Feb 9, 2011

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Silly Stuff – Thank Goodness It’s 2011!

Awful Library Books.  Sometimes the books there are just wrong.  Sometimes they are just silly.  Sometimes they make your jaw hit the floor.  And sometimes they make you shake your head and thank goodness it’s 2011.  These are two such books.  Enjoy!

Published 1976

Published 1977

And just when you think it can’t get worst…

…it does *shudder*

  1. Those plaid pants bring back memories. Because I was born in the 70’s. I was forced to wear them. *shudder*

  2. Erm…. hmmmm.

  3. Some of those things from the second book look like they are supposed to be sexy bedroom clothing…except they are still very ugly! LOL.

  4. Heall yah Im glad its 2011! damn… thats just… sad LOL

  5. Katie – I know…me too.

    Ally – What else can you say really?… lol

    Deanna – I think you’re right. I should ask Jason what he would do if I walked into the bedroom wearing some macramé! lol

    Jen – Well put.

    Larissa – It is sad…those poor models! lol

  6. Some of those designs are sooooooo sexy lol! Thank goodness those days are long gone !

  7. Oh that belts for shy hotpants wearer, LOL

  8. Judi – Let’s just hope those days don’t come back…ever. lol

    blodeuedd – LOL

  9. Umm… I had a couple of those outfits…

  10. I was a young teenager during the macrame craze. People really did wear that sh-t. And the plant holders – very popular items, let me tell you. Thank god those days are over.

  11. “Shy hot pants wearers”? If you’re shy, why are you wearing hot pants? So glad some fashions did not become “timeless”

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