Feb 17, 2011

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Why Paranormal Romance?

I have a soft spot in my heart when it comes to Paranormal Romance (PNR) books.  As many of you now know, I started reading as a hobby about two years ago.  Back then, I was all about YA.  I had convinced myself that books written for teens would be lighter and easier reads than ‘adult’ books.  And I didn’t even think I would ever find a Romance book appealing.  Ever.  I mean…they smooch and stuff in those books!  And they have heaving bosoms and the men wear kilts and have pecs that could put my cup size to shame!    But after a while, I couldn’t do it anymore.  If I read one more book about prom or about high school or about breaking a nail, I was going to lose it…and probably stop reading all together.  And reading was the first thing I did for me myself in years!  I just couldn’t give it up!  I won’t go into the long details of it (if you really want the whole story, you can read it on my About page), but eventually I found my way to PNR…and never looked back.   It’s thanks to PRN that I have kept up with my hobby, my me time.  It is thanks to PNR that I am a happier wife, mother and person.  Seriously though, how did I ever scoff at this genre?  How did I ever think reading a book about vampires smooching was anything less than fantabulous?!

You’d think that writing about creatures of the night would get repetitive after a while.  I mean there are only so many ways to write about a werewolf.  But the authors of this genre always manage to surprise me.  I mean these people have serious writing chops!  But what made these storytellers want to write PNR to begin with?

I can see the appeal of writing PNR.  The character pool is bottomless and the smexin’ scenes are heart thumping fun.  But why would an author decide to primarily write in that genre?  I mean, do these authors have a secret vampire fetish?  Do they go outside during the full moon to howl and scratch themselves?

As lovely of a visual as that paints, I took the safer route and asked some of the hottest women of the genre.  My question to them was:  Why do you write Paranormal Romance?

Larissa Ione

Because I can let my imagination take me to wild, dark places and make them real. Plus, I get to write hot guys and steamy love scenes, because underworld creatures need love too! 🙂

Moira Rogers

Because I love the idea that love is love is love, whether you’re a human or a psychic or a witch or a werewolf. I love finding the bits that are the same, even when the world is insane!

Nalini Singh

Paranormal romance fits me. That is it at the simplest level.

Jill Myles

I write paranormal romance because I wanted Christine to end up with the Phantom. I wanted Lucy to marry Caspian and live in Narnia forever. I wanted Crysania and Raistlin to go and live in a nice haunted tower and raise some kids with hourglass eyes. I wanted Cathy’s ghost to REALLY haunt Heathcliff so they could be together forever. I wanted Beauty to stay with the Beast – not just the beast-turned-into-the-prince. I wanted her to have the actual Beast.

Basically, I write paranormal because I’m in love with the fantastic and where it intersects with everyday life. But I write paranormal ROMANCE because I think there is nothing more exciting and emotional than two people who come from different walks of life – be they werewolves, witches, angels or demons – come together and forge a relationship. Combine those two, and it’s like peanut butter and chocolate, a match made in indulgent heaven. 😉

Lara Adrian

I actually got my start as an author writing historical (medieval) romance. While I love that period of history with all its darkness and mystique, I also found it rather confining in terms of storytelling and character potential. In paranormal romance, whether in a historical setting or in the contemporary times I write about now, the possibilities are as endless as one’s own imagination. I love the freedom paranormal romance gives me to blur the lines between good and bad, dark and light, fear and desire. Plus, it’s just one helluva good time!

Zoe Archer

I write Paranormal Romance because of the freedom it gives me.  I’ve always loved writing historical romance, but societal constraints of different time periods can be…confining.  Adding the paranormal to historical settings means that the rules don’t apply as much, so I can have my yummy men in tall boots, and kick-ass chicks.  I also love classic tales of high adventure, and there’s almost always a bit of the paranormal in those stories.  Plus, by writing paranormal romance, I get to create new worlds, new magic, and that’s so much fun!

Meljean Brook

Paranormal romance is just wired into my brain, I think — I grew up on comic books, fairy tales, and romance novels, and so when I think of “story,” the story that immediately pops into my head is a romance with some fantasy or science fiction elements. It’s actually more difficult for me to write romances without an element of fantasy.

But my brain waves aside, I write it because I love the larger-than-life aspect to the plots, the emotions, the romance — and the funny thing is, I love those larger-than-life aspects best when they highlight how *human* these otherworldy creatures are, whatever form they take. However many powers they have, however dark their origins, no matter whether they have fated mates or are certain that they are the devil themselves, these heroes and heroines are always the most fascinating when the emotions they feel and the experiences they have resonate with *us* — the human readers. We might know what it is to fall in love, to be hurt, to long for someone else — or we might not — but that similarity to our own emotions and needs makes it easy to imagine and to follow along with these beings who are, in so many other ways, completely alien to us.

