Feb 23, 2011

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Silly Stuff

Jaw-dropping books, courtesy of Awful Library Books.  Seriously…umm…yeah…

This one was published in 1999.  I love the “loving your separated man without losing your mind” part of the title.  LOL

I know some people would have been all over this one when it came out in 1985.  I’m sure some of you might actually know some of these phrases.  I for one think it’s funny that there was enough demand out there that this book was actually published.  And that newer versions have since been published.

Oh, and lookie…an excerpt.  🙂

From 1986.  I’m sure many women would completely tell you the title of this book is complete and absolute shit.

‘”though married”?! LMAO!  I love where the mind of couples was in 1968 when this book hit shelves.

Now, I understand the premise of this one.  I understand that it’s purpose is to prepare the women of 1973 in case something happens to their husbands.  These husbands who are wholly responsible for every financial aspect of a household.  But c’mon!  Pick a better title!

  1. Have you seen the one about why cats paint?


    The one picture of the cat all growly is too funny for words.

    These are perfect for WTFckery Sunday!

  2. Holy hell…”Teach Your Wife How to be a Widow” really??!! Where do you find these things Julie?!?!?!

  3. O_o Um, wow….these are quite interesting. First one’s my favorite. Yeah, seriously Julie how the hell do you find this stuff?!

  4. Wow! I don’t know what to think about those books, but “Teach Your Wife How to Be a Widow” is the winner.

  5. Katie – The cat one is epic!

    Deanna – I don’t remember how I came across this web site…but I go back often because the stuff there is Silly Stuff gold! lol

    Jen – I laughed out loud at the first one. 🙂

    Fit Cat – Agree. Definitely the winner.

  6. That last one did make me go what the hell, LOL

  7. blodeuedd – “What the hell?” – Yup, that pretty much covers it. lol

  8. LOl these are precious!!! Thanks for sharing Julie! =D

  9. OMG, this is great shit! If outdated. Gotta love the 60’s and 70’s.

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