Apr 25, 2011

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Question – What Is Your Reading Time Snack?

My husband came up with this week’s question.  I don’t really know why he suggested it –   maybe he was just hungry.  But whatever the reason, he (and I) want to know:

What is your reading time snack?

I don’t snack while I’m reading.  If I get hungry, I put the book down, shove something in my mouth as quickly as possible and then get back to reading.  Snacking actually gets in the way of my reading because it uses up precious reading time!  I never even consider eating while reading because I worry I would mess up the pages.  I am not really a messy eater per say, okay maybe I am a little, but still…who wants Doritos cheese all over the pages of her Dark-Hunter book?

But apparently, snacking while reading isn’t terribly uncommon.  In fact, “What do you eat while reading?” is a question I’ve seen as part of a couple reading memes.  So am I in the minority here?

  1. Danielle (lush26) says:

    Hell no I don’t want that on a dark hunter book lmao! If I had to pick a snack I pick something like a health bar that way it’s not messy. I made one mistake in eating dinner and reading on night and was shocked by the book it fell in my pasta. It was only 2 pages but still . I could never hurt another book like that 🙂

  2. I usually don’t snack. But I can eat anything while reading. I usually read ebooks so I don’t have the problem of getting the pages dirty. Also when I’m reading I try to eat with just one hand, doesn’t matter what I eat, like this I have a clean hand to turn the pages, and of course I have plenty of napkins close by, just in case.
    You can also see me cooking with my reader next to the pan, or sitting in the table con the reader next to my plate… My bookaholism doesn’t have limits.

  3. There was a rule in my Mum’s house while growing up no reading and eating at the same time so I’ve never tried to read and eat at the same time. Snacking however is a bit different, if I have lunch I’ll put my book down like I did as a kid but 2 months ago I would have eaten chocolate and sweets and biscuits while reading if I was hungry but now (I gave up chocolate for lent so stopped snacking) I don’t snack at all!
    I’ve noticed though that Ry snacks more when watching tv then doing anything else! I heard a lot of people snack when watching tv/films because they don’t know what to do with their hands! How weird is that!?

  4. I don’t snack when I read since the unfortunate Cool Ranch incident of 2002, when I was reading something really engrossing and an entire jumbo bag disappeared down my hatch. I only noticed when I put the book down… and was immediately somewhat ill.

  5. Danielle – The book fell into your pasta?! Oh no! LOL

    Bookaholic Cat – Sounds like you have this eating/eReader thing down! That’s some talent!

    Ally – I am very proud of you and your chocolate omission by the way. Go Ally! And I have heard about the snacking while watching TV and I totally believe it!

    Kathleen – ‘The unfortunate Cool Ranch incident of 2002’ LMAO! You must have had quite the tummy ache after that!

  6. Usually something like almonds or popcorn, but really not picky . Not ice cream or really messy stuff lol !

  7. You’re not alone. I do a lot of my reading at night in bed, so snacking isn’t usually part of the equation. However, when I get home from class after 10, a few snacks have managed to make there way in there a few times…I don’t have a favorite snack, either. Whatever is in the house works for me!

  8. Lifesaver Wintergreen mints – I’m hooked. I must munch about 10-15 a night while reading.

  9. treesa – You are a smart cookie!

    Smash Attack – I totally understand needing a snack after you get home from class. Your brain need it! 🙂

    Sarah – That’s a great one! But wow, that is a lot of them in one evening! lol

  10. I’ve never been able to eat and read at the same time. For some reason I find it distracting. I’m like you. I’ll put the book down, inhale something and then go back to reading.

  11. I’m guilty of eating lunch while I read. It’s quite comical actually. I HATE the idea of getting my pages dirty, so I keep my book propped open with a stapler (yes, a stapler!) and eat like that. At night, I may have some water or milk to drink but I don’t usually snack! (On the rare occasion that I do, it would be like a cookie or something.)


  12. I stop and go after some snacks too, but yes sometimes I have read books while eating lunch if I have been working

  13. Jen – Can you imagine trying to read a steamy scene while snacking?! I just couldn’t do it. lol

    Isalys – A stapler?! That would be quite a comical sight. 😉

    blodeuedd – I guess at work I would make an exception. 🙂

  14. I TOTALLY read at work on my lunches. Usually I have my kindle so i just set it on the table to my left. I’m pretty good about not getting my books gooey. If I do snack it usually ends up being something like popcorn or one of Trader Joe’s munchies…. mmmmmm ginger cats!

  15. Barbara Elness says:

    I don’t really snack while I’m reading at home – I’ll go in the kitchen and fix something to eat, and when I’m done eating, I’ll go back to reading. I do read while I’m eating my lunch at work though, it’s boring to just sit and stare at nothing, so I pick up my book.

  16. Hmm…this is a hard one becuase it really depends on my mood. Sometimes I’ll snack while reading but most of the time I don’t. If I do snack that also depends on my mood. Ice cream, chips, chocolate, starbursts, really just about anything. Wow, I suck at this question. I love food and food loves me so much it just keeps sticking to me making me puff up a bit. 😛

  17. nina – Honestly, I didn’t even think of eating while reading my eReader before reading people comments for this post! LOL It’s actually a good idea!

    Barbara – I can see if I was still working outside of my home that I would make an exception and read during my lunch. Good call. 🙂

    Deanna – So it appears you are a sweets person! lol

  18. I don’t snack when I eat, but I do like to drink tea. I will read while eating my lunch or breakfast, tho!

  19. If I am eating I am reading, if I am curled up on the lounge there is usually a packet of salt and vinegar Thins by my side. I eat lunch usually hunched over the breakfast bar with a book (or ereader) in one hand. At dinner it depends, I usually read while I am cooking, stirring absentmindedly or waiting for the timer to ring. If dinner is something I can eat one handed then I will read unless I am at the table with the children.


  20. My favorite is Yellow and Orange Bell Peppers cut up like french fries! I know it is weird but they are sweet and crunchy 🙂

  21. twimom – You can tell I’m always surrounded by children because reading while eating my lunch or breakfast never even occurred to me. lol

    Shelleyrae – Mmmm… Salt & Vinegar Thins…

    Felicia – It is not a common snack, but I love them too! And good for you. 🙂

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