Jun 21, 2010

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Question – What is Your Favorite Type of Leading Man?

I recently came across this cool blog called Odd Shots.  What made me gasp was seeing who orchestrates this blog  — Meljean Brooks, Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews, Patrice Michelle and Jill Myles!  Ilona Andrews posted a tongue and cheek article called “The Heros!”.  It’s a really fun read.  Basically she categorizes your typical romance novel leading men into 7 categories:  the Aristocrat, the Rake, the Madman, the Hero, the Victim, the Mercenary and the Genius.

That got me thinking…What type of leading man is MY favorite?  I’m torn between the Aristocrat, the Hero and the Genius.

The Aristocrat is a gentleman and knows how a woman should be treated.  Always a good quality in a man.
Then there is the Hero.  I really don’t think I have to get into that one too much.  Who would not want to fall in love with a hero who has a considerate and passionate heart?
Finally the Genius.  I don’t think I would adore the chase, but there is something to be said about catching the ‘un-catchable’ man and him seeing you as his everything.  *swoon*.

So that leads to my Question:  What is your favorite type of leading man?

To view Ilona Andrews’ article, go here.

  1. This is a tough question – I love the snarly alpha male, but I also have a soft spot for my betas. I think most importantly they have to have a sense of humor, a touch of sarcasm and of course worship the heroine 😉

  2. That IS a tough questions, lol. I also love alpha males. However, I also love a wounded hero who needs to be redeemed. I agree with Mandi about a sense of humor. It’s a must!

  3. Mandi and Lisa, you’re both right about the sense of humor! You could have the hottest abs and the cutest dimples, but if you can’t make you laugh…oh well. And yes, there must be worshiping of the heroine! lol

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