Jan 20, 2011

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My Life’s Quirks – Pools of Pants (again with feeling)

I’ve been a little busy reading Shadowfever this week (since I don’t have the luxury of taking days off work to read — and yes I am totally jealous of those of you who could) so I didn’t really take have the time to come up with a fresh and new My Life’s Quirks post.  So I decided to showcase one of the Quirks I’ve posted before.  This particular one is very special since it was my very first My Life’s Quirks post.  It originally posted on May 27th 2010.  *sigh* I was just a wee blogger back then.  And now I’m a crazy obsessed addicted to blogging blogger.  But that is a story for another time.  I hope this post makes you giggle the same way it made me giggle while writing it.  Jason on the other hand…not so much giggling.  😉

My husband has a funny habit. He tends to drop his pants at random places throughout the house and leave them there. I refer to these “drop zones” as pools of pants. (He does leave his boxers on so he won’t upset the children…lol) There is no rhyme or reason to it really; he just lets them drop wherever he feels like it…

There are pools of pants at the entrance to our bedroom.

There are pools of pants at the foot of the bed.

There are pools of pants by the bathroom door.

There are pools of pants in the kitchen (this time with bonus shirt).

There are pools of pants in the basement.

There are pools of pants in the garage, right outside our back door.

There are even pools of pants just inside our front door.

I used to get frustrated when I noticed a pool of pants somewhere around the house. But now, I just smile and shake my head.

Pools of pants.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. This gave me a good laugh this morning! Pools of pants are trying to take over your house. LOL

  2. That’s quite an interesting quirk. Has one ever caught you by surprise and nearly tripped you?

  3. Katie – Pools of Pants really are taking over my house! lol

    Jen – At first we would step or trip on Jason’s pants, but now they are just part of the scenery. Sad really…lol

  4. I’m dying! This is the funniest thing ever…serious EVER 😀

  5. Thats just weird! Why does he feel the need to just strip?
    I feel your pain though Ry does something similar with his socks takes them off where ever he feels like it and I find them everywhere its so random although I now just leave them where he drops them because I not picking them up for him all the time so if runs out of socks its his problem! 😀

  6. Cybercliper says:

    OMG – I thought I was the only one to notice the pants drop!!! I hate to sound biased but it must be some kind of secret man thing. My husband does it and so does my brother!! I ask why and they just got this blank look on their face like they didn’t even remember doing it.

  7. Jessica – For some reason, Jason doesn’t think so…lol

    Ally – Why does he feel the need to just strip? Um…he’s a man. That all I got. 😉

    Cybercliper – The blank look! LOLOL

  8. OMG Julie this post has me giggling!!!!! I don’t have kids but my HUSBAND does this with his belts and shoes! I am constantly picking up belts and shoes that he just pulls off and leaves wherever he may be walking. Love the photos – sooooooo funny.

  9. hahahhah Thats hilarious! I’ve had tons of fights with my mom because of pool pants LMAO

  10. OMG Julie I’m LMAO right now! That is hilarious and something I’ve never heard of before, just dropping your pants in any ol’ place you feel like it! I’m happy to hear that you have come to understand that his pools of pants came along with him in this marriage and instead of trying to fix it you just smile about it, something unique that comes along with your marriage. Still funny and something that at first would probably drive me crazy as well!

  11. Bad enough I had to live through this once.. Now I have to endure the humiliation a second time??? Recycle post FTL WAAAAAAAAA

  12. Pamela – I’m seeing that it’s a man thing. And we really shouldn’t try to understand them because it’s a hopeless cause. LOL

    Larissa – Pools of pants everywhere!

    Deanna – It drives you crazy because there is no rhyme or reason to it…lol

    Stanley – It was just too funny not to post twice. 😉

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