Apr 11, 2011

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Question – Are You a Chain-Reader?

On March 1st, March 29th and April 5th, an insane amount of wonderful books written by tremendously talented authors hit stores.  Yup, all within that tiny little time frame. *wipes brow* Because of all of the fantastic new releases, I have found myself reading more and faster than usual.  I even caught myself doing something I don’t usually do – that is starting a new book the second I finished another book.

Now usually when I finish a book, I like to let it stew for a few hours.  I will start another book that same day, but not usually the second I close one.  But that got me thinking about you guys and your reading habits…  So let me ask you:

Are you a chain-reader?  Do you start a book immediately after reading “The End” or do you wait a little while before starting a new title?

  1. Marianna Cullars says:

    I can’t start a new book as soon as finish reading another book. I usually speed read my first time through a book because I can’t wait to get to the end and find out what happens. So I spend the next couple of days going back and rereading, stewing, daydreaming in a more thorough fashion. Second and third time I reread a book new things pop out at that I didn’t notice from the previous read. But this is just for full length novels, quickies and anthologies are easier to process.

  2. When I’m in the “reading zone” I end up being a chain reader. But usually I end up going a day or two between books. I need to get some work done 😉

  3. Vicki Casso says:

    I am usually a serial reader unless I am totally blown away emotionally by a book. If that happens it could take a few days to start a new book. Sometimes I will reread a favorite book until my emotions settle down or hit up my favorite blogs to read what others thought.

  4. It depends on the book. I easily read a book a day, and if it is part of a series, then yes, I will pick up the next book immediately. Otherwise, I like to let the book stew through my brain for a few hours and enjoy the “afterglow” of it. ;o) smiles…

  5. If it’s a series – yes! That’s how I plowed through the Mortal Instruments after you recommended them. – I just started the 4th one yesterday!

    I’m like that with TV series also. I managed to finish 5 seasons of Dexter within a 2 week period. Interesting material is definitely an incentive to keep going!

  6. I have to let books sit in my brain for a little while after finishing them, otherwise I get a bit muddled when I start the next book. I’ve noticed that lately, what with the huuuge TBR pile staring me down, this gap is getting shorter and shorter though…

  7. Marianna – I don’t re-read books that often, but when I do I am always amazed by how much I missed or forgot from my first read! lol

    D.L. – Work?! But why? 😉

    Vicki – You’re right about the emotional books. There is no way you can just pick up another book after those. Your brain and your heart just can’t handle it!

    Christi – “Enjoy the afterglow of it” I like that. Very well said!

    Katya – You’re so right about series’! You almost have to read those quickly! And I can’t wait to hear what you think of MI4!!!

    Lisa – I think I should wait longer between books because I’m always feeling muddled! lol I just can’t bring myself to do that…

  8. Erm… No I’d never chain read. 😀 LOL.
    It depends to be honest if there’s a book that’s really messed with my head or I need to think about, I will spend sometime thinking about it and not pick another book up but it doesn’t happen that often I can literally name the books that have done that to me and most of them are Urban Fantasy books i.e the Fever series, Moon Called, Deadly Fear and the In Death series.
    Other than that I can easily be like hmmm good book, liked this, didn’t like that and 4* then that quickly move on and pick up another book and focus all my attention on that.
    Although I like doing this, it causes me problems now that I review my books, sometimes I forget important parts from the book because I’ve read 3 book in 2 days, or by the time I get to review the book I just really can’t be bothered to review it, also my schedule really only fits 12 reviews in a month and I often read more than 12 books in a month so I’m always stuck with trying to double reviews or something and it’s just blah!

  9. I am a chain reader with SERIES. If it’s a new to me series and there are several books already out, I will devour them all until I know exactly what has happened to-date 😛 But you already know that, I think.

  10. The only time I immediately pick up another book after finishing the one I just read is if it’s part of a series and the last book ended in some sort of crazy cliff hanger.

  11. Lol, yes I have been known to finish one book and then pick up another the second after

  12. Ally – You are so right! It IS usually UF books that make you think the hardest when you finish them!

    Pamela – I think I did get a glimpse of your chain-reading-ness when you picked up the Allie books. Maybe just a little. 😉

    Jen – *evil glare to cliff hangers* I hear ya!

    blodeuedd – You read like mad! It makes sense that you would be a chain-reader! I still can’t believe how many reviews you pop out per week!

  13. I’m not a chain-reader, I usually take couple of hours or at least one hour to start a new book; unless it’s a series that I love. In that case, yes. One behind the other.

  14. I’d read but I’m too busy being visually distracted by my wife. Lol

  15. I am very dependent on this…if it is a series I will start the next book in the series immediatly after I finish the book previous to it. I can’t get enough of my series and have no problem starting right away on the next one. If it is not a series of books I will not start one right after. I will also stew on it for a few hours and write a review and then start my next book.

  16. Bookaholic Cat – You’re just like me then. 🙂

    Stanley – Aw… *cough* full of crap *cough*

    Deanna – Writing a review in between is a good idea. I don’t do that enough. That’s how I get all confused and lost while writing sometimes. But I’m better now because I’ve discovered how much easier it makes my life if I do it the ‘right’ way. lol

  17. I’m a chain reader. I put down one book and pick up a new one. I always have been.

  18. I’m totally a chain reader to the point that it worries me sometimes, lol. Sometimes though if I’m in a middle of a series I’ll read something else because I kind of met my limit. I went through this phase where I had to read everything Juliet Marillier, but after two books I wanted a rest from that world. Lol.

  19. YES! I am a chain reader most of the time! very rarely do i need a break between books hehe =D

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