May 16, 2011

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Question – Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed By Your To-Be-Read Pile?

Sometimes, for no real reason, I open my book closet to just look at my books. They make me happy. And most times when I look at my to-be-read pile, I feel happy too. Just thinking about all of those (let’s hope) wonderful stories that I am going to have to opportunity to dive into soon makes me giddy.

But sometimes I look at that same pile and start to sweat. Especially when I see the titles that have reviews or interviews or post deadlines associated with them. But I try to remember that I’ll make it out okay because I always do and because I learned with time to pace myself and to say ‘no’. I (think) I have learned not to take on too much. Finally, I shift my thoughts over to the ‘think of the wonderful stories’ again and feel the bliss I usually feel when I look at my beautiful beautiful books.

As part of my post today, I thought I would share my to-be-read pile with you. Here it is:

Not too bad, right… πŸ˜‰

So all this leads to my Question this week: Do YOU ever feel overwhelmed by your to-be-read pile?

  1. Your TBR closet looks like paradise. I would like to have it!!
    Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, especially when I don’t know what to read next from the pile of books I have. Or when I want to read a new book but I can’t at that moment because I need to read another one for a review.
    But I cannot complaint, I have so many wonderful books in my TBR, that just thinking about them I have a smile on my face. πŸ™‚

  2. That’s a ton of books, lady! It’s definitely become to stressful and overwhelming to choose the next book to read. I’ve resorted to letting choose for me. I use my Goodreads (physical) TBR list and whatever number choose, I read the book with that number on the list. Works beautifully.

    Have you not yet read Acheron?? SQUEEEEEEEEEE! Oh man, that is one HELL of a book, Julie. Make sure you have a serious amount of tissues handy! Ash is my ultimate book boyfriend!

  3. Wow, your TBR is very put together! I just cleaned out my shelves and have 4 boxes I need to get rid of.

    I’m 3 books behind in the In Death series. O.O

  4. I LOVE my TBR pile! It just makes me happy to go look at it and think about the possibilities of what to read next. It’s the next best thing to a shopping spree at the bookstore. BTW, the last time I counted, I had about 65 books in my TBR and that wasn’t counting the 20-30 books that I picked up at the library sale or anything on my Kindle. ;o) It looks like you have some fun reading ahead of you! smiles…

  5. I am almost always overwhelmed. I tend to over-commit myself, and it’s quite frustrating.

  6. Bookaholic Cat – I LOVE my book closet. It a mix of to-be-read and keepers. I also have signed swag taped in it. I really love it!

    Smash – I love the way you pick your next book! So fun! And I can’t wait to get to Ash’s book. I still have a few to go before I get there, but I’ll get there!

    Katie – I’ve still only read book 1 in the In Death series. I am WAY behind. lol

    Christi – TBR piles are so full of possibilities! I love it!

    Heather – It’s so easy to over commit yourself. You want to do it all! And you don’t want to miss out. *sigh* I know the feeling…

  7. Exactly, and it is fun. Most of the time, ya know?

  8. I love your pictures and your TBR is very organized. I have a a similar bookcase – 4 tiers full of books on the TBR and every day I look at it I think God I wish I had time to read some of those books! And let’s not talk about the couple hundred I have on my ereader. Even though the pile is huge, it sure doesn’t stop me from buying more! LOL

  9. Your TBR pile looks very organized. My TBR pile consists of 250+ books in 4 large plastic storage bins. I’m attempting to whittle this down by being more picky about the books I buy (and hopefully force myself to read out of the TBR pile), but it’s so hard!! I blame book bloggers and tweeters – tempting me with their reading experiences!

  10. Have I told you lately that you’re a funny girl Julie? No?! Well you my dear are a riot. Here’s the thing with my TBR piles. They glare at me. I swear! They give me the evil eye. I feel overwhelmed/guilty for about 30 seconds then I give them the evil eye back and go about my day. =)

  11. Yes, do I need to say more than that πŸ˜‰ And in the end my piles are not that high..but they will grow o_O

  12. I can certainly relate to the overwhelming TBR. Though, I think yours is far better organized. I try to parse out my books by release date, how much I’m dying to read it and general topic…but mostly it’s a big mess and I’ve run out of bookshelf space, so it’s now taken over the bed in the guest room. (Which means, if you come to visit, you’re sleeping with a few stacks of books.)

