Mar 14, 2011

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Question – Are You A Comment Checker?

A great way to meet bloggers is to visit their sites and to leave comments.  It’s always fun to see what others have to say and it’s a fun way to interact with other readers too.

When I leave a comment on a blog, I will usually go back to that blog either later the same day or the next day to see if the blogger has replied to my comment.  I can’t put my finger on why exactly, but when I see that the blogger replied, it always makes me smile.  It makes me feel like they cared that I went to their site and read their post.  It almost feels like a ‘thank you’.  And goodness knows blog readers deserve big THANK YOUS because readers are awesome, followers are incredible and commenters are the bomb!  They all make the blog world go round.

My Question to you this week is:  Are you a comment checker?  Do you go back to a blog to check if the blogger has replied to your comment?

  1. I try, but honestly I am so absent minded so sometimes I forgot where I put that witty comment, or where I asked a question 😉

  2. While I try to answer every comment on my blog, I’m very bad about checking comments I’ve left on other blogs, unless I’ve asked a specific question.

  3. blodeuedd – That is true. When you follow many blogs and comments many times in a day, it does get tricky remembering. 🙂

    Patti – Darn life getting in the way, right? 😉

  4. Hi Julie

    I usually forget to check back when I comment on other blogs, I forget which blogs I’ve commented on. I try to subscribe to follow-up comments when there’s such a possibility (but they can be a nuisance too).

    When bloggers/readers comment on my blog I try to go back to their blog (if they have one) and leave a little thank-you note, as I’m afraid they won’t check back 🙂

    And with that, thank you for leaving a comment on my IMM-post yesterday :)…I’ll try to read the Wicked-Lovely series soon, and post my reviews…

    //Q N

  5. Yes I normally go back and check if my comment was commented on. I agree, it makes me smile and lets me know that the blogger cares about my comments and appreciates the fact that I do visit their blog and follow it. 🙂

  6. I nearly always check back on the same day if I left a comment on another blog but if I don’t I generally forget to check at all.
    Sadly I personally suck at replying to comments on my blog because of the time differences. When someone leaves a comment on my blog it’s my bedtime and the next day I just forget to check my comments and reply! I generally get about 3 comments a week anyway and 2 of them are generally from you 😀

  7. I really try to remember but I REALLY prefer the option of getting notifications of follow-up comments after yours. This way you can see what all is still going on with the post, and you can see if the blogger responded to your comment. I have a really hard time keeping up with my favorite bloggers and their new posts through Google Reader that going back to old posts takes too much time for me!

  8. Queen N – I try to do the same. If you have a link attached to your name, I’ll go check out your blog if you are a new commenters. 🙂

    Deanna – And you always comment on the comments on your blog. 🙂

    Ally – LOL What can I say? I like your blog!

    Pamela – That is good advice. I tried a plugin that would notify people about follow-up comments on my blog but it screwed thing up. I have to find a new one…

  9. I love it when people do that-but I am awful at returning comments on my blog. I try, but I always forget. There are a few blogs that are awesome at it, and I always forget to look back to see what they’ve said in reply to my comment. I’m a horrible blogger these days.

  10. I don’t usually go back. I should, but I don’t usually. I really need to find time to comment more. I read a lot of blogs daily but my commenting is pitiful. 🙁

  11. Usually when I comment on a post, I’ll check the ‘subscribe by email’ option (which I can’t find on your blog!!). I love to engage in book convo’s but the only way I can keep track of where I comment is with that option. But for you (and only you :)), I’ll bookmark a post I comment on and come back later to see if there’s any responses to my comment.

    As a blogger, I love to comment back to my commenters. I usually will reply via email but some people don’t have their email address attached to their commenting profile >=/

  12. Colette – I still visit your blog even though you think you are an awful blogger these days. 🙂 (you’re not btw…)

    Sophia – I’m the same. I read many blogs in a day but I only comment when I have something truthful to say.

    Book Vixen – Okay okay…I get it. I’m trying a ‘subscribe to comments’ plugin again. Hopefully this one will work. lol

  13. I’m mainly a lurker, but if I do comment, I usually mark the post as Unread in my Google reader. That way it reminds me to check back the following day. I usually only give it a day or so, otherwise, I’d have too many unread posts building up.

  14. I shamefully rely on the notify of follow up option… I love when someone responds to my comments too. Make me feel special 😉

  15. Julie – I really try to. I appreciate when people stop by and take time to read my blog so I will spend the time reading them and commenting back…not that I have many to do right now. 😛

  16. I usually check back, but sometimes when the blogger doesn’t reply I feel like she didn’t care enough to see what her reader thought about the post.

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