’ desires. Of course, there’s always a price to pay when dealing with the Devil. The Hellraisers themselves have a price to pay, but when you unleash the Devil into the world, things are going to get ugly. And dangerous. These books are very different from the Blades. They’re darker, which is to be expected when the heroes are the villains. Expect some sexy good times with some yummy men and seriously kick-ass chicks.

*runs to write Devil’s Kiss in book planner* That sounds like it’s going to be a super fun series!

Alright, flash four time…

Flash four questions about books and writing ~

How long, from start to end, did it take you to write all four Blades books?

I wrote WARRIOR in about seven months, and then I was given a year to write the other three Blades books, so SCOUNDREL took four months, as did REBEL. STRANGER took a little longer because I took a break in the middle to write “The Undying Heart,” and by then we also knew that the books’ release date was pushed back a little to ensure proper placement in the market. So I think it took about five months, maybe six. Also, STRANGER was pretty epic in length, as you well know, so that added time to its writing.

Did you see yourself being a writer as you were growing up?

Yes. I went through different phases where I thought I was going to be an illustrator, or a costume designer, or an academic, but it always came back to writing. I started writing as a little kid and never stopped.

In what room of your house do you write from?

Our second bedroom, which functions as an office for Nico and me. We also have crammed in here our elliptical trainer and my research books, so it’s a pretty crowded room. Especially when it’s Nico, me and our two cats.

Do you tend to come up with the title for your book before you start writing it, while you’re writing it or when it’s all done?

All of the above. I don’t like writing something without a title. But the title I come up with isn’t always the one that the editor ultimately settles on.

Flash four questions about random things ~

Sweet or salty snacks?

Sweet, but if I can have chocolate-covered salted caramel, then I am very, very happy. Caramel and butterscotch are two of my favorite flavors.

What color is your toothbrush?

Right now, I think it’s pink. We replace them every couple of months.

Your high school experience: good or bad?

Both. I got involved with my HS theatre department, and had a lot of great experiences that way, but there was the usual adolescent angst. Frankly, I was grateful to leave high school behind and get on with the business of being an adult. My twentieth reunion is this year (dear GOD), and I’m still on the fence about going.

What do you like on your pizza?

Mushrooms, red bell peppers. And I’ve gotten used to ordering it with less cheese, so when I get normal pizza, it feels a little too gooey and I wind up peeling off the cheese. (Incidentally, Peeling Off the Cheese should be the title of a book.) LOL

Thank you very much Zoe for answering my questions. Your The Blades of the Rose books are like nothing I’ve read before and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. Thank you for sharing these wonderful characters and their stories with us.

Thank you for having me, and enjoying the books!

Not only are Zoe’s books awesome, Zoe is pretty remarkable too. She is giving away not only Warrior, not only Warrior and Scoundrel, not only Warrior and Scoundrel and Rebel…but Warrior AND Scoundrel AND Rebel AND Stranger to one lucky commenter! That’s right! Zoe Archer is going to be giving away her entire The Blades of the Rose series to one of YOU! All you have to do is leave a comment below by midnight on Friday, January 21st 2011 EST. That’s it. One lucky winner will be chosen by random.com and will be announced on my blog shortly after.  Open to US and Canada only.

Let’s all say THANK YOU ZOE! *puts hand by ear waiting to hear you all say it, nice and clearly so Zoe can hear you*

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    That was an awesome interview Julie! I love how your questions just hit the right spot and I’m sure answer a lot of questions other readers of this series also wonder about! Zoe thanks for taking the time to answer all of these questions so that your readers can have another chance to get to know you and understand where your writing comes from. Julie, I especially love the flash four questions you ask all the authors because it is away to get to know them more than just their books.

    I had noticed the cover of Stranger on your side bar and I do, also, really enjoy the covers. They pop right out at you! Thank you both for this awesome opportunity to win ALL FOUR BOOKS!

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