Mar 28, 2011

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Question – What Are Some of Your Favorite Blog Posts?

I’ve been blogging for 284 days.  And in those 284 days, I have managed to publish 377 posts.  As you can well imagine, there are posts that make me smile more than others.  I have reviews that I am more proud of than others, but for this week’s Question, I am focusing on ‘non-review’ posts.

My personal favorite posts are the ones where I get help from a few authors.  When it’s all said and done, and I finally get to sit back and see all of those talented ladies right there on my screen, all part of one post, my tummy fills with butterflies and I wear a big stupid grin on my face.  I am always honored and touched that everyone took the time to help me out.  These three posts are among my favorite:

Why Urban Fantasy?

Why Paranormal Romance?

Question – What Would Your Pen Name Be?

(I know that last one only went up a week ago, but it’s already one of my most favorite posts on my blog 🙂 )

Another one of my favorite is a Guest Post Stanley Dimitrius (a.k.a. my husband Jason) did back in July.  He made a list and called it:

I Think My Wife is Addicted to Paranormal Romance Novels

I almost peed my pants the first time I read this.  Frickin’ genius – but don’t tell him I said that…

Now those are the posts on my blog that I would call my favorite.  I also have a few favorites from other blogs.  Tori, known for her reviews over at Smexy Books, also writes her own blog, Gigi’s Consignment Closet. A feature she has on her blog is “Since You Asked…”.  That feature is really funny!  My two favorite to date are:

Since you asked…why me?

Since you asked…I sing it like I hear it.

Really, truly fun-ny.  You guys just have to check them out!

Another blogger that always cracks me up is Sophia from Fiction Vixen.  Sophia is one funny gal.  You don’t get to really see her sense of humor on her blog (unless she’s posting BDB skits like this one) but when she Guest Posts…hilarious!  My two favorite of hers are:

A Day In The Life Of A Mad Book Blogger

Sex Scene Distractions – Fiction Vixen Wants To Know

I have read many blog post over the past while since I started stalking them and have found many to be fantastic.  I just thought I would share some of my mostest favorites with you.  And now I turn the tables and ask you guys:  What are some of your favorite blog posts?
(If you can, please include the link so we can all enjoy them.  They can be from your own blog or from a blog that you visit)

  1. Your auto correct iPhone ones always bring out the funny and awful library books. 🙂

  2. Katie – Those sites make for some fun posts! But Katie…what are some of your favorite posts on your blog?

  3. Hee hee. Some of my favs are Mandi’s Smexybooks’s Friday Top Ten and any of Sophia’s-Fiction Vixen’s Llama posts.

  4. I like yours when you find weird books and I also love your vlogs.
    I love Mandy’s (Smexybooks) and Sophia’s (Fiction Vixen) skits, their creativity always amazes me.
    I Love Tori’s from gigi’s consignment closet “WTH” posts and I also feel identified with some of her “Since you ask” posts, she is hilarious.
    And last but not least, K.C. from Smokin’ Hot Books stories with her hubby, pregnancy and experiences are incredible funny.

  5. OMG! The post your husband did was hilarious! He should do another one sometime in July cuz that would be a year since his last one! I’ll have to get back to you on some of my favorites from my site and others. I can think of a few but since I’m at work I don’t have time to go searching for them to find the links. 🙂

  6. Tori – Mandi’s Top Ten are fun. And Sophia’s Llama posts…LMAO!

    BookaholicCat – KC’s ‘pregnancy conversations’ with her hubs were really great posts. Now that she’s had the baby, we get to look forward to ‘baby’ posts. They should be equally hilarious!

    Deanna – Jason is working on a new post now. Hopefully his schedule will allow him to finish it so I can post it this week!

  7. That is awesome Julie! I’m so happy that Jason is so supportive of your passion for smutty books and your blog! I am sure that having his support makes everything so much easier. 😀 I was unable to go find posts that I really loved but I can say that even though book reviews are so much fun to read I always enjoy the posts that bring out each bloggers personality so that we get to know each other more than just for the books we enjoy. I love your My Life’s Quirks posts and I do enjoy Fiction Vixen’s Friday posts with her llama fun!

  8. Rebecca at Dirty Sexy Books has had some great ones. One that totally sticks in my mind is the one she did a few months back on purple prose in love scenes. Too funny.

  9. Jen – Rebecca does have some wonderful posts! I totally agree with you there. 🙂

  10. I really love your question posts!
    And your vlogs.

    Hmmmm… I like my quote me happy posts and I really liked your ebook/ereader post and KT Grants epublishing post that you both did for me back in October!

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