May 31, 2011

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Review: Demons Prefer Blondes by Sidney Ayers (Demons Unleashed #1)

Paranormal Romance
May 31 2011
Mass market paperback
416 pages
Sourcebooks Cassablanca
Received from publisher

Yummy Man – Raphael Deleon
Kick Ass Chick – Lucy Gregory

From Goodreads
When beautiful half-succubus Lucy Gregory’s antique chest unleashes a Pandora’s box of demonic activity in a suburban beauty salon, brooding demon Rafe arrives to run damage control. He’s darkly sexy and everything she’s avoided-icy and reserved-but that only adds to his mysterious appeal. Being a demon, he knows he should be able to resist Lucy’s charms, but his resistance is slipping at the worst moment. And Lucy has no idea of the power she possesses…


Demons Prefer Blondes by Sidney Ayers is such a fun book!

A box full of demons is sent to earth and lands in the hands of Lucy’s best friend Serah.  Lucy feels its pull and manages to open it.  A sexy guy shows up at her hair salon, and that along with the box, leads to her finding out she’s part demon.  A succubus no less!    Then much fun ensues.  And I mean much.  Lucy doesn’t know how to dull down her seductive powers at first which makes for one of the funniest scenes!  But once she gets that under control, a whole lot happens.  It’s hard to get into everything, so I’m not even going to try.  But all of it is woven within a sharp humor which brings us back to my first thought of this review – what a fun book.

I can’t say that I was particularly attached to the characters on a super deep level, but I liked them.  They offered some giggles and were amusing characters to read.  Rafe was yummy.  And I found chemistry between Lucy and Rafe to be good.  And Lucy’s BFF Serah…I just know there is more to her and I found myself to be very curious about her.  I was really intrigued by Domenic and his little side story involving Jacoba.  I really hope they get their own book!

There was quite a build up to the ending, and I was happy with how it all turned out.  The only thing about it was we know that Lucy’s friends are fighting their own battles but we don’t see much of their brawls.  Yes, the bad guy that Lucy and Rafe deal with is the most important one, but I still would have liked to know what went down with the others.

I did wonder whether or not I would enjoy this book for the first forty or so pages (where I found it a tiny bit slow) but soon after, I was caught in.  Demons Prefer Blondes was a nice read.  I enjoyed the story and the humor.  It kept me entertained enough that I am planning on reading the next books in the series.  Book two, Demons Like it Hot, is due out December 1st 2011.  And it’s Serah’s book.  Yay!  So all my questions about her are going to be answered.  Should be, what else?  Fun.

4 stars

Giggle worthy quotes

“’That’s too bad,’ Lucy said, picking a piece of chicken with her fork.  With as much gusto as she could muster, she took a bite.  Mmm.  Her favorite.  Tangy bursts of tequila, lime, cilantro, and spices exploded in her mouth.  Closeing her eyes, Lucy savoured each bite.

‘If chicken is sex, then this is the best orgasm ever.’  Dang.  Did I just say that out loud?  Hearing her mom’s soft gasp, she help back the urge to chuckle.  Yep, I did.”


“Not this again.  ‘Not you too!  How in the hell can I be a demon?  I have two very moral parents.’

‘Succubus,’ Rafe mumbled with a shake of his head.

‘Suck a what?’

Be sure to stop by tomorrow to meet this fun author!  Sidney Ayers was kind enough to answer some questions for me and I am posting that fun interview tomorrow morning.  (Okay, I think I got the word fun out of my system.  But it was just such a fun book.  It really really was!  ;))

  1. Wohoo, yay that it’s good 🙂 now I can’t wait to read it

  2. oooh, this does sound fun. Adding it to my wish list right now… smiles!

  3. This book sound fun and I love the title. Great review.

  4. blodeuedd – I know, right? lol

    Christi – You should like it. 🙂

    BookaholicCat – The title is great. She talks about the title in the interview tomorrow. 🙂

  5. Sounds um, fun. LOL! Thanks for reviewing this book Julie. I’ve had it on my radar for a few weeks so I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it. =)

  6. Thanks for the review Julie! This one has been on my radar for MONTHS so it’s nice to see a review for it finally. 🙂

  7. Jen – I hope you get a chance to read it. That Santa scene…you’re gonna love it!

    Rhianna – It’s nice that it’s finally out! 🙂

  8. This looks like a fun one! I’ve added it to my shopping list.

  9. Sounds really cute. Thanks for the review

  10. Wendy – Good!

    Jess – 🙂

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