Apr 28, 2011

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My Life’s Quirks – Kissing Cousins and Apparently Others Too

I really had no idea what to do for My Life’s Quirks post this week.  Finally, after realizing that my brain would not be cooperative here, I decided to look through my old photo albums to see if I could spot a funny or silly picture and then I could tell the story behind it.  Well, I didn’t really find one photo specifically.  Instead I found many pictures, and they all ran along the same theme.  I found a bunch of pictures of me as a little girl, kissing my relatives on the mouth.  Oh boy.

I found a picture of me kissing my dad.

I found a picture of me kissing my Pepère.

I found a picture of me kissing my Grampy.

I found a picture of me kissing my cousin Gen.

While looking at these pictures, one thought came to mind over and over:  Why?  Why are there so many pictures of me kissing people, and on the mouth no doubt.  Is it cute?  Hell yes!  I’m freakin’ adorable!  But why take pictures of it?  Do I really want to be reminded of this now that I am grown? Thinking about it actually kind of gives me the willies.  And do you think it was my idea to kiss these loved ones while my parents took a picture?  No.  Not at all.  I am but a pawn in their cuteness game.  And I know that my parents weren’t the only ones to do this.  I know you all have photos like this somewhere in your past.  But why are they even taken?  Why to the even exist?

Maybe it’s to be used as blackmail one day.  Maybe all parents know that one day they will need some sort of leverage to make their kids eat their vegetables or visit their grand-parents or move away from home because they are 37 and damn it, they are old enough to do their own laundry.  Or maybe they are taken so that one day, when the child is a teenager, the photo can then be taken out to say “look, you really did love me at some point in your lifetime!”

Unfortunately, I must admit something to all of you.  I am not without fault in this matter, for I too have taken photos of my very own children kissing each other goodnight.

They were just so darned cute I couldn’t help myself!  But now that I’ve seen the dozens of photos of me as a child, I think I’m cured of this.  Is it still cute?  Hell, yes!  Will I take more of my own kids doing it?  No, most likely not.  *avoids eye contact*

Kissing cousins and apparently others too.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. “Is it cute? Hell yes! I’m freakin’ adorable! “… if you said so… LOL – you were (are) a very cute girl.
    You made me check my photo album of my first years and I don’t have pictures kissing anybody 🙁
    Why is that? They didn’t love me enough? I didn’t love them enough? *calling my therapist*

  2. Because its adorable!! what cute pics Julie….and yes…i have pics of my kids kissing too! 😉


    We all have kissy pics and I have lots of booty pics from when I was a baby. All us Cubans walked around mooning everyone, haha!


  4. Lol, I do think there is not a single one of me kissing anything

  5. What is a Pepère? Is it like a Godfather? Also you made my LOL when you said “Is it cute? Hell yes! I’m freakin’ adorable!” 🙂 I think it’s adorable and I think it’s still cute because when kids are young they don’t look at kissing the same way adults do. I’m totally taking pictures of my kids kissing their relatives when they are small because it’s normally a short phase that they end up growing out of. But if you think about it too long ewwww does come to mind. 😛

  6. Bookaholic Cat – Okay, after reading your comment, I started questioning things. I really thought everyone had photos like that. Um…not sure what to do now. 😉

    Sharon – Good to see I’m not alone!

    Jess – My sentiments exactly. 😉

    Isalys – I have booty pics too! I was thinking about doing a post about those, but thought maybe that would be a little inappropriate. LOL

    blodeuedd – Well fine then. Consider yourself lucky. lol

    Deanna – Pepère is a French slang term for Grand-Father. It means “old man”. Not the most flattering term, but that’s what we call my grand-father on my mother’s side. 🙂

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