Mar 24, 2011

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My Life’s Quirks – My Blog’s Search Engine Terms

My blog’s stat counter calls them “Search Engine Terms”.  What they are is what people type into a search engine that ultimately leads them here, to my blog.  Someone could type “Allie Beckstrom Series” into Google and if that person clicked on my review thanks to their search, it will appear on my “Search Engine Terms” list.

As you can imagine, I get some good ones…then I get some ‘good’ ones.  As in interesting ones.  As in WTH ones.  Here are some of my favorite Search Engine Terms that have come up on my stat counter’s list:

chick ass

maya ass

fart man

fart boyif I may interrupt here…when have I ever posted an article that would lead people who type ‘fart’ into a search engine to my blog…lol

honk professional auto glass – no clue how that got there either

is maria v snyder planning on making anyany what?  Don’t leave me hanging!  Aug, the suspense is killing me here!

stacy naughty x-mas

is gena showalter going to write a bookthis one makes me giggle because when is Gena Showalter NOT writing a book.  She publishes what?…three books a year!  *g*

hot men assI get that one every day!

search girlwhowild sex videoshuh?

avg penispoor unfortunate soul who searches for that.  I mean, if you are going to bother actually looking for a penis on Google or whatever, the least you could do is search for BIG penis.  😉

yummy men and kick ass chicks – go figure.  Sometimes I get searches for ‘regular’ things, like my blog’s name.  🙂

So there you have it.  Some of the most popular and most memorable Search Engine Terms that show up on my blog’s stat counter.  *sigh* Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. LOL too funny! Yeah I like checking the search terms on my blog as well. At least now I know who’s blog to search for “hot men ass”. 🙂

    Carmel @Rabid Reads / Twitter

  2. Well, one of those blog name searches this week was mine, I was on a friends computer and just checking in LOL

    Sadly the search terms people use to arrive at my blog are very boring, maybe I need to spice my reviews up a bit!


  3. I rarely look at search terms anymore. People want to do weird things to vixens. o_O

  4. Carmel – That’s right. Hot men ass right here! 😉

    shelleyrae – Oh no! That was you?! :p

    Sophia – I remember you tweeting some of your searches. They were…well let’s just say that O_o is right! lol

  5. LOL, I’ve noticed that WordPress shows you search terms but I honestly haven’t looked at many of them. I’ll be checking them out more often! I can’t believe how funny some of them are. 😛

  6. Mine are no way as interesting as this yey you! 😀

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