Apr 13, 2011

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Silly Stuff – My Newest Discovery

Sometimes when you visit some silly sites, they advertise other sites. I rarely click on them because sometimes when I do I get…questionable content.  @-@  But I did the last time I was visiting one of my staple Silly Stuff sites and I’m glad I did because I could not stop laughing. The site is EpicWTFs and here is some of what I found. Enjoy!

Say what now?!?!


Ew…just, EW!  Oh, and What the f*ck man?!  Seriously…EW! EW! EW!


Thank goodness there’s a sign!

“May contain traces of peanuts and human flesh.”  Really?  I mean…really?!  EW!



Oh wow…

  1. Euwwwwww! Why oh why did she breastfeed him

  2. Tim Tams may contain human flesh? Ewwww! That breastfeeding thing made me shudder. Just…no.

  3. OMG!
    Only you girl could find this stuff only you!

  4. O_o

    I’m baffled. I couldn’t get past the breastfeeding thing. *shivers*

  5. blodeuedd – I KNOW! If it was breastmilk he needed, why not just pump it?!

    Patti – Human flesh = yuk yuk gag!

    Ally – I try my best. lol

    Jen – I’ve been cringing ever since I first found that a couple of weeks ago. lol

  6. O.
    I really really wish I could unsee the I Breastfeed my Dad mag article OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. LMAO these were great thanks Julie!

    The human flesh bit is horrific and disgusting and breastfeeding her dad, eww! Why couldn’t he drink it from a glass (even that would be eww) but straight from the source is incest-like, so disgusting, revolting. But let’s see who would go with such a story to the tabloids.. ewww.. seriously sick..

  8. OMG! This site is officially added to my growing funny sites list! I will be checking it out soon I’m sure. 😀 WTF about the guy who breast feeds from his daughter. That’s just gross! If for some reason, God probably doesn’t even know what reason, you would have to breast feed from your daughter have they never heard of a breast pump before?? I mean, that’s just gross and screams incest to me!

  9. LMAo that was awesome! thank you!

  10. This is hilarious. Love when you find ‘silly stuff’ 😀

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