  13. Barbara Elness says:

    Oh yes, I frequently feel overwhelmed by my TBR books, but I don’t stop bringing them home. I think sometimes that I’ll never read all the books I already have, and then I buy more, LOL. I think it’s a sickness, honestly. πŸ˜€

  14. Heather – Most of the time is the perfect way to say it. πŸ™‚

    Judi – I know right?! You have so many to read but you’ll still always find more to buy. LOL

    Eva – Wow that’s a lot of books! And I am totally with you in blaming book blogger. Damn bloggers… πŸ˜‰

    Jen – Mine glare too sometimes. Especially the ones in the back. They say “Wtf Julie?! When you gonna read us? We are awesome and right now you suck.” Yeah…my books aren’t always very nice.

    blodeuedd – It helps that you are a quick reader. But yes, they will always grow.

    Chelsea – Sleeping surrounded by books sounds like a dream actually. lol

    Barbara – But it’s a wonderful sickness that you don’t suffer alone. πŸ˜‰

  15. What you call those few books a TBR pile? Ha, I call you and raise you another dozen. But Eva has even me beat. lol Some of us are just getting ready for the next blizzard. Gotta be prepared.

  16. I’m too embarrassed to admit just how big my TBR pile would be if I was actually brave enough to count. My print TBR book shelf is a meter long (and double stacked), and I don’t actually have enough room on my iPod (that I use as an ereader) to fit all the books on, even after I took half of the music off.
    It’s not that I feel overwhelmed by the list – since I keep adding to it – but I regularly get annoyed that I don’t have more tim eto read!


  17. YES! I do feel overwhelmed by my TBR pile sometimes! Especially during the school semester when I have so much going on with classes and such. I have a few books that I won in giveaways at the very beginning of the year that I still haven’t read and reviewed that I really REALLY need to! But a lot of the time I do feel great because I have all these great books just waiting for me to pick them up and if I’m not in the mood for one I can just pick up another one. It’s nice to have variety!

  18. For someone as anal and organised as you are I really thought your tbr closet would be much more organised, like there would be an entire shelf for your tbr pile or something like that so this makes me giggle, thanks πŸ˜€

    My TBR pile actually freaks me out, even when I ignore my Harry Potter books and my selection of TBR classics I’m still freaked out by my TBR pile. It’s not freaking me out because it’s huge, as it’s only really 20 books (also not including ebooks which is only about 5 books!) which all fit on one shelf in my bedroom but because say each book was Β£5 that’s Β£100 in books sat on my bookshelf and really that’s a lot of money on books I still haven’t read! That’s what freaks me out the cost of buying books and not reading them and wondering if I ever will when I’ve spent so much money! Eeeeep! The guilt!

  19. HAHAHA Julie, I love this post!!!!!!!!! I keep joking that my To Be Read list and pile have “After Death” lives. Ohhhh well….

  20. I think the same thoughts! *sweats*

  21. Dot – Some of us are just getting ready for the next blizzard. Gotta be prepared. LMAO! That’s what I’m going to tell my husband when he asks about my books. I need that many because I am preparing for the next blizzard! Brilliant!

    Deanna – I can’t even imagine how annoying it must be to want to read a certain book but you can’t because you have to read a school book instead. But I love your attitude! Your books are all waiting for you when summertime comes around. πŸ™‚

    Ally – I sort my book closet by genre/series – sort of. Smart ass. πŸ˜‰ And I’m not even going there about the cost of the tbr pile. That’s just evil. lol

    Pamela – After death is right. Scary to think about it that way, but so true. I don’t think I’ll ever get everything read! lol

    Jess – *hands over a towel* πŸ˜‰

  22. My TBR pile is scary. LOL I have a whole book case of TBR books. Probably about 300+ books in all (including ebooks). I can’t believe you took photographic evidence πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing! I love looking at other people’s shelves.

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