So every vampire, demon, or werewolf and angel that falls in love, who desperately wants to be a partner to someone else … maybe the type of being they are makes falling in love much harder, but also increases the reward for us, the readers (and writers.) So that’s why I write it — and why I *love* to write it.

Jeaniene Frost

When I was a pre-teen, I became hooked on horror movies, probably because most of them contained paranormal elements. Back then, you could rarely find a paranormal storyline without it being related to horror, in fact (my, how times have changed!) I also fell in love with romance novels from a very early age, so when it finally came time for me to write my own book, it had to have my two favorite elements in it – romance and the paranormal. Plus, paranormal romances can run the gamut from light and fluffy to dark and complex, so the diversity in the genre allows me more freedom as a writer. Creatively speaking, it’s like having your cake and eating it, too.

I want to take a quick moment to say a HUGE thank you to all of these talented authors who, not only took to time to answer my question, but who also help us expand our imaginations thanks to the incredible tales they spin. 🙂

  1. Great interviews&authors. I love hearing why they’re inspired to write pnr and their take on the characters. I also was just ‘introduced’ to some I hadn’t heard of so I noted to check them out when I catch up(all of last year was a mess,so I mostly re-read my favs. I’m a book addict so being 2+ behind per author is alot to catch up on) I read contemporary,but PNR’s are my choice series,I like the way authors like Larissa and Kresley create entire worlds within our regular/current world. I was raised on all things paranormal&horror so my mind accepts it and loves it. Its all of my fantasizing come to life for me to read(I started@ G level now at R-X, I dont care about age either-I’ll grab a H.Potter when feel like it =) PNR or the guy next door-I’ve never met a ‘5 pager’-I’d be happy w/ a single paragraph,but thats why it’s fiction. (sorry so long,I ramble bad&am always over caffinated) you are so lucky to have had the chance for those interviews&I truly enjoyed it&getting to reply(this is all new to me:the blogs/twitter…all i have is my txting phone so I’m considered new to the internet&its sucking me in,a 48 hr day still wouldnt be enough.-thanks alot

  2. ooooh…fun post! Thanks 🙂

  3. Great post; as a reader I chose to read extraordinary rather than simply ordinary.

  4. Great post!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Kim – Welcome to blogland! It’s a time-sucker but it’s so much fun. Thanks for commenting!

    Mandi – This post makes me giddy. 🙂

    Ruth – I chose to read extraordinary rather than simply ordinary. I love it…and I wholeheartedly agree!

    Kristin – 🙂

  6. Why PNR because anything else is just boring. Plain and simple. Whether YA or Adult it keeps things new and fresh even if it is a vampire. Love all of it.

  7. Great post Julie! The ladies couldn’t have expressed it any better! =D

  8. Julie….great idea for ur blog. It was really interesting to see what they all had to say and nice that they responded to u.

  9. LOVE this post. Authors fascinate me 🙂

  10. Loved this post! Thanks Julie. 🙂

  11. jowanna – You said it!

    Thali – I love each and every answer. 🙂

    Sharon – I am very grateful to each and every one of these ladies.

    Jess – They fascinate me too. I think that’s why I’m always harassing approaching them with my questions. 😉

    Barbara – 🙂

  12. Great post! It was really great for these authors to let us all know why! I loved Ms Iones response and I agree with Ms Myles I wanted the beast to stay the beast! I liked him better that way 😀
    That reminds me I need to order Zoe Archers series!
    Added to Friday Finds too!

  13. I so wanted Chrysania and Raistlin togethe, awww the times :=)

  14. Great post. LOVE PNR and so glad there is so much to choose from.

  15. Ally – Yes you do need Zoe’s series. 😉

    blodeuedd – 🙂

    Sophia – The choices really do seem endless now.

  16. What a great little look into the mind of the author. Very interesting!

  17. I LOVE PNR too!!! Great responses from some of my favorite authors ever!!! =D

  18. What a fab collection of authors. loved learning their answers – thanks!

  19. Fabulous post Julie! Love it! I actually did read your entire About Me section when I first started talking to you. LOL. So I liked the refresher on a couple of things that go you to switch to reading this particular genre. I loved the author interviews! Those are always fun, like you said best to just ask them instead of assuming. 🙂

  20. Jo Dalvine says:

    I am doing a study of how websites can lead to a greater understanding of hobbies and why people take on those particular hobbies. Is it alright if I use your website as an example? I am an avid paranormal romance reader. Some of my favorite authors are Lora Leigh, Christine Feehan, and Nalini Singh. There are many more but those are my favorites. Thank you in advance!
    Jo Dalvine

  21. Jo – Sure! 🙂

  22. Great post. I love their responses.


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