Mar 12, 2011

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News – Shadowfever Paperback

Karen Marie Moning released the cover for the paperback edition of Shadowfever, the AMAZING conclusion to her AWESOME Fever series.  It’s due to arrive in stores on August 30th 2011.

Here is the cover:

And here is the stepback:

I think this cover is gorgeous…although it does look somewhat familiar.  What do you think?

*queue spooky music*

  1. You can find that same girl in ATUF header too. Stock Photography is great LOL.

  2. You’d think with a big book like Shadowfever, they wouldn’t rely on a stock photo that has been used so many times before.

  3. I may have seen the image used in the cover around a bit but that doesn’t mean that I like it any less. It’s still awesome! 🙂 You’ve converted me over to this series, I hope you’re happy Julie! 😛

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

  4. LOL! I said the same thing with the lady and pose used. Nonetheless, it is still a beautiful cover. But remember, it is all about the awesomeness on the inside 🙂 Thanks for sharing hon 🙂

  5. Wow, it’s the same girl! LOL. I do think the cover looks beautiful tho…now I have to decide if I buy the paper back copy or not…

  6. Sophia – THAT’S where I’ve seen it before! lol

    Katie – I know, right?!

    Carmel – I’m still pimping this series. Best. Series. Ever.

    Diana – It really is beautiful, and I bet it’s even better in person. 🙂

    Deanna – Why not?! You’ll have paperback and Hardback! Then get the eBook version and audio versions and you’re all set! 😉

  7. Hi all,

    It’s great to read all your feedback and comments on the paperback edition of the book. As strange as it may seem, I actually shot the original photograph that inspired the backcover of the paperback edition.

    I am pleased that most of you seem to like it. 🙂

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