Mar 7, 2011

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Question – What Blog Name Makes You Smile?

When someone decides to start writing a blog, much thought is put into what they are going to call it.  After all, the name of your blog will define it.  And since your blog is yours, its name will define you.  Okay, maybe it doesn’t go that deep, but your blog’s name is still pretty important.  Sometimes  your blog’s name is what attracts readers to it.  And sometimes it just puts a smile on someone’s face.

I follow a few blogs whose name always makes me smile.  Ramblings of a Book Bitch and Wicked Lil’ Pixie are two of them, as are About Happy Books and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. These are great names!  Not only do they speak of the person/people writing the blog, but they also give you a hint as to what you’ll find there.  Overall, their names are simply smile worthy.

So my question to you this week is:  What blog names make you smile?

And just a little note, a while back I asked How did you bloggers come up with the name for your blog? The answers were quite interesting.  If you’re interested, you can check that out here.  🙂

  1. For my blog name, since I babble at the mouth sometimes, I thought Babbling would be perfect and I love to talk about books and whatever strikes my fancy.

  2. Fighting Frumpy!! She us normally hilarious.

  3. About Happy Books is always a win for me!
    Yours! Because you do read books about yummy men and kick ass chicks it’s so in your face factness I love it.
    The Spinecracker. Do I really need to explain?!
    Read React Review. Seriously check her out if you haven’t already she posts photos inspired by the books she’s read!
    Book Odyssey. Cute!
    Smexy Books. Partly because I like saying smexy, smexy smexy! 😀
    Fiction Vixen. It also makes me tongue tied but thats the added appeal!

  4. Katie – I love the ‘Babbling’ part of your name. 🙂

    trresa – That is a fun name! I’ll have to check it out!

    Ally – There are a couple there that I’ve haven’t visited yet. Thanks for the suggestions! As for the others, I totally agree.

  5. Your name makes me smile 🙂 And also –

    Loose Knickers and Window Lickers

    The Pleasure Chest

    Sticky Pages

  6. I’m admittedly the WORST blog hopper on the planet. I’ve got to work on that. So I’m just gonna laugh at Mandi and your lists, and then run away in shame.

  7. Well, since you are so obviously fishing for a compliment 😉 Yours of course 🙂

  8. nice topic!

    there are some very cute and cool blog names out there!

    I love yours btw! hehe

    Mine started as a private joke with friends that turned into a personal blog and then into a Book blog… there was no “Bookish” when it started lOL

  9. Favorite blog names: Yours for sure! I love it! Smexy Books because I knew they were going to share some very spicey books with me. Offbeat Vagabond is another one cuz it’s just so unique. The Spinecracker too cuz it reminds me of myself every time I leave any type of book store! 😛

  10. HAHA! Realised I made a mistake! Lol. Read React Review wasn’t the blog I meant but it’s still a good blog. I meant Reading and Reviewing. Whoops my mistake!

  11. There are tons of great blog names out there. I am always so impressed with what people come up with. My blog name came about from my own nickname, Smash. 🙂 A fellow book blogger and real-life friend called me Smash Attack one day, and it stuck.

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