Mar 26, 2011

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News – One Grave at a Time Cover

So this is what happens when an author reveals the cover for an upcoming book early in the week:  It’s posted everywhere, then I post it on Saturday after everyone has already seen it.  But you know what, I post it anyways because well…why the hell not.

This past Wesnesday, Jeaniene Frost showed us the cover and stepback for book 6 in her ‘Night Huntress’ series, One Grave at a Time.  No blurb yet, but here are the visuals:

The front cover –

The stepback –

The cover with wraparound –

I like the new model, although I’m not quite sure why they changed her.  I personally thinks she looks a little more like the Cat I envision while reading these books.  Her jacket is awesome!  I’m not sure how I feel about the photo on the stepback.  There seems to be missing the passion we’ve seen on the stepback’s of the previous books.  It doesn’t even look like Cat and Bones are looking at each other!

But overall, I think it’s a nice cover.  I’ll post the blurb as soon as one becomes available.  🙂

One Grave at a Time is due to hit stores August 30th 2011.

Happy Weekend!

  1. I completely agree on the cover model being more of the Cat that I invisioned while reading as well. I believe on Jeaniene’s blog she stated that the reason for the new cover model is because the previous one is no longer doing book covers…her loss I say because this series rocks to be modeling for!

  2. Deanna – You’d think that if you were the face on a book cover for 5 books, you’d make an exception and keep doing just those books… Oh well. I like the new one too. 🙂

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