Jan 24, 2011

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Question – What Is Your Reading Spot?

Everyone has a place in their home where they feel the most comfortable while reading.  While I do sometimes read in bed, my most favorite place to read is in my reclining chair.  I love to rock in my chair.  I usually have my cup of water on the little table next to my chair and a blanket covering my lap.  That is where I read.  That is my reading spot.

My question to you this week is:  What is your reading spot?

  1. I wish I had a comfy reading chair. I’m pretty much stuck with reading in bed until my back starts to hurt or reading on the couch and hoping everyone’s not in the living trying to distract me.

  2. I Like to read in bed, although I usually fall asleep reading!! (I hate when that happens!!)

  3. Jen – Yes…the pain of reading in bed. Not pleasant.

    Kristin – And that would be the reason I don’t usually read in bed. I may get 3 pages read before I pass out! lol

  4. Unfortunately my favorite reading spot is in bed. I say unfortunately because I then get sleepy and next thing I know…zzzzzzz. *sigh*

  5. Love your spot, looks comfy. Your question inspired me and I did a post on my spot.

  6. Sophia – *sigh*

    Jacquie – I’ll have to check it out. 🙂

  7. My reading spot is either in my bed proped up on 3 pillows wrapped in a blanket or in our family room/living room…the room with all the couches but no TV…anyway I love sitting in a chair there that rocks with my feet curled up under me. I also normally have a glass of water or milk sitting next to me.

  8. Deanna – Sounds perfect. 🙂

  9. My bed is my reading spot. Although I have a comfy chair like you in my office, I prefer to read in bed. I believe this is something I took with me when I left home. I had my own TV and VCR in my room, so I never had to go up front and watch TV with my parents. My older sister and I always read in our rooms. After she left home, it was just me and my books, and that pretty much became my comfort zone. Apparently, it still is to this day.

  10. Great question!
    The sofa or the bath. Clearly I like being horizontal lol! If I read in bed Ry is generally watching tv or a film and I get distracted and end up watching instead of reading!

  11. Evolet – That’s wonderful! In your room surrounded by your books…that sounds like heaven!

    Ally – “Clearly I like being horizontal” @-@ LOL!
    And yes that darn TV can be so distracting!

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