Apr 18, 2011

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Question – Are You Shy About What Kind of Books You Read?

When I first got into reading smut, I was quite embarrassed about it.  I think it mostly came from the fact that I didn’t know of many people my age who read the same books I read (this was before I met all of you via blog/twitter) and I didn’t like feeling as though I was being judged.  It’s probably because some of my friends and certain family members did judge.

Eventually I thought this way:  My parents don’t care.  My best friends don’t care.  I’m not alone and why should I give a shit.  I love the books I read.  They make me happy.  So screw the world!

Does that mean that I would flash a book around in a packed room that had a cover like this?

Oh hell no!  But would I care if people saw that I was reading a book with a cover like this?

No.  If people think something of me because I choose to read a book with such a delicious cover, it’s their problem not mine.  Besides, they don’t know the characters, the worlds and the stories that they are missing out on.

So this leads me to my question this week.  Are you shy about the kind of books you read?

  1. I use to! I figured people thought I’m too young or too old for them. Now I just don’t care. It’s entertainment, look what’s on TV half the times.

  2. Danielle (lush26) says:

    Maybe at first but now it’s whatever. We can’t help we love the smut! Great
    Post 😉

  3. You can look at the covers of the smut I own and see my insecurity writ large – the plain blue cover with a single flower on it has been read nearly to death. The one with the mostly naked boy and the girl who probably is naked but who could tell under the boy? The spine’s barely cracked and it’s just as good.

    The fact that I now write the stuff never fails to amuse me.

    Telling people I write it is still a pretty big struggle for me, but I’m pretty well over being embarrassed about reading it. As you said… we’re hardly alone.

  4. At home? Not shy at all. The books I bring to work to read – I bring a cover or read my kindle. There’s no way I’ll show these covers at the office!

  5. Bianca – You are so right about TV! I hadn’t thought of it that way.

    Danielle – You’re right! We love what we love. At least we’re reading!

    Kathleen – Yeah…I suppose it would add a whole new dimension to all this if I wrote the stuff. I think it takes loads of talent to pull it off without being corny but I know not everyone feels that way. It’s too bad though.

    Patti – Yeah…there’s nothing more annoying than snickering co-workers. 😉

  6. Vicki Casso says:

    Yup! When you have teenagers and they see the cover and they give you the disgusted look of “What!”. That same look they give you if they think you have had sex the night before! I always said that the book is better than the picture until I got my iPad now no one knows what i read.

  7. Great question for today and very appropriate because my book review on my book blog today was called, Operation:Spank Me. I just keep thinking about all my elderly family that are friends with me on Facebook seeing that and have to laugh with a little bit of embarrassment. What must they think?@!?

    I definitely limit what I take out in public…even around the house, I don’t necessarily want 16 yo son to see what all I am readling esp. when it comes to books like Operation:Spank Me (which was very good, btw!) LOL!

  8. Vicki – I never thought about when my kids become teenagers. Right now my books are just everywhere…but I wonder when I’ll need to hide them. LOL Oh, and “That same look they give you if they think you have had sex the night before!” LMAO!

    Christi – “Operation Spank Me” Oh my… I totally have to go to your blog and check that out! LOL

  9. Heck. No. Who gives a shit abt a stranger’s opinion abt what I read? And better yet, let someone in my family or one of my friends razz me…*gets in karate stance*

  10. YES! Some book covers are truly awful and I would never leave the house with them!
    Some aren’t so bad but I’m an English student and everyone’s talking about classic books or the new murder mystery but no-one talks about romance books unless its Austen!
    They’re all so frowned upon in my classes, you should hear the abuse Mills and Boon get, I know they’re cheesy sometimes but still everyone is entitled to reading what they like but you wouldn’t think that in my classes! So I never take any of my books to Uni unless I take my ereader! 🙁

  11. I ordered Dark Love from the bookstore, I picked it up and was mortified. But that was a couple of years back, I am more used to it now. But yes some covers are a bit too much and I blush (if I could blush)

  12. Depends a lot with the cover, as you I don’t have a problem with BDB books but there are some covers that are NSFW or NSF-street.
    Also lately I don’t have to think about that because I’m just reading ebooks. 🙂

  13. I think I’m still embarrassed by covers with hot guys on them, because I grew up in this super religious household and I even got a sit down lecture about Harry Potter books. So I try to hide everything I read to avoid lectures. I used to make home made book covers out of paisley print, but then that was worse because everyone suspected I was hiding something. I even had to cover one of my x-men books because it had a red skull on it and my mom thought it was some occult book. I really can’t catch a break here. Lol.

  14. Smash Attack – “Karate stance” LMAO!

    Ally – Silly stuck-up Uni people. 😉

    blodeuedd – Dark Lover was my first. I ordered it online because I was embarrassed by the cover at the time. How times have changed. LOL

    Bookaholic Cat – eBooks are good for that. And they would be so much easier for you to get over there!

    Skye – You got a lecture over Harry Potter books?! Oh my…poor you. Do you get the same treatment over eBooks?

  15. I’m not ashamed that I like to read the dirty, dirty books. I love them. I read like crazy, usually averaging a book every 24 – 36 hours or so. I read print and eBooks. If the cover is too racy (say a naked chick sandwiched in between two equally naked men) then I might use the trade-size book cover I found at B&N (it looks like a Bible cover), otherwise I really don’t care. With books on the Nook, I can have as many I want and have them as dirty as I want and no one ever knows. Good reading!!

  16. I want to say I’m not shy or care if people see the covers of the books I read, but then I think of what I read at the gym sometimes and am kinda glad they can’t see the cover and the printing is too small for them to read over my shoulder cuz sometimes it’s pretty racey. I do like reading e-books for just this purpose. I do think you are preceived a certain way based on your reading choices whether they are valid or not.

  17. E-books make things so much easier. They’re no covers for my mother to see. It’s way nifty.

  18. Sarah – Your cover looks like a Bible?! Love it!!!

    Judi – Reading smut at the gym must be fun. lol

    Skye – Oh good. At least you get a bit of a break. 🙂

  19. Hey Julie, what a fun question! I have honestly never been embarassed by the smutty books I read. My Mom was actually the one who introduced me to the books in HIGH SCHOOL! LOL. She introduced me to Harlequin Romance Novels and it went from there. I even take my books to work and the officers see the covers and just kind of roll their eyes. They are used to it now and just don’t even pay attention to them. LOL.

  20. Deanna – Your mother introduced you to the books?! I think that is a little odd but really cool!

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