May 1, 2011

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News – New Maya Banks Covers

Maya Banks unveiled two new covers this week, and I for one can’t wait for both of these books.
First up, her next KGI book, Whispers in the Dark.

I really like how the model they used looks visibly younger than the guys on the other covers for this series.  Why would I like that about this photo?  Well, this book is Nathan’s book and he, along with his twin, is the youngest Kelly brother.  So it’s very fitting.

And next is for Sweet Addiction, book 6 in her Sweet series:

This is going to be Cole’s book.  The title is making me wonder about Cole even more than I already am.  I think this cover works very well for this series and for where Cole works.  And at least the model was comfortable while posing since she had all that fluffy faux-fur to kneel on…

No blurbs yet as Whispers in the Dark is not scheduled to release until February 7th 2012 and Sweet Addiction is not hitting shelves until April 2012, but as soon as I spot them, I’ll post them.

I love these series and I am very happy with these covers.

  1. YUMMY is right! I love both of these covers!!! Looking at the KGI model’s lips…doesn’t he look like the same guy that they used for Larissa Ione’s latest cover? seriously sexy lips on that guy…of course, that body isn’t too shabby either. ;o) smiles…

  2. Christi – He really does have pretty lips! LOL

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