Jul 8, 2010

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My Life’s Quirks – Five Things People Don’t Tend to Know About Me

1.  For months I begged anyone who would listen to give me the Planet Earth videos for my birthday.  Jason was the one who got them for me.  I was so very excited!  I watched the first few minutes in total awe.  But as soon as the little elephant got lost in the dust storm, I started bawling and turned it off.  I haven’t watched the videos since…

2.  I had a HUGE crush on Keanu Reeves in the ’90s.  I watched Speed on VHS close to 100 times and knew all the lines and all the ‘mistakes’ they had made in the film.  I loved him so much that I even suffered through “Johnny Mnemonic” and “A Walk in the Clouds” in the theatre!  *shiver*

3.  In grade 12, I suddenly found myself with a new nickname:  Gangrene.  A group of guys that I used to hang out with got really drunk and found they couldn’t pronounce my last name.  One of them had the brilliant idea to just call me Gangrene instead.  Now, my maiden name did start with a ‘G’, but that’s as far as the similarities went between my actual name and Gangrene.

4.  I used to teach dance at an arts school while I was in high school.  The first class I ever taught was a boy’s tap dancing class.  The little dudes ranged in age from 4 to 9 – and they were really quite good!  Another little fun fact is that Ryan Gosling attended the same dance school — although I never taught him.  He didn’t need the lessons.  He was an incredible little dancer even as a boy and all the young girls had a crush on him!  It was too cute.

5.  Pre-kids, I used to love taking photographs with my non-digital SLR camera.  I really only took landscape photos – people are too darn unpredictable!  Of all the photos I took, these are my favorites:

The Canadian Museum of Civilization

A Field in Heidelberg Ontario

Lake Louise

So there you have it.  Five things people don’t tend to know about me…until now.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. Julie….I love Keanu…..Point Break…omgosh…he is sooo hot in that one! Love Sweet November! Used to hate his knock knees? but love em now….LOL.

    ur pics are great!! u should keep it up!

  2. Sharon – I don’t have time to take photos anymore. My blog and my reading…um, I mean my work and my kids are keeping me too busy! 😉


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