Jan 27, 2011

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My Life’s Quirks – Book Brain Fart Syndrome

Hello.  My name is Julie and I suffer from Book Brain Fart Syndrome or BBFS.

Having BBFS means that moments after reading a book, I’ll forget many of the little details.  Months after reading a book, I’ll remember if I liked it or not and overall why, but some of the characters (even though I adored them) will blur out a little and their function in the overall arc of the story will haze out.  And more little details will trickle away.

Sad isn’t it?…

There is no known cure, but there are things that can help alleviate these symptoms prior to reading the next book in a series.  The ideal solution would be to re-read all the books in the series right before the next book comes out.  But that is an unrealistic idea.  And kind of stupid.

Some authors of long running series have Guides available to readers.  Some of these Guides are available on their sites and others are in print format. Reading the character guides are a wonderful way to jog your memory and prepare you for the next book.

Last year, Gena Showalter released Into the Dark as part of her Lords of the Underworld series.  Part of that book was a Bonus Guide giving us a quick rundown on all the characters we’ve met so far.  That was good.

JR Ward wrote an Insider’s Guide in 2008 for her hugely popular Black Dagger Brotherhood.  In it you’ll find questionnaires filled out by the Brother’s themselves.  Not only are they very helpful, they are very entertaining!  The only down side to the Insider’s Guide is that it was released a few years back and holds no information about the newest characters from the series.  She also introduces us to the Brothers on her website, but only the first six we meet in her books.

Sherrilyn Kenyon came out with the Dark-Hunter Companion in 2007.  Lots of information in there…but again, it’s old.  But Sherrilyn has a solution!  Her website is fantastic for those of us who suffer from BBFS!  It has completely updated character guides that include what books they were seen in.  And there are even pictures! *bows down to Sherrilyn Kenyon*

Ilona Andrews has a pretty good guide on her website for her Kate Daniels series.  It seems to still be a work in progress as it only showcases seven characters so far. But it really helps you visualize those characters…and it makes you giggle too.

In the back of her Fever books, Karen Marie Moning includes excerpts from ‘Mac’s Journal’.  Also very helpful.

And if you are a fan of Christine Feehan’s Ghost Walker or Sister of the Heart series, Kresley Cole’s Immortal’s After Dark series or Nalini Singh Guild Hunter series, there is something out there that can truly help you out.  Rather, someone.  Kaleigha who writes the blog Wicked Scribes has incredible character guides for the series I just mentioned.  I mean the detail is unbelievable!  Every character is there.  Read one of her guides before book 16 comes out and ‘whamo’ you’re set.

So there you have it.  I have let you in on one of my little secrets.  But you don’t have to fret for me.  I’ll survive.  Thanks to the many character guides available to me from thoughtful authors and a wonderful blogger.

Book Brain Fart Syndrome.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. Lol, I know the feeling. Yesterday I finsihed a book, the moment after I was unsure what the characters were called, lol, though I still remembered everything that had happened in it

  2. LOL, I definitely have this syndrome!

  3. blodeuedd – Oh no! LOL

    Patti – Glad I’m not alone. 🙂

  4. I don’t know if I need a printed guide (although I totally own the BDB and DH ones!)

    I just like a little website reference!

    PS – can you believe I am here? Commenting??? ;p

  5. I don’t really for printed guides although I’m glad Mandi has the BDB guide since she’s helped me out a time or two with it, but I do love when authors have character info on their site. It’s always appreciated if I’m invested in their series.

  6. Mandi – I’m so glad you are able to comment! I guess all you need to be able to access my blog is to have no power for 12 hours! lol

    Sophia – Mandi’s BDB guide is handy. (Here’s the link everyone)

  7. I have the memory like a leaky bucket. I can remember any plot but never a characters name. 🙁

  8. Hello my name is Jessica, and I too suffer from BBFS. Thanks for talking so openly about, so that others can come forward 😛

  9. I too suffer from BBFS. That’s why I write notes after I finish each book so I don’t forget when I go to write reviews or get the next book in a series.
    Glad to know it’s not just me….

  10. tori – Wow…you remember the plot?! Lucky you! lol

    Jessica – Anytime. 😉

    Jacquie – Notes… Now there’s a concept. *write a note to start taking notes* 🙂

  11. I suffer from random BBFS. I remember everything until I’m trying to recall it. Very useful, right? I love the BDB insiders guide! Except, I wish that maybe she would publish a supplement with each new book that was published. Now that would be awesome.

  12. Confession: Sometimes when I’m writing a review I can’t even remember the main characters names…I think I haz BBFS real bad.

  13. DL – A supplement would be a wonderful idea. Even include it at the back of the new book or something!

    KC – I’m the same way sometimes…especially if I read two books in a row then have to sit down to write my review for both. I actually have to check the back of the book sometimes. Surely that can’t be a good sign. lol

  14. This is hilarious! I completely understand what you are saying though and I’m happy for the insight on some of the guides that go along with many of the series, I’ll keep those in mind when I read them!

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