Apr 7, 2011

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My Life’s Quirks – Random Photos From My Blackberry

The other day, my 3 year old son decided that his new favorite thing to do during playtime was to dress up in a Snow White dress and walk around telling people he’s pretty.  I thought he was the cutest thing in the world (Jason did not, but that’s a story for another time *g*).  So I took out my Blackberry and took a picture of him all decked out in the dress, sparkly pink shoes and black rimmed glasses.  Of course, as soon as I was finished clicking, all four of the toddlers ran up to me to see the photo.  Then they asked for more photos.  I then proceeded to scroll through the pictures on my phone.  By doing that I discovered one thing:  I tend to take pictures of some pretty useless stuff.  After I giggled at myself for a few minutes, I emailed the photos to myself while thinking I really need to share some of my ‘best’ photos with all of you.  So here we are.  Enjoy!

Jason and I took the kids to a little restaurant one day.  I always bring tons of stuff to keep the kids busy when we go to a sit down restaurant.  Why?  Because busy kids are quiet kids.  My daughter asked me to help her color this butterfly picture.  I did, then discovered that I was in the mood to color.  There’s just something about coloring with crayons that makes you feel all warm and young again.  I don’t remember exactly why I took a picture of my masterpiece, but I must assume that I was pretty damn proud of it.  Yes, proud of my crayon picture of a butterfly.  Yes, I need a life.  (I think I even tweeted this picture *shakes head*)

For my daughter’s ‘friend’ birthday party, I decided to make cupcakes.  Her party theme was horses.  I saw these online and thought that I totally had to make them for her and her little friends.  Well, I colored the icing to match the cookies I used for the heads of the horses…and it ended up orange.  It matched, but it was still orange.  I thought the cupcakes turned out well…but I found they looked like giraffes more than horses.  And my suspicions proved correct when one of the little girls exclaimed “Oh look, giraffe cakes!” *sigh* Even still, I apparently felt the need to take a photo.

When I slice cheese, I can’t cut it straight for the life of me.  Why I took a photo of my lack of talent is beyond me.  Really…why would I take this photo?

I am usually the one who cooks in this house.  Once in a while, Jason will decide to bake something or make himself a snack.  He ALWAYS whines about the little things I leave out here and there in the kitchen.  Apparently, it’s too difficult to move a spoon I missed into the dishwasher all by himself.  *mumble grumble* My favorite part of his rants is when he tells me that when he cooks, he always leaves the kitchen in perfect order.  Well, he’s full of shit but he doesn’t believe me, so…one day when he was finished cooking his KD and left what appeared to be a mess, I snapped a picture of it.  Then, the next time he goes all high and mighty telling me that he is perfect when it comes to kitchen cleanliness, I can show him this photo and say “not so fast buddy.”  Yes, apparently I am 11.  *g*

I went to add something to my grocery list one week and found that Jason had added something to it.  If you can’t read it, it says:  “Puppies.  Preferably small white ones that lick a lot.”  Um…yeah.  No.  Nice try bud.  And of course, I took a picture of the note.  ???

And finally we have this one.  We were driving in the big city and spotted this hanging from the back of a pick-up.  Yup…those are testicles.  Of course, I took a picture.  Yes, apparently I am 11…and a boy.

Random photos from my Blackberry.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. LOL! I’ll have to do a post on my random photos. I’m always taking pictures of inane stuff.
    My son used to love dresses too and dolls. I bought him a kitchen and pram when he was a toddler. He’s a very happy alpha male boy now but I still catch him playing with the girls toys with them lol
    Those cupcakes are great. My baking skills ae nil, so you should be proud.

    Nancy 🙂

  2. Vicki Casso says:

    Did you video tape your son? You should I have some of my son and my favorite is him running through the house naked pulling on his peepee yelling “I’m a big girl!” He is 17 now and it is great blackmail material! I know I’m shallow but I enjoy it so much. Kids! Payback is so much fun!

  3. Oh, I loved every picture more than that last. These are hilarious, and yes, apparently you ARE 11! Yay 11.

  4. Nancy – I keep telling my hubs that it’s good for boys to play with ‘girl’ stuff. It makes them more well-rounded. lol

    Vicki – OMG ROTFLMAO! I’ve actually been laughing since I read your comment. Very funny!

    Carolyn – Yay 11!

  5. Lol, testicles!

  6. I now feel compelled to tell you this story
    My husband had a jacked up pick up truck and on the top of the windshield it said “I’ve got big ones” and from the tow hitch in the back dangled a huge set of metal testes.
    The day we got married his best man went outside and took those off the truck.
    As my husband and I were coming out to get in the car and leave his best man ran up and said
    “Wait! Wait! Lily! You’ll be needing these!” and handed me the balls. It was hysterical.

    My son loved Dora when he was little (back before Diego and boy themed stuff) so his grandmother bought him a green shirt that said “Poder de chica” or something like that. I laughed so hard at my son walking around in a shirt that proclaimed “Girl Power” LOL

  7. I have so many random pictures in my phone too that it’s not funny.
    I love your cupcakes. Is there anything you don’t do great?
    I agree with you and crayons, it’s almost a therapy.
    My best friend’s little brother, when he was four, they were in Disney World and he wanted to dress as a princess, he insisted so much that they let him do it. He walked all the park dress as a princess, people look weird to the parents but they didn’t care, their son was happy. Days later he was taking a bath and he started to sing as Ariel and said he was the little mermaid LOL… that was like 8 years ago, now he is a normal boy who likes cars and girls. I think is normal at that age, especially if they have older sisters. Kudos to you for letting your son dress as a snow white, I’m sure he looked very pretty 🙂

  8. Love the wedding story lol!

    Vicki you are giving me blackmail ideas

    Lads should be allowed to play with girlie things. It’s perfectly healthy.

  9. Awesome pictures. Those cupcakes rock! You’re an awesome Mum!
    I take random photos with my Blackberry too, generally pictures of food and books.
    LOL! I hope you get to use that picture against Jason soon!

  10. Hahaha these were awesome! I take so many random pics with my Blackberry too. My first baby is on the way in September I can only imagine the things I will take pictures of then!

  11. blodeuedd – Why would anyone put that on their truck?! LOL

    Lily – LOVE that story. I shared it with my husband. He, for some reason, didn’t find it as funny as me. 😉 *g*

    Bookaholic Cat – Your story made me smile. And yes, my son did look very pretty. 🙂

    Nancy – 🙂

    Ally – I hear that lots of people take pictures of food. That makes me giggle.

    Vanessa – I hope you have lots of room for photos on your phone because you are right. Many impromptu photo sessions are sure to take place.

  12. OMG! I love this Julie. It cracks me up because I also take random pictures of things…then while scrolling through my photos I can’t figure out why the heck I took some of them. I love coloring because it makes you feel like a kid again. I think you should buy some cute, white, fluffy puppies…I’m on Jason’s side on that one. 😛 The cheese thing just cracked me up…I would do something like that. The testicle thing really cracked me up. Now not because I’ve never seen something like that but because I see that ALL THE TIME! I of course live in a college town, we are an Agricultural college, this means lots of big pickup trucks and lots of guys that have issues with their manly hood. To overcompensate for their insecurity they believe placing these on the back of their truck will make them a big tough guy…really I just laugh at them. The worst thing…girls that have these on the back of their pickups…what’s the point?!?!?!

    Thanks for sharing Julie! Sorry for the long comment.

  13. Haha! Thanks for the entertaining pictures Julie, loved them! lol 😀 And congrats on your giraffe er.. horse cupcakes, they look great! 😀

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