May 5, 2011

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Silly Stuff – Book Covers That Make You Go @-@

Judge A Book By It’s Cover is where I found these lovelies.  I know you shouldn’t judge, but it’s just so difficult sometimes!  Especially when you have covers like these:

I’m shaking in my booties!  This cover is so badass!  (well, not really)

I have no words…

I think the line “First Shocking Printing” is the part that makes me laugh the hardest.  It was published in 2002 (even though it looks like it’s from much earlier than that).  Maybe it was really shocking back then.  All those…9 years ago.

“Let Me Come In” and the dude is surrounded by pigs.  Hmm…not really selling this book to me.  Making me giggle?  Yup.  Quite a bit.  But making me want to read the book?  Not at all.  Sorry.

What is with…hell, where do I start?!  This is a creepy cover!  And are those enormous crazy peaked-out nipples?! *shudder*

(Quick little aside…When I went to Goodreads and typed in “Queens of Deliria”, it asked me if I meant “Gardens of Delight”.  What?!  LMAO!)


  1. OMG they are so funny.
    Queen of Deliria is super creepy, the cover with the hunk and pigs…mmm…no thank you, he must be very stinky and the 60s cover with perky boobs, LOL
    Where did you find them?

  2. LOL. Where did you find these?

  3. hilarious Julie!!!

  4. There are not enough words for the horrid covers out there. I can only LOL

  5. Bookaholic Cat – The pigs! They crack me up!

    Angel – The site is Judge a Book by its Cover. It doesn’t post often, but many of the entries are quite…something. 😉

    Sharon – It is!

    blodeuedd – LOL is perfect!

  6. ROTFL! I can’t stop staring at the curious placement of the little cupid boy on that pig book.

  7. OMG too funny! Where did you find all this goodness?

  8. Carolyn – What gets me more is how it looks like ‘pig guy’ is about to pull up his blanket! For the pigs?! @-@

    Judi – It’s a really fun site (that I wish posted more often) called Judge a Book by its Cover.

  9. So many horrible covers *shudders*

    The cover of the Lesbian Horsebook looked to me as if it was from the ’70s, ’80s! Romance novels from that era have thios look to them, 2002?!

    And love the cute piglets but sorry they don’t inspire romance if you lay with them 🙂

  10. OH.MY.GOD! I am going to have to check that website out! LOL. The last cover just made my mouth drop and my eyes bug…I don’t understand the point of the cover. The Lesbian horse stories just cracks me up! It looks like it should be from the 70’s or 80’s maybe yet you stated it’s from 2002…weird! I have got to go see what other crazy covers those publisher come up with to sponsor the books!

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