May 19, 2011

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My Life’s Quirks – Conversations With My Family

Set Up – Lately, my 6 year old daughter has been telling us that she is going to marry Owen, a boy in her class.  When we ask her why, she tells us it’s because he is the only boy she likes.  Not long ago, my husband Jason tells me he needs to stop by the store because he needs new shoes.

Daughter: Owen needs new shoes too.

Jason:  You know, if you love Owen and want to marry him, then you should buy him new shoes with your allowance.

Daughter:  *exasperated sigh* I knew you would say that.

Me:  O-o


Set Up – I am tidying the bathroom, which is right next door to my 6 year old daughter’s room. I hear her singing.  I think it’s cute and go closer to hear what she’s singing.

Daughter (singing):  Girls are gentler and more delicate and cooler and smarter than boys…

Me:  O-o


Set Up – My 6 year old daughter is in the basement playing on the computer.  Jason goes down to say good morning.  On his way back upstairs, she tells him to tell me that she needs socks because her feet are cold.  He tells her to get her own socks.

Me:  I don’t mind getting her socks.  I just throw them down the stairs and she comes and gets them.

Jason:  But that’s catering to her.

Me:  It’s socks.

Jason:  You’re showing her that it’s okay to demand things.  She needs to do things on her own.

Me:  It’s socks.  Fine, then what are you teaching the kids when you turn them into your little slaves and tell them to fetch you a cola or a snack?

Jason:  That’s different.  That is the reason I had kids.  It’s a monarchy.

Me:  *mumbles* This should be good…

Jason:  I am the King and the kids are my minions.

Me:  *gives Jason my “I think you are officially crazy” look*

Jason:  Now notice how I am not including you in this scenario because I like my balls right where they are.

Me:  I’m going to get her socks.

Conversations with my family.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.


  1. Lol, I like your husband, kids as minions, good idea 😉

  2. Cute! The top one and bottom one are my faves! Even made Ry laugh 😀

  3. Your tarnishing my image! Er.. wait that’s pretty spot on… le sigh. lol

  4. LMOA! That is hilarious Julie! Love your posts about life’s quirks because they really do make me laugh! Seems like you have to keep an eye on that Jason…he’s a trouble maker! 😛

  5. LMAO…the best though is your conversation with Jason. ;o) smiles….

  6. We have told our kids that the reason we had them is so that we could have slaves to do our bidding. They didn’t think it was funny, but now that they are older, we really miss those slaves!

    I also had my daughter convinced that there really was a ‘parent handbook’. Well I had her mostly convinced for a couple of years. I told her that we were given the handbook in the hospital when she was born. I would then tell her that I couldn’t do (you fill in the blank) because it wasn’t in the parent handbook. Or I would say that I was so sorry, but she couldn’t do (fill in the blank) because the parent handbook said no. Ahhh…good times!

  7. blodeuedd – Yes, funny idea. Unless you’re the kids. lol

    Ally – The ‘buying shoes for the you’re going to marry’ thing was a little crazy. lol

    Stanley – I think people have a pretty good idea of what you’re about, even without my little stories here… 😉

    Deanna – Jason a trouble maker?! Whatever do you mean? (Of course, I am being really very sarcastic. ;))

    Christi – Yes. I have some interesting conversations with Jason…lol.

    Jill – A parents handbook. I LOVE it! LMAO!

  8. ohhhh Julie….i think ur daughter’s gonna keep u on ur toes and when she becomes a teenager, ur husb will change his tune…LOL!

  9. OMG that last one with you and your hubby was hilarious!

  10. Julie, your daughter is adorable and your hubby is hilarious. I think Jason is very similar to Yiğit. With hubbies like that days are never dull.

  11. Trouble maker eh? I’m more of the person who administers dicipline to those who casue trouble. 😉

  12. Sharon – I totally agree with you about my girl. *cringes*

    Jen – Hilarious…unless it’s you. lol

    Book Vixen – 🙂

    BookaholicCat – Nope. Never dull around here. 😉

    Stanley – Keep telling yourself that. 😉

  13. LOL. Oh, god that’s funny. And that’s the very reason why I never had kids. But I still like hearing the stories.

  14. LOL, so cute 🙂 And LOVED your lat convi with your husband, ROFL! 🙂

  15. Evolet – They do provide entertainment. lol

    Stella – At the time, I felt that conversation was ‘interesting’. Then when I looked back, I found it quite funny. 😉

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