Feb 7, 2011

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Question – What’s Your Favorite Type of Romance?

When I first came out of the romance reading closet, I was asked a question I had no idea the answer to.  Here’s how that conversation went:

Her:  “You read?”
Me:  “Yes.”
Her:  “What kind of books to you like?”
Me:  “Um…romance mostly.”
Her:  “What type of romance to you prefer?”
Me:  “*blank look* Huh?”  (Eloquent aren’t I?)

That question left me curious so I did a little looking into this and…  Well, who the hell knew there were so many different types of romance books out there?  Seriously!

Now I know I prefer Paranormal Romance or Contemporary Romance or Urban Fantasy romance.  (I know that last one isn’t really a type of romance, but it really should be.)  I have trouble getting into Historicals.  I have trouble reading Irish or Scottish accents for some reason.  I can’t explain why.  lol  And the whole Time Travel thing…well, that is usually Historical now isn’t it?

So this week I ask you that question that once stumped me.  Paranormal, Contemporary, Historical, Time Travel, Suspense…What’s your favorite type of romance?

  1. Paranormal/UF first, Historical second. I can’t really get into Contemporary or any other types, although I’ve read a few. 🙂

  2. Paranormal romance is top dog for me! Followed by Sci-fi Romance which I guess is more paranormal, then contemporary romance, then UF and if I’m in the mood historical and then time-travel is waaaaaay down on the bottom for me it often annoys me so I can’t often enjoy it.
    Really interesting question this week Julie!

  3. For me it’s paranormal, then contemporary, then historical. Can UF be thrown in as a romance category?

  4. Smash Attack – I’m the same with Historical. I’ve only tried a couple but it was just a massive fail both times. LOL

    Ally – Waaaaaaay at the bottom. LOL

    Jen – UF usually isn’t considered because there is no guaranteed HEA…but there should be. I know it would stop me from breaking out in cold sweats when I read UF. 😉

  5. I like any and all romance. What does it for me is the storyline & characters. Though contemps & PNR are my favs.

  6. Definitely PNR & UF romance. I tend to lose interest with the other genres.

  7. Left out romantic suspense which I enjoy more than contemporary! I really like the twist and kick suspense provides!

  8. PNR and I doesn’t click as must as other romances. So it’s historical romance and contemporary for me

  9. When I first started reading romance, I read contemporary (Nicholas Sparks). Then I was hooked on PNR. Right now I’m really hooked on romantic suspense. I still read contemporary and PNR but I look forward to romantic suspense. I don’t read historical (not my cup of tea). I’ve only read one time travel (The Time Traveler’s Wife) and hope to read Outlander this year.

  10. I’m one of those weird ones that like to suffer before the good stuff. So can I create a new romance category? Dark Romance. I’m ok waiting a couple books and several hic-cups before the BOAW CHICKA BOWWOW ie The Downside Series, The Zodiac Series, The Allie Beckstrom series.

  11. I definitely like paranormal romance the most but I also like historical from time to time. Oddly I haven’t read much contemporary so I can’t really give a real opinion on it. Reading romance is actually kinda new to me so I’m still trying some subgenres out. 🙂

  12. LOL I can totally relate with that dialogue! hehehe

    Paranormal/UF Romance first for me
    M/M Romance second! =D

  13. Wow, Julie I would have been the same as you…I really have a hard time with Genre’s in general. I do love all romance genre’s I’ve read so far in my life. I enjoy Paranormal, Historical, Contemporary, really anything I’ve read Harlaquin has been awesome! I enjoy reading Cowboy romance as well…maybe one of these days I’ll find a type of Romance Genre I don’t like.

  14. Mostly contemporary and erotic….with a little bit of paranormal. It really depends on what the blurb. I can’t get into historicals, either.

  15. I like them all. I find I “cycle” – I started with historicals and PNR, then moved to contemps, I haven’t read a historical in months but lately I’ve been hankerin’ for some sexy highlanders instead of weres and vamps…

  16. I like any kind of romance, but my favorites are historical (especially regency), romantic urban fantasy, PNR and contemp in that order lately.

  17. Like others I started with PNR but lately( like the past 6 months) I’ve been devouring Historicals, especially Regency, but no Highlanders cause I agree the language drives me nuts. Contemporary is good, especially Kleypas. Romantic Suspence is also a passion, especially Howard. It sounds like I like most everything. Oh, didn’t mention SiFiR, Barry’s MASKED, to die for. I’ve yet to be enthralled by UFR or SteampunkR even tho I’ve read some highly touted in those genres.

  18. Tori – You’re right about the characters and the storylines. Very important no matter the genre.

    Kristin – So you need some kick ass elements! 😉

    blodeuedd – No PNR for you… Just goes to show you ‘to each their own’. 🙂

    Book Vixen – Me too! I’m hoping to read Outlander too! 🙂

    Jessica – Yup. You are weird. 😉

  19. Vanessa – When you’re new to Romance, it takes a little time before you really know what you’ll love and what you’ll pass on. 🙂

    Larissa – I do enjoy the m/m genre, but I would not place it up high on my list. But I know those of you who are into it, are really into it! lol

    Deanna – I’ve only read one cowboy romance book. I want to read more this year. It was yummy!

    Evolet – I want to like historicals…I really do. lol

    Patti – You ‘cycle’. I think many people do that too. You’re just in the mood for certain types of books at certain times. 🙂

  20. Sophia – You’re actually the one who pointed out to me that there are different types of historicals! When you asked me once about Regency, I was like ‘huh?’ Eloquent once again…

    Dot – I really can’t do Highlanders. I’ve tried. Not happening. lol

  21. Paranormal all the way. But I enjoy variations… any “sci/fi” fantasy type… like Meljean’s Iron Duke which is Steampunk/sci-fi/romance. Toss reality out the window and I want it!

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