May 9, 2011

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Question – What Is Your Ultimate Book Giveaway?

My one year Blogoversary is coming up later this month.  I am planning big things.  Huge even!

Of course, part of my plans include book giveaways…lots of them.  Sitting here, trying to figure out which books would be fun to offer was a little more difficult than I imagined.  But I finally got it all sorted out and I am pleased with what’s been chosen.  I think you will too.

But thinking about giveaways got me thinking about ultimate giveaways which lead me to this week’s question:  If you could enter to win any book ever published anywhere, what would that book be?  In other words, what would be your ultimate book giveaway?

  1. Man, this is a hard one. I’m a simple person I usually want the books that are about to be released or the first 2 books in a series that I never started. *shrug* I don’t have a clue, but I’ll be stealing ideas you use for your blogoversery as my 5 year blogoversery is in August.

  2. I don’t think I have an ultimate book, there are many I would be happy with. But maybe an original copy of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice signed and dedicaced to me ;-D lol That would be quite a prize, I would keep it in a vitrine 🙂

  3. Ooooo! Good question. Ermmm… Win a copy of Kiss of Snow?! To win an entire series by an author, like a back catalogue of Maya Banks Sweet series or Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld something like that would be so awesome!
    Or get an early release of a book. But I guess they’re pretty big ideas. Or simply you could just let the reader pick a book of their choice and let them tell you why (I think I’m going to do something like that for my 1 year in July!)

  4. scooper – 5 years! Oh wow! Go you! And I’m with you. My wants are simple. Either the newest ‘it’ book or a series I’ve been eying. 🙂

    Stella – Original Jane Austen signed to you… Yeah…I’m sure that’ll be no problem! 😉

    Ally – An entire series is cool…or a book before it releases. I like that one too! Great ideas!

  5. SandyLu562 says:

    ULTIMATE? well that’s ez! anything at all (hmm must be in english) from Thomas Jefferson’s library in the Library of Congress! totally have the shivers just thinking about that lol 😉

    — shifts back to reality —
    :: my choice of a stack of books! ::

    but only because I’ve managed to get my hot little hands on (or at least be in a long line for) at least one book in the really terrific series sets.

    Congrats Julie on surviving your first year!

  6. You don’t ask the easy questions do you?!? LOL! I like the idea of a whole series with the NEXT book coming that no one else has…LOVE those ARCS! ;o) I am so excited for you… smiles!

  7. Well I do love giveaways that I can enter, so shipping from bookdepo is always awesome. Be it if I choose a book or there are books to choose from. I do love your own choice contests

  8. Any kind of series with matching handmade bookmarks. I’ve seen little laminators and maybe with pics of your casting choices on the bookmarks. Is that weird? I’ve always liked bookmarks, but you see less of them cause of e-readers.

  9. I would agree with Ally, if I had a choice for an ULTIMATE giveaway it would be the entire series that is out from an author. Like for an EXTREME example…the entire Breed Series by Lora Leigh which is 24 books so far…LOL. But really there are so many series out there that I’d never heard of until other bloggers started talking about them so I’m way far behind on reading them and it would be nice to just have them all sitting on my shelf beckoning me to pick them up one by one. 😀

  10. I agree with the whole set of a series or a very expected book dedicated by the author.

  11. SandyLu562 – I never would have thought of a non-fiction historical book. That really would be very interesting! 🙂

    Christi – A book no one else has…and won’t have for at least a whole month! I like that. 😉

    blodeuedd – A choose your own book giveaway… Hmmm… I may have to re-think one of my giveaways…

    Skye – So you’re a bookmark and swag kind of girl?! Extra goodies are always fun. 🙂

    Deanna – OMG! The whole series of books that is at book 20something would be awesome!

    BookaholicCat – An autographed book signed to you! That is awesome!!!

  12. Congrats Julie!!! You are awesome!!!

  13. Wow, has it been a year already? I don’t know that I have an ultimate book I’m wishing for (I probably already own it)…for me, I get all *squee!* if it’s signed by the author.

  14. Congrats Julie!!! I love your blog even though I’m not very vocal with the comments.
    Honestly, if I’m not doing the signed first edition of something like War and Peace, then there are way too many books I’d want to be able to pick just 1. I’m like a greedy 5 yr old when it comes to my reading materials.

  15. For me the ultimate book gieaway would be a signed first Edition of Harry Potter.

    But my ultimate experience would be dinner with Harlan Cobin, Charlaine Harris, JR Ward and Alec O’Laughlin (threw him in for the Hott factor). Hm-m-m I need another male to make the table even, how about Alexander Skarsgard. Sorry…got off topic in my own little fantasy world.

  16. Hey Dot! I want to sit at your table next to Alexander Skarsgard and just stare at him all night. When he gets creeped out it will be your job to wipe the drool from my chin and reassure him that I just want a little personal time with him. *raises eyebrows*

  17. Thali – Thanks! 🙂

    Patti – Yes, one should never underestimate the awesomeness that is an autographed book!

    Em – Thanks for leaving a comment! I know what you mean about books. The more the better!

    Dot – Ooo Good one with the Harry Potter book! And what an interesting dinner that would be!

    scooper – LOL!